How to create a virtual hard drive in Windows and Windows 7 8

With the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft introduced the Windows operating system a new feature, namely the ability to create virtual hard disk, which users can use to store and hide different files. Basically, a virtual hard disk VHD is a file format that Windows users it can [...]


Destroy the data from the hard drive with DBAN

When you delete some data from a hard drive, basically just delete links to location data, but they remain on the hard disk until other data are rewritten over. Also, even in cases where the dam formed on hdd, data on it can still be recovered using certain applications or [...]

Check the health and performance of hard disk HDD Expert

One of the most important components of a computer is its hard drive, that stores important information to the user. A hard drive error can have serious consequences such as loss of such information. To avoid such situations, users are advised to frequently check the health of your hard disks of equipment and [...]

How can we create a new partition in Windows 8

There are certain situations when Windows operating system users want to create new partitions or hard disk is installed on the system (ie a partition for backups) or the new one they want to add to the system to a large storage space. 8 Windows users who are in such a [...]

How can check your hard disk for errors from Windows

All hard-drives can develop errors sooner or later, so it is recommended that users make periodic checks to identify the time if they work properly or if you have changed. In most cases, the errors are not so serious since it can not be repaired, but if the hard drive appear [...]

How do we find out when it is time to buy a new hard drive

Best case scenario, that all we want is that when you buy a new hard drive, it work perfectly for years, or at least until we give it up willingly. Unfortunately, the reality is different, and hard drives have a relatively short lifespan, depending on how [...]

Check the physical status of hard disks with HDDScan

Although most manufacturers of hard disks sites offer free diagnostics tool and check their physical condition, eg HDDs Seagate SeaTools for Seagate and Maxtor and WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Western Digital HDDs, there are cases in which users do not have such programs and require third-party applications to identify and [...]

Find and automatically delete empty folders on your hard drive (Remove Empty Directories)

Over time the hard disk gather folders (directories) that do not contain any file and who do nothing but confuse us when we want to look for something hard. Empty Folders remain after a "big dust" on your hard drive or from install programs and search and deletion "manual" [...]

Program Enhancement, Reduction, delete and create partitions on your hard disk (HDD Download Tool)

Before you change the size of the hard disk side, we need to ensure that we leave enough room partition system (operating system) and that the data on the hard drive I made a backup (backup) on your hard or on a data carrier. We know that to enlarge, shrink, [...]

Check Hard Disk for Errors (Corrupted Data or Sectors) - SeaTools Download

Do not expect now to find your tool / program that will magically make a hard disk physically damaged (hit, shoved the washing machine, etc ...) a new hard drive. The longer the period of use of a hard disk drive (HDD) the more frequently recommended to keep copies of data (backups) [...]

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