Setup Yahoo! Mail on your mobile, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird - IMAP / SMTP.


It is known that Yahoo! MailDo not supports POP only users with accounts Yahoo! Mail Plus (In exchange for $ 19.99 / year). For ordinary users, there is still an opportunity to first / send using a mail client is Mail desktop (Gender: Outlook, Windows Live Mail , Mozilla Thunderbird) And / or mobile phone (For phones that allow you to configure email boxes).
Alternative for POP Connection / timing to the mail server is IMAP / IMAP4 . Personally, I tested the box Yahoo! Mail on your mobile ( NOKIA 6500 Slide) And went smoothly for both acquisition and for mail delivery (incoming / outgoing).

SETUP / SETUP Yahoo! Mail on your mobile phone via IMAP / IMAP4.
*(settings step by step for NOKIA 6500 Slide. How to set yourself get caught on other types of phones :))

- Menu -> Messaging -> Message settings -> E-mail messages -> Add -> Created manually And get ... menu: New mailbox settings .

New mailbox settings :

- Mailbox name : Mailbox name. Yahoo! Mail, for example.
- My name : Name.
- E-mail address : name-id@
- Incoming server type : IMAP4 (Preset POP3. Changed with IMAP4)

- Login information: IMAP4 autentification [ON] , IMAP4 user name [id Yahoo! * Pass without ) , IMAP4 password [password yahoo account. *will be required twice)
- Back - :)
- Download settings : Are preferred settings. ( Retrieve mode - extract only subject mail or all mail received, No. of mails Shown - Number of e-mails displayed, Mailbox update interval - time and the phone will connect to the mail server to verify your e-mail, Automatic retrieval - Automatic extraction mails received. or not.)
- Back - :)
- Incoming mail sett. - The menu configure the server Receive e-mail to phone and has the following settings :

* Incoming IMAP4 serv. -
* Security - Off
* Port - 143
* Use pref. for access. - No
* IMAP4 access point -> Proxy : Disabled; Data bearer : Packet Data; Bearer settings: (Following another menu) -> Packet data acc. for. : Internet ; Network type : IPv4; Authentication type : Normal; User name : Id-yahoo account; Password : Yahoo account password
* Back, Back, Back .. until you see: Outgoing sett. (SMTP) :)

- Outgoing sett. (SMTP) - settings that are sent mailSites on mobile phoneUsing SMTPFrom site Yahoo! Mail .

* Outgoing SMTP serv. -
* Reply-to address - The email address you wish to receive emails sent in response to the phone.
* SMTP Authentication - On
* SMTP user name - yahoo account name without
* SMTP password - Yahoo account password. Will be requested twice.
* Security - Off
* Port - 25
* Use pref. for access. - No
* SMTP access point -> Proxy : Disabled; Data bearer : Packet Data; Bearer settings: (Following another menu) -> Packet data acc. for. : Internet ; Network type : IPv4; Authentication type : Normal; User name : Id-yahoo account; Password : Yahoo account password
* Back, Back, Back: D
* Avail. term. window - Yes

- Done

Well ... looks like this configuration used for Mobile E-Mail me. To have access to Mobile E-mail Service It is necessary to have one mobile phone available technologies: 3G + , 3G , EDGE , GPRS or Data GSM . Charges are made according to the criteria set by your mobile operator.

To configure Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, use incoming and outgoing settings.

IMAP Incoming mail server: , Port: 143
Outgoing mail server SMTP: , Port: 25


PS. Mobile E-mail settings are tested in Orange.

Goodnight (06: 30) :)


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  1. Alex says:

    Sal anyone help me with settings for mail. Care? I care for. Huawey terminal G6600D may not necessarily all the steps, even differing from orange.Multumesc

  2. Cosmin says:

    N95 goes on. Thanks

    • 3ff3cT says:

      I have a N70 .... can you help me with settings?

      • Cosmin says:

        Options-Settings-e-mail-inbox-connection settings incoming e-mail
        User Name-ID messenger
        Access point in use: Vodafone live! (With you're connected)
        Mailbox Name: Yahoo
        Mailbox type: IMAP4
        Security (ports): Off
        Port: default
        E-mail to send:
        My e-mail:
        username: your id
        password: password
        server exp. Posts:
        access point in use: Vodafone live!
        Security (ports): Off
        default port ::
        Preferably the rest SETTING YOUR TIN
        in other categories: retrieval settings, user settings, automatic takeover. I've left them as they were.

  3. andrei says:

    match more

  4. Nicolae Stanciu says:

    Thank you very much

  5. xulescu says:

    It works, thanks

  6. diana says:

    Thank you!

