How to change your Search with Bing Search with Google to feature in Microsoft Office Word


One of the sites feature available in Microsoft Office Word 2013 is the ability to search online sections selected from a text file containing a Word (feature is included in the right-click menu in Word). By default, the search engine used for this feature is Bing (hence its name Search with Bing), but with [...]

How can we minimize Outlook to System Tray in Windows


If you are using Microsoft Office 2013 and use Outlook as the default e-mail client, you probably noticed that when it is minimized, it remains present in the Taskbar. If used to keep Outlook open all the time and you want that instead would distract from the Taskbar it to be hidden in [...]

How can we disable the feature in Office 2013 cloud sites


How cloud has become an important part of online in recent years, and online storage services have become increasingly popular, it is no wonder that Microsoft has integrated OneDrive in most software products launched by the company. The same is true for the version of Office, Office 2013, which includes [...]

How can we forward multiple emails at the same time to one recipient using Outlook


Sometimes we find ourselves in the situation (often related to work) where you have to send away (forward) to another person under multiple e-mails in our inbox. Also, you may want to make backup of emails received by an address by sending them to another, different. But regardless of the reasons we have for [...]

How can we create a shortcut to open Word document last accessed


Sometimes when working with multiple Word documents at the same time, it happens we do not know exactly what are named each. And if you accidentally close a document, most likely will lose some time before we realize what it is called and what location is stored. To avoid [...]