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How can we restore gadgets in Windows 8.1

Some sites feature Windows that Microsoft has dropped completely in Windows 8 (besides the Aero Glass interface and menu Start) and gadgets. While much of the earlier versions of Windows users have not even been curious to try these gadgets are very many who have missed the [...]


Activate Night Mode in iOS 7

When it comes to iOS 7, besides feature-ups included in the system that have been well-received by the users, there are some changes that lacking such as white interface, too bright, it. While there are also users who consider white as background suitable for mobile operating systems, most [...]

Defragging modern Windows applications with Smart Defrag 8.1 3

Most Windows users tend to regularly defragment the hard drives to improve their performance and speed. When files are saved by a fragmented hdd, their reading should last longer than normal, which is one of the causes of slow operation of a Windows system (basically, defragmentation is the process of moving some near [...]

Hide interface elements iOS 7 with HideMe7

One of discontent iOS users is their inability to make operating system customizations. Moreover, Apple does not provide even the default theme, with which users can customize the iOS interface. Fortunately for those who are bored with the default layout of the system there is Cydia Store iOS (but to have [...]

Control mouse pointer with keyboard NeatMouse

Suppose that the mouse has just dropped the ball, getting pension earlier than we would have preferred us. Or perhaps we find ourselves in a situation in which no matter how careful that I move the mouse, it is not able to perform mini-movements that we need, and need to rely on another device, [...]

How can install custom themes on your iPhone with iOS 7

iOS 7 came bundled with a full recustomizare design from previous versions of the mobile operating system, but in default mode, users are able to customize the UI elements and icons available in the system. If 7 new iOS interface is not exactly your liking [...]

How can we run Chrome OS in Windows 8.1

If you are using Windows 8.1 (or Windows 8) and use Chrome as default browser (although it is not mandatory, all you need is to have the Chrome browser installed on your system), we have exciting news for you at least once With the release of the latest version, namely 32, Chrome browser, Google give users [...]

Destroy the data from the hard drive with DBAN

When you delete some data from a hard drive, basically just delete links to location data, but they remain on the hard disk until other data are rewritten over. Also, even in cases where the dam formed on hdd, data on it can still be recovered using certain applications or [...]

Close all applications in the iOS App Switcher 7 one touch

One feature in iOS 7 sites is improved multitasking, the user can toggle between applications more quickly and efficiently with the new App Switcher full screen. But sometimes it can happen that the App Switcher become crowded with active applications, and users can tangle between. How the App Switcher application can be completed / closed [...]

How do I jailbreak iOS 7 with evasi0n7

Exactly a month ago, evasi0n team finally released the long awaited tool to jailbreak your mobile devices running the iOS operating system 7. If you are the owner of such a device and you did not jailbreak yet, it would probably be appropriate to make them now to take advantage of [...]

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