  7. mihai says:

    thank you so much for posting ... like a million sites
    Or how Badea said: "You are a God" ...

  8. How do you configure mobile Yahoo! address? | Y! M Lover says:

    [...] As many of us do not want to pay for a particular service, when we can get something for free, here you can see how to configure the address of Yahoo on your mobile. May 16 2011 [...]

  9. Valentin says:

    Nokia E50 goes partially to speak. Not going to send emails. It gives me error connecting to the Internet "Server not found", although reading the emails go ... I checked Outgoing server name to server ... Anyone know where he might be? Thanks in advance!

    • obestea says:

      This is a small mistake in the article SMTP address must be (not
      I I initially set the wrong address and did not work, but then I saw the end of the article to another address, I tried it and I went.

  10. florin18 says:

    Samples, and doing very well! The only complaint is that they appear only messages in Inbox, Spam or filtered folders do not appear ... Or maybe I have a button: D

  11. Kolea says:

    How do I set my email to f100 I tried orange pop and imap but I write error

  12. alin says:

    goes i8910's e-mail and thank you very much

  13. You could not write all this in one comment and use one name?

    Pff ... "beet head" .... Good thing we do not have moderators. :))

  14. SOLUTION 3 - 2 says:
    MA MODERATORULE go ahead to post soon, do not be head of beets.

  15. SOLUTION 3 - 2 says:

    This is ... write about what is written above in solving 3.

  16. SOLUTION 3 says:


  17. SOLUTION 2 says:

    I saw that I posted server: << >> write it without spaces between words

  18. SOLUTION says:

    Hello, same problem I have with outgoing avuto. The first thing I did when I saw that was not working Sent Sami check passwords. Then everything went wrong and Miami realized that the outgoing smtp server is wrong. The best is << >>. Personally, I went on a Nokia XpressMusic 5310.
    PS> right now I sent a picture mail and attachment 1600 × 1200 done with the goal, the point is that it seems to go.
    SPOR to you.
    I hope I have been of real help.

  19. dinpix says:

    I took the day E3 72. I want him to read emails company. I set, I get emails on tel. When I closed the laptop. So far so good. I open MS Outlook on my laptop emails received on phone disappear (do not know, it's ok right?)
    but if I want to send emails from your phone. something does not work. I give that email can not leave. I restored settings dozens of times and nothing. I looked on the outgoing server, and nothing.
    someone help me with the settings? I'm not good at IT - just user :)
    I 3 company addresses gender; the company's email server and is on linux. on your laptop using MS Outlook.

  20. justme me says:

    Very useful information. I set Nokia E72 and going super well. Thanks, your family live?

  21. Elena says:

    I tried on a Nokia 6300 with orange prepay card and it works.

    thanks :))

  22. dragos says:


    I try to make settings on nokia e71. I Cosmote internet, web n walk. did anyone go to access point settings and web n walk? is there any difference? every time I try to log the message: incoming mail server not found. check mailbox settings.

    Pls help!!

  23. Dragomir Duiliu Iancu says:

    Are dissatisfied for stopping lucrarulor (whether sent messages either read, I seek not to know what in English! Unfortunately do not know the language but I do not have the right to stop subscribers. I feel that through your servers know exactly what make the customer at any time. Submit posts you do not use your services to have the opportunity to take a dictionary and I try to find what you want.
    After all we are in Romania. Although no one can use a translator so that your mesh to be in Romanian?
    Thank you for your understanding and support.

  24. Flavius says:

    Hi, could you help me, please, with settings E90? Thanks!

  25. Stefan says:

    @ Victor
    I made my settings and I run this on e52. see that something must be wrong.

  26. dan dew says:

