Mac OS X - Apple Macintosh


Quickly Lock Screen - Mac OS X

Lock Screen is especially useful for those who want to block access to Mac, when she goes in front of him for a while. After lock screen's access to the system can not be done without the password. in this small tutorial will show you two simple options lock screen's quick. [...]


Always Show Bookmarks Bar in Safari Full Screen (Mac OS X)

A useful solution for beginners who use Safari on Mac OS X and are addicted to Bookmarks bar. By default, once in full screen, hide Safari bookmark bar, and to make it visible it takes a while to keep the cursor at the top of the screen. This can be annoying [...]

Permanently Disable Spelling and Grammar Check on Mac OS X

Spelling and Grammar Check is probably one of the most annoying default settings of Mac OS X, especially if users are not permanently written in one language. Writing highlighted with red text in TextEdit and other applications is pretty annoying and even if it can be disabled, Spelling and Grammar option is [...]

7 install Windows on your Apple Mac using Boot Camp

If in the previous post will tell you how you can install Windows on a PC 7 XP or Vista, we thought as information about how to install Windows on an Intel Mac 7 might be useful to someone. To install Windows on Apple Mac 7 you need: a DVD image [...]

Repair Video files (. Avi) Damaged - DivFix + +

DivFix + + is an open source program that is very useful when you need to repair the file. Avi damaged and do you see a movie. Movies you downloaded from DC + +, oDC, or torrents, which at a certain second image remains locked or is of poor quality. This program is easy [...]

μTorrent for Mac OS X

One of the most popular torrent clients (uTorrent) now covers the area of ​​long-awaited Mac OS X users software was released a few days ago and is currently in beta, that moves quite well and performs most functions version for Windows . Download: uTorrent Mac (Beta)> Download link <

iPhone OS v2.2 Will be released this month!

The iPhone OS v2.2 Will Be Given in circulation on 21 November'08 Some of the new features of the iPhone OS has v2.2: New look for the Safari with the Google search bar now occupying ITS own space on the title bar. Add toggle On / Off to disable the auto-correction. Support for new languages. [...]

HFSExplorer HELPS you to read Mac-formatted hard disks in Windows

If you need an app that can read a hard drive formatted in Mac OS Windows then this is HSFExplorer (can read the file systems HFS - Mac OS Standard, HFS + - Mac OS Extended and HFSX - Mac OS Extended with files name type 'case sensitive'). HFSExplorer lets you quickly search [...]

How can we open a video file player. NSV on Mac OS X?

View a video clip with. NSV (Nullsoft Streaming Video) on Mac OS X, is very simple and fast. Just download, install MPlayer for Mac OS X operating systems and follow some very simple steps. 1. Install MPlayer OSX. Basically you just have to drag the. Dmg [...]

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