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HOW hide your desktop icons OS X


Most users OS X prefers to keep desktop neat and tidy and not show too many icons on it to avoid clutter. But there are plenty of those who do not always take account of this and whose desktops get most often have a messy appearance (the [...]

(Fix) Internet Explorer has stopped working. / IE9 / Module: nvumdshim.dll


Internet Explorer 9 is definitely the most stable Internet browser released by Microsoft. Long after moderate use, I met an error yet. Dialog box "Internet Explorer has stopped working" error is not necessarily due Ulu browser. It could be a driver conflict or a script [...]

Find and replace a word within a file (Linux Command Line)


If you have a text file and we need to search and replace a word within it, with another word or a phrase, on Windows we have many solutions. We can use Notepad, WordPad or Microsoft Word Office website (this would be the most common) command "search & replace" in large text files is a [...]

Remove Admin Bar in WordPress 3.2.1 +


With the release of WordPress 3.2 appeared a useful new WordPress users, but troublesome for some. WordPress Admin Bar. Management bar that appears after the user is logged on the blog, and contains quick links to the Dashboard, Profile, edit post / page current, add new item, etc ... We have seen that for a [...]