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How can we quickly and easily transfer files between a PC and a Mac

Many users own both a PC and a Mac that I use in parallel, which leads inevitably to the need to transfer files between two computers. Most guides that teach users how to share files between a PC and ui Mac require various changes in the default settings of the two [...]


Increase battery life in Android automatically disabling WiFi connection when you are out of coverage

The biggest minus of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) is short battery life and the fact that it can be consumed very quickly to certain applications, processes or activities run on these devices. Also, internet connections, whether it's WiFi or mobile data, are large consumers [...]

Classic Start Menu for Windows 8 Spencer

Apparently, Microsoft follows that the next update for Windows 8 to reintroduce the Start Menu, Windows systems earlier feature that was dropped in favor of the Start Screen's. If you prefer to use instead of a Start Menu's Start Screen in Windows 8 and no patient until Microsoft will [...]

Unsubscribe quickly from multiple newsletters received by e-mail using removeMe

Most times when we check e-mail, it is filled with all kinds of newsletters that we have subscribed to a time (either out of curiosity or it seemed like a good idea at the time, either to have access to certain information or applications), or not keep in mind [...]

Interface changed and new options for customizing Firefox 29

Mozilla released Firefox 29, the newest version of the popular web-browser interface coming bundled with a brand new stylish design and some new features to its customization, a new menu and improved service supporting Firefox Sync Accounts . The new design is minimalist, with a flat form of tabs [...]

How can we find out if iOS version supports used jailbreak and what utilities can use to make jailbreak iOS device

Unlike a few years ago when it was much easier to do jailbreak an iOS device, now users must consider first version of iOS rolled, the availability of utilities jailbreak it and, not least, the device and operating system that is [...]

Restrict access to various applications in Windows with Simple Run Blocker

When your computer is used by other users (family, friends, work colleagues), most probably do not want them to have access to certain files, documents and applications installed on it. While you can hide files and folders using various methods (the simplest solution is ticking Hidden option in [...]

How can uninstall applications from Windows default 8 / 8.1

Windows 8 comes with preinstalled modern applications such as Travel, Calendar, Camera, Photos or Bing Finance, which can be accessed immediately by users because of their default location on the Start Screen. With the launch of the Windows 8.1 update, Microsoft has added some default applications, namely Reading List, Health & Fitness, Sound Recorder [...]

How we can install and run Windows from a USB Drive 7

The Enterprise edition of Windows 8 / 8.1, Microsoft has included an interesting feature, namely Windows To Go, which allows the operating system installation on a USB drive, which can then be used to access a computer (not installed on the system run that computer). If you (still) 7 Windows user and you want to [...]

Microsoft Office Online applications are now available in Chrome Store

Many Windows users (and others) need to access diverse daily office documents and files (whether they receive from colleagues / friends, or you have to work directly with them). Although many of them have bought the Microsoft Office suite, there are users who prefer to use its free alternatives. Some of these alternatives [...]

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