Installation, Upgrade, Configuration and Tutorial for Apache Web Server.


[Fix Apache Error] maxclients REACHED server setting, consider raising the maxclients setting

It is highly misused term error if "server REACHED maxclients setting, consider raising the maxclients setting". It is more a Notification Server administrator is warned limit exceeded "maxclients". It is true that exceeding this limit leads to instability and automatically Apache web problems functioning websites [...]


Enable mod_rewrite in Apache & Setup / 2.2.3 (CentOS) Server (httpd.conf settings)

After I installed a LAMP web server (CentOS 5.6 / Apache 2) LAN, we found that although the mod_rewrite module is enabled, the pages must comply with mod_rewrite rule could not be accessed. "Not Found - The Requested URL / rewrite_url.html was not found on this server." Enable mod_rewrite in Apache / 2 (CentOS) Server. [...]

Stop Hotlinking by. Htaccess (How to setup Hotlink Protection in. Htaccess)

"Hotlinking" or known as the leeching, piggy-backing, direct linking, offsite image grabs is a method by which a web server take pictures of other web web pages. The more large images and multiple visits on the site that took images is even more traffic and [...]

How mod_evasive disable a server hosting. (Apache Web Server)

Some administrators use servers to protect against attacks mod_evasive hosting servers it manages. Apache module, mod_evasive is a good solution to repel repeated request coming from webserver sites from one IP in a very short period of time. It is a good protection against flood. The worst is that sometimes [...]

What NOT to read Apache error_log

If you ever occur to download the file error_log (/ usr / local / apache / logs) on a PC with Windows Vista OS, to read it ... how sweet it would be suicide to open it with Microsoft WordPad. Especially if error_log was not cleaned for months, and reached over 230 MB. :) Normal. The best [...]

. Htaccess Tricks / Guidelines

Lately I have been increasingly forced to use the. Htaccess (file containing definitions Apache) or to filter IPs (controlled access to a web page) or to set the PHP flags. 1. The first thing that a person who is interested in working on an online project directly on the server and does not want [...]

. Htaccess online tool, the simplest solution is the most common editing commands to fisiereler. htaccess. Explaining the large file. Htaccess file is an ASCII format (easy to edit in notepad) which communicates with the server (Apache). Improper setting of may affect the proper functioning of the system and / or domains and subdomains [...]

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