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Block ads and recommendations on Facebook with the new update AdBlock Plus

A while ago I wrote about AdBlock Plus web application, with which users can block ads and pop-ups displayed when the sites online. Last update of this application now allows users to block ads displayed also in Facebook accounts and pages displayed Featured in News Feed (such [...]


(Fix) Internet Explorer has stopped working. / IE9 / Module: nvumdshim.dll

Internet Explorer 9 is definitely the most stable Internet browser released by Microsoft. Long after moderate use, I met an error yet. Dialog box "Internet Explorer has stopped working" error is not necessarily due Ulu browser. It could be a driver conflict or a script [...]

Find and replace a word within a file (Linux Command Line)

If you have a text file and we need to search and replace a word within it, with another word or a phrase, on Windows we have many solutions. We can use Notepad, WordPad or Microsoft Word Office website (this would be the most common) command "search & replace" in large text files is a [...]

Remove Admin Bar in WordPress 3.2.1 +

With the release of WordPress 3.2 appeared a useful new WordPress users, but troublesome for some. WordPress Admin Bar. Management bar that appears after the user is logged on the blog, and contains quick links to the Dashboard, Profile, edit post / page current, add new item, etc ... We have seen that for a [...]

Startup and Shutdown falling for the PC Optimizer Pro PC Startup Booster

While any computer begins to move increasingly more difficult due to errors in registry or installed programs running in the background or because of application memory left uninstalled files. This leads to a significant decrease in PC performance and default and wait a few situations where [...]

Windows 7 11.50 Glass Skin for Opera (Opera Transparent Skin Download)

Skin the default (default graphical interface) to operate 11.50 not look bad, but those who are crazy Aero, Windows 7 transparent, they can set a skin for the Opera browser in tune with the Windows Aero Themes 7. Download & Install Windows 7 11.50 1 Glass Skin on Opera. Open the browser and press [...]

Delete the rules from iptables - Clear / Remove iptables rules.

Before doing general cleaning iptables be sure you know how to configure it according to your needs Clear CentOS / Debian iptables rules. The following command line in the following order: 1. iptables-P INPUT ACCEPT 2. iptables-P FORWARD ACCEPT 3. iptables-P OUTPUT ACCEPT 4. iptables-F 5. iptables-X 6. iptables-t [...]

What to know before doing an upgrade or change memory (RAM) in a notebook (laptop)

For the last week I did a RAM upgrade to a laptop / notebook Toshiba and I encountered some problems with compatibility between memory, I think it would be interesting to know a few things before you buy a RAM for a laptop. This article will be helpful for users who want [...]

Touchpad Blocker - Disable Touchpad / Notebook / Laptop Tips

With the first laptops manufacturers such notebook PCs (laptops) have sought to eliminate external hardware as possible to make as simple portability. One of these is the mouse hardware. In its place, the laptop, under touchpad keyboard appeared. The touchpad consists of a sensitive area that the passage [...]

Write DVD / CD Error - Could Not Perform End Of Disc-At-Once Error

"Could Not Perform End Of Disc-At-Once Error" is an error that occurs in versions of NERO (DVD / CD Burning Software), when we want to Cope data DVD / CD. NERO If I turn on all sides and to test several versions, I notice that the error persists, and if you choose [...]

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