How to change your Search with Bing Search with Google to feature in Microsoft Office Word

One of the sites feature available in Microsoft Office Word 2013 is the ability to search online sections selected from a text file containing a Word (feature is included in the right-click menu in Word). By default, the search engine used for this feature is Bing (hence its name Search with Bing), but with [...]


Microsoft Office Online applications are now available in Chrome Store

Many Windows users (and others) need to access diverse daily office documents and files (whether they receive from colleagues / friends, or you have to work directly with them). Although many of them have bought the Microsoft Office suite, there are users who prefer to use its free alternatives. Some of these alternatives [...]

Download Microsoft Office for iPad

Microsoft released Office suite for iPad finally after years of waiting days for users of iOS tablets. The suite contains applications Word, Excel and PowePoint, which is available for both read and to edit. Office applications for iPad are optimized for touch and have a ribbon interface similar to the [...]

How can we create a shortcut to open Word document last accessed

Sometimes when working with multiple Word documents at the same time, it happens we do not know exactly what are named each. And if you accidentally close a document, most likely will lose some time before we realize what it is called and what location is stored. To avoid [...]

How can we change the unit of the line (ruler) in MS Word 2010 / 2013

When working on some Word documents, it is necessary to measure edges or tabs or sections of those documents using various units, such as centimeters or inches. In Word and Word 2010 2013, users can change the units of measurement that one line (ruler) of application options. If you and your [...]

How drafted a letter of intent

The cover letter is most often attached to a resume, sending it motivating and providing information on the quality of candidates. Try to be polite and diplomat From the greeting and to address a specific person inquiring beforehand about who will handle the job and function in the [...]

How to realize a successful CV

Curriculum vitae known much shorter version, CV is a brief summary of skills, education and work experience and professional achievements of a candidate, designed to attract the attention of an employer. CV is a marketing tool used by a candidate and they can provide a next step, the interview. In most [...]

Indentation and spacing text in Word

Indent a paragraph of text or one way of highlighting the text or paragraph is indentation, that place was, in whole or in part, into the interior, at a certain distance from the edge. Current paragraph indentation (default) or selected paragraphs can be made: with buttons Decrease Indent and Increase Indent [...]

Editing Geometric Shapes in Word

Drawing toolbar allows through its buttons, drawing geometrical forms. If you do not activate the Drawing toolbar you can activate by clicking on Tools - Customize Toolbars window activate Drawing check. Buttons Line, Arrow, Rectangle and Oval create simple geometric shapes: line, arrow, rectangle and ellipse. Text Box button allows insertion of [...]

Marking, numbering paragraphs and Multilevel list in Word 2003

A list is a sequence of paragraphs indented from the left edge of the text of the document and numbered (numbered lists - Numbered) or marked by a symbol in the indentation (bulleted lists - Bulleted). These two types of lists are simple lists. A multilevel list (Outline Numbered) is a list of inside [...]

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