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How can we compress images without losing the quality of

Most times, when we want to do is upload different pictures on the internet, services or websites impose size limits images. If the pictures / photos you want to upload are captured with the aid of camera performance (even most smartphones available today have cameras [...]


How can we create aliases for searching other than the default search engine in Internet Explorer

Every web browser comes with a default search engine that users can use to perform searