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How can we add the Toggle Start Menu / Screen in right-click menu on the Desktop in Windows 10


One of the modifications is 10 Windows Start menu and reintroduction into the system, but unlike Windows 8, where the Start Menu was replaced by the Start Screen in Windows 10 users can choose which of the two options Start want to use (But they can not be used simultaneously). To [...]

How can we restore classic Windows games in Windows 7 8.1


Some sites feature removed by Microsoft Windows 8 include and classic games for desktop, also called Microsoft Games (Solitaire, Hearts, Freecell, Minesweeper, Mahjong, Chess etc.), they are replaced by their modern versions (and full-screen) which can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store. If you prefer desktop versions (which can be played and [...]

Microsoft has released the first update for Windows 10 Technical Preview


Microsoft today released the first update for Technical Preview of the next version of Windows 10. Among the novelties brought by the included Action Center (or Notification Center) Sense Data and Battery Saver, making them part of a series of sites feature Microsoft announced three weeks ago, but not implemented in the first version of Windows 10 [...]

How can we re Charms Bar in Windows 10


Besides modern interface Windows Metro style 8, one of the novelties introduced by the operating system was and Charms Bar, through which users can access both system settings and application settings installed in it, as well as other functions such as Search and Share. In Windows 10 but [...]

Download Transformation Pack Windows 10


Microsoft released earlier this month Technical Preview of the next version of Windows, Windows 10. For those who have not yet tested this version of Windows, or for those who have tried it but have returned to a previous operating system (given that it's a beta version, it is recommended [...]