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Apple released today a new security update for OS X

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Only 10 days after the second post on the App Store for OS X security update since 2015, Apple has released a new update, which is extremely important for all users. Security Update consolidates 2015-003 10.10.2 OS X systems security by removing errors from Portcheiul iCloud and [...]

Microsoft Office 2016 and Skype for Business has been launched today in version Preview


Microsoft Office 2016 scheduled for official release in the second half of this year, is available starting today in Preview version, designed for developers and users who want to experience some of the reserved updates for Microsoft Office next edition. According to company officials, "Build Early this does not include all the functions ready for the final product," [...]

How to design and where to store a backup for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch using iTunes


Although not required to use or manage an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, backups are recommended for all users. A backup or a backup is a file that contains all the data your device and can be restored to him or another device that is yours, where [...]

8.3 iOS, an update to latest Apple devices

ios-8-3 post

Behold, finally, Apple allows you to test iOS updates before they are available to all users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, even if you're a developer or your device is not registered on behalf of a developer. Appleseed testing program prerelease OS X is now available for [...]

12 inch Retina MacBook was introduced by Apple


Apple representatives were held last night Spring Forward event, the new Apple Watch for showing details but have reserved enough time besides SmartWatch's launch to present the new MacBook. The new MacBook offers improvements over previous models, being thinner (13,1 mm - with 24% thinner than MacBook Air 11 inch), lighter (less [...]