    hello. So to be more clear if needed :)
    settings ranging and currently face, for a Nokia Care 6500 slide prepay card, for an email from Gmail:
    Menu> Messaging> Message settings> E-mail (Select)
    New email notification - Activation (acoustic and visual phone warns you when it's a new mail)
    Permit. Reception. Email - in their network / always (always is if you want to receive messages when roaming)
    Re. With msg. Original - Yes / No (if you have the original message, from a long exchange of emails every email will be increasingly higher - higher data transfer)
    Size. Img. Jn email - 650 × 480 (or how you want a dim setting. Higher data transfer requires a higher)
    Edit. Mailboxes (Select) / (Add mailbox)
    (Edit) / (options)> Add. Cas. Mail (Create Manual)
    Mailbox name - How do you protect the name box in the Inbox (eg Email Ion Ionescu)
    My name - Ion Ionescu (the name that you see in those who get mail Inbox)
    E-mail - ion.ionescu @
    Incoming server type - IMAP4 (only appears when adding a new box and set it the first time)
    Connection Information (Select)
    Log IMAP4 - Enable
    Name used. IMAP4 - ion.ionescu @
    IMAP4 password - password for the mail (possibly to ask twice)
    Pickup settings (Select)
    Extraction mode - Only headers / text only email / Email integer (each requires a smaller volume of traffic or higher)
    No. E-mails displayed - 30 (or how many you want to appear once in the window)
    Intrv. Current. Cas. Pos. - Never / no. Minutes (how many minutes it connects to the internet to take your mail. Never = manual)
    Automatic retrieval - Yes / No (the automatic if the phone is constantly connected to email, not ask permission to download)
    Incoming mail settings (Select)
    IMAP4 server entries -
    Safety - Safe Harbor
    Port - 993
    Useful. point Pref. access - No
    IMAP4 access point (Select)
    Proxy - Disabled
    Data bearer - Packet data
    Bearer settings (Select)
    Packet data acc. Date - Internet
    Network Type - IPv4
    Authentication Type - Normal
    Username - ion.ionescu @
    Password - password email (possibly to ask twice)
    Output Settings (SMTP) (Select)
    Server (SMTP) outputs -
    Address Response - ion.ionescu @ (Ie what email address to blame reply's. Preferably at the same address)
    SMTP authentication - Enable
    SMTP user name - ion.ionescu @
    SMTP password - password email (possibly to ask twice)
    Safety - Safe Harbor
    Port - 465
    Useful. point Pref. access - No
    SMTP access point (Select)
    Proxy - Disabled
    Data bearer - Packet data
    Bearer settings (Select)
    Packet data acc. Date - Internet
    Network Type - IPv4
    Authentication Type - Normal
    Username - ion.ionescu @
    Password - password email (possibly to ask twice)
    Poster. Terminal window - Yes

    good evening :)

  27. STH says:

    Victor: Can you install Yahoo! Go 3.0. Going to send and receive mail.

  28. Victor says:

    Damn. On my e52 goes.
    On Diamond2 like saying it's anointed ... what is this shit?
    On some ok, others not.

  29. STH says:

    mctano: nokia phone was bought from Vodafone, which was above the predefined settings. I do not know exactly what model was the phone, but I set a Nokia 6500 Slide, and it worked. Just put yahoo user, the incoming settings.
    Moreover ... I do not know what to say.

  30. mctano says:

    hello stealth
    I tried on a Nokia 5000 settings offered by you, I see error like: username or password incorrect - I rechecked the 2 times, and the same song ... can you help me? thank you very much

  31. Adriana says:

    please help me and send more settings

    nokia 7373
    nokia e 51


    thank you!!

  32. Adriana says:

    please help me and send more settings

    nokia 7373
    nokia e 51


  33. User009 says:

    Excellent advice, I managed to make settings in minutes, and compound sentenced 3 perfect. Ty

  34. Ayrsen says:

    Hello! Informatzii useful, yes it seems my E50 k d not want any color to make them achievable shi ... YOU CAN I send a mail for custom setups. Nokia E50? Multzumesc beautiful shi advance!

  35. Valentine says:

    Интересный пост, спасибо. Интересует только вопрос - будет ли продолжение? :)

  36. WILDLIFE says:

    Замечательно! Все бы так писали :)

  37. Geo says:

    Hello I have a problem, d grab? a plea! have a SE w810i and I would like to know yahoo mail settings for it ... k me I kutat eye out and I incerkt kte settings and still do not go, Makram a page, a link to a website anything but go ... Thank you!

    • stealth says:

      If the above settings do not work (IMAP4) or your phone does not support IMAP4 is necessary to connect on yahoo for mobile phones. (Connection via mobile phone browser).

  38. Dragos says:

    that to me is to give me a link settings for a nokia IMs 6300 to give me an e-mail to or messenger ID dragos_shadow
    Thanks in advance
    please mention the reason for which I add to the mess

  39. Anca says:

    Cn help me on e_mail me for samsung mobile sa_mi I set j700? Plz

  40. Ionutvalentin86 says:

    D that these settings do not work for nokia 6288 sh. Need help pls :). P ast ionutvalentin86

  41. Pantte3ra says:


  42. I fixed my phone wpont

  43. Bogdan says:

    I'd like to ask if do you know how I can use IM (Instant Messages) Nokia 6500 slide. What settings do I need?
    Thanks and if you can help me ... please contact me id: m.bogdan11 (that's if you like to help me ....)

  44. Florin says:

    I tried Yahoo and it does not work with Outlook Express. You tried going?

  45. eugen says:

    Mimi street that did pee :)))

  46. adina says:

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  47. denisa says:

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    Lord help!

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