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ASUS launches in Romania, the new range of systems-in-2 1 Transformer Book Chi


In January of this year, announced ASUS Transformer Book enriching his famous game with three new systems in-2 1-powered Windows platform, and they have now in Romania. Building on previous favorable T100 conducted, which was one of the most popular Windows tablets with keyboard, ASUS has created [...]

HP Spectre x360, in 2 1: slim tablet and laptop with Windows 8


Designed to impress, HP Spectre laptop x360 is a slim waist, offered in housing made of aluminum 1.5 cm and equipped with Intel Broadwel the latest nm 14 and 13 an inch display, opening 360 °. Although Windows 8 has never achieved the success hoped [...]

HOW hide your desktop icons OS X


Most users OS X prefers to keep desktop neat and tidy and not show too many icons on it to avoid clutter. But there are plenty of those who do not always take account of this and whose desktops get most often have a messy appearance (the [...]

(Fix) Internet Explorer has stopped working. / IE9 / Module: nvumdshim.dll


Internet Explorer 9 is definitely the most stable Internet browser released by Microsoft. Long after moderate use, I met an error yet. Dialog box "Internet Explorer has stopped working" error is not necessarily due Ulu browser. It could be a driver conflict or a script [...]