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Delete all passwords saved in browsers Browser Password Remover

Almost all popular browsers (not only) give users the ability to save passwords for online accounts so they no longer have to enter credentials every time you want to access those accounts. Although in most cases this feature comes to help users (especially those who use their [...]


Mozilla released Firefox 31

Mozilla today released the stable version of Firefox browser 31 it came bundled with 14 fixes for security vulnerabilities and some design changes, of which the most visible is displayed in the Search Bar New Tab page. The new version of Firefox includes an addition to the Safe Browsing service offered [...]

Unlock Windows locked files and folders with File Governor

Sometimes when we want to delete, edit, or rename a file or folder in Windows, it happens to be greeted by an error message that warns that action can not be performed because the file is being used by another program. Most times Try Again option does not give any [...]

Fix BCD Errors in Dual-Boot Windows Repair Tool

In most cases when Windows refuses to boot, because it is an error BCD (Boot Configuration Data). In such cases, most system administrators use the command line utility Bcdedit.exe, which enables them to create, edit or delete entries from the BCD boot to repair errors. This utility but not [...]

Add functionality to navigate through tabs in Windows Explorer

Most users do not even remember how he was when browsers were not yet implemented the option to browse the internet using tabs. And most browsers that exist (and are frequently used) in today appeared only after they emerged tabs (even mobile browsers do not miss [...]

Aqua Dock dock adds a fully customizable Windows operating systems

One key feature sites operating systems OS X dock, whose functionality is similar to the taskbar and Quick Launch icon in the Windows. If you are using Windows and want to add its a dock for faster access to certain applications installed in the system, a solution would be [...]

How can we compress images without losing the quality of

Most times, when we want to do is upload different pictures on the internet, services or websites impose size limits images. If the pictures / photos you want to upload are captured with the aid of camera performance (even most smartphones available today have cameras [...]

How can we create aliases for searching other than the default search engine in Internet Explorer

Every web browser comes with a default search engine that users can use to perform searches on the Internet, most of them using the default search engine Google Search. Of the four browsers frequently used by users (Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer), Internet Explorer is the exception, it [...]

How can we use Facebook Chat heads in Chrome

One of the major updates received by mobile application Facebook Messenger was Chat heads, feature which allows users to receive Notifications of new messages and chat with those who send messages even if time were active (or use) other applications . This feature displays upon receiving a new message on [...]

How can we save on Instagram photos and movies in Windows

Instagram has become in recent years one of the most popular mobile photo-sharing and video sharing, raising including the social network, with over 200 million active users each month. With Instagram, users can use the filters available in the application to make even the most mundane photos look interesting, [...]

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