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How to create an ad hoc wireless network using the supplied MacBook


Some time ago I wrote about how you can create a WiFi hotspot from a laptop running Windows, if you do not have a router and want to connect a mobile device (eg smartphone) internet. If you are using OS X and encountered the same problem mentioned above (no router), you can [...]

How to disable the Caps Lock in Mac OS X


Very few users OS X (and not only) tend to use the Caps Lock key, which is rather accidentally pressed (and quite often), which can become quite irritating in a short time (especially for those who tend to write looking at the keyboard and see just after the finish [...]

How to set a static IP address in OS X


A few days ago I wrote about how you can assign a static IP address to a Windows computer when using DHCP to connect to the Internet, to avoid conflicts of IPs if you have multiple computers / devices connected to the same network. If you are using Mac OS X and you have connected your [...]

How can we enable the feature in OS X Dashboard Yosemite


Launched with OS X Tiger system, in 2004, the Dashboard feature gives users instant access to system utilities (calculator, calendar, webcam) and information (stock, weather) through widgets. Until OS X Mavericks (inclusive), was enabled by default Dashboard system, but in Yosemite OS X, Apple has decided to leave enabled [...]