Fix Windows Live Writer Error - The response to the wp.getTags method received from the blog server was invalid.

WordPress Windows Live Writer-Settings.jpg

Windows Live Writer is in my opinion the most complex application that allows editing and publishing articles on a blog application can be used both for blogs hosted on, SharePoint, Blogger, TypePad, and on the self hosting. Before connecting to a Windows Live Writer WordPress blog platform, you must first [...]

Import large databases (. SQL) changing the upload size limit (2048 KiB) in phpMyAdmin.


When we work with databases, the phpMyAdmin reach us is that we provide support base management gave eprin web interface. From phpMyAdmin we can make any changes in a database that we have access. We can add databases, create, delete and edit tables in bases [...]

Show database queries total, memory usage & execution time (WordPress)


WordPress is a platform that needs no comment. WordPress as it is flexible, as it may require more resources much CPU / RAM is excessive if plugins or functions. For blogs and sites created in WordPress that must support high traffic users, it is very [...]

How establish SSH connection to a virtual server (CentOS) installed on VirtualBox.


After seeing how to install CentOS on VirtualBox (tutorial), I try to see how we can connect via SSH (via putty) to the virtual. How can we connect via SSH to 5.6 cents / 6 (virtual server) installed on VirtualBox. 1. First of all you have to do networking settings [...]

FIXED PROBLEM: Your server is running PHP version 5.1.6 But 3.2.1 Requires at Least 5.2.4 WordPress.


Notice for all is not well known that to install or upgrade to a newer version of WordPress 3.2 it is necessary that the web server be installed newer version of PHP 5.2.4. If the server is install a version of PHP older than 5.2.4 to install version [...]