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Download OS X Transformation Pack for Windows Yosemite

Earlier this month, Apple released the first beta of the next system Mac OS X Yosemite. This version includes improved integration of iOS 8 (the future of Apple's mobile operating system) and some interface changes (according to Apple, this is similar to the first version of the system), and is available for free [...]


How can we turn a MacBook trackpad when mouse is connected to it

Most users of laptops (Windows or MacBook) prefer to use touchpad instead of mice sites (or trackpad sites where Macs). And while some Windows laptops include buttons enable / disable the touchpad sites (in fact, without these buttons, users with Windows laptops must use third-party applications or to disable the touchpad in Device [...]

How can we find out the exact status of the battery on the MacBook Pro

If you are a Mac user, and you are in possession of a MacBook Pro, most likely used to use it quite often just the battery (especially their battery can have a range of over 8 hours). If you are ever in a situation where you know exactly how much battery has your Mac [...]

Download Windows 8.1 trial for Mac

Been almost 2 months since Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Update, which is available free for Windows and Windows 8 8.1 Windows Store. But if you are a Mac user and want to test the new Windows update supplied devices, you can install Windows 8.1 trial via Boot Camp Assistant or [...]

How can we schedule a Mac to shut down, restart or automatically enter Sleep

In some cases, when working on the computer, we happen to need to leave the system open for a longer period, so that it has time to perform a certain task (either maintenance or file transfer or download / upload that lasts). If this is repeated enough [...]

List of essential shortcuts for Mac OS X

If you have recently gone from a Windows to Mac OS X one most likely will still confused when using the keyboard of the latter. And if you are used to use all sorts of keyboard shortcuts to work in Windows, you certainly times when you try to use these [...]

How can we find exact location (path) of a file or folder in Mac OS X

Regardless of the operating system used when working with certain files or folders need to know the exact location (path) of them. If you are a Mac user and you need to know the path to the files / folders you are working, you can simply do it by using the Finder, using one of the methods below. 1. Activating [...]

Quickly Lock Screen - Mac OS X

Lock Screen is especially useful for those who want to block access to Mac, when she goes in front of him for a while. After lock screen's access to the system can not be done without the password. in this small tutorial will show you two simple options lock screen's quick. [...]

Always Show Bookmarks Bar in Safari Full Screen (Mac OS X)

A useful solution for beginners who use Safari on Mac OS X and are addicted to Bookmarks bar. By default, once in full screen, hide Safari bookmark bar, and to make it visible it takes a while to keep the cursor at the top of the screen. This can be annoying [...]

Permanently Disable Spelling and Grammar Check on Mac OS X

Spelling and Grammar Check is probably one of the most annoying default settings of Mac OS X, especially if users are not permanently written in one language. Writing highlighted with red text in TextEdit and other applications is pretty annoying and even if it can be disabled, Spelling and Grammar option is [...]

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