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How to disable Parental Controls in Mac OS X

One important feature sites of a Mac OS X Parental Controls and it allows the system administrator to activate various restrictions for a specific user account (ie the account used by a child to use the computer) such as setting a time limit for using the system, restricting accessing certain pages [...]


How to create a bootable USB drive with OS X Yosemite

After Apple released the final version of OS X Yosemite after two days (16 October), most Mac users rushed to install the system update offered free through the Mac App Store. If you are a Mac user, but you want to perform a clean installation of the system (not an upgrade), or you [...]

How to perform a clean install OS X Yosemite (instead to make upgrades from the App Store)

Apple has released the final version in October 16 new operating system OS X, Yosemite, which is offered free for download to all Mac users through the Mac App Store (Yosemite is compatible with all MacBook sites capable of running OS X system previously Mavericks ). Although most users prefer to upgrade to OS X Yosemite [...]

How to open folders in new windows (and not tabs) in OS X Finder

File explorer the Mac OS X Finder, received a new feature to the launch of OS X Mavericks, namely opening folders in new tabs instead of opening them in new windows. This feature helps users to keep the screen clean and tidy when it is necessary to open several folders, but can become irritating in certain [...]

How to share files between two doors or more user accounts in Mac OS X

If the regular MacBook to share the equipment with other people (family, friends, colleagues), but access to the system is done with separate user accounts, you are probably already familiar with various methods of users to share files between accounts. But the easiest way to share between two user accounts [...]

How to enable Guest User Account in Mac OS X system

If you are a Mac user and you want to allow other people access to your computer, but do not want them to have access to your personal files, it is recommended to enable the Guest User account (most times it is disabled by default and the login screen is displayed only [...]

How to run the new Setup Assistant in OS X without reinstalling system

If snteti OS X user and you want to change the user name used on Mac endowment or to check if the system works properly, you can do this by forcing the system to run the setup wizard again (Setup Assistant) which is normally run immediately after a (re) installation of OS. How to force OS X [...]

How to restore deleted bookmarks from Safari on Mac OS X

Web browsers give users the option to save web pages visited as bookmarks so that later they can be accessed quickly (bookmarks helps to save time when we need information available on those pages). But sometimes it can happen to delete, either accidentally or intentionally, bookmarks saved on the browser [...]

How to reset the DNS cache in OS X

Sometimes when surfing the internet, it can happen to receive constant navigation errors (when trying to access certain websites), even if we have a stable internet connection. Sometimes, when we use two computers in the same network to surf online, it is possible that one of them can not access some [...]

How to use zoom on selected portions of the screen in OS X

Operating System OS X includes a number of accessibility options dedicated to people with vision or hearing. In many cases, however, most of these options can be helpful and other Mac users. For example, if you want to examine more closely specific item across the screen (parts [...]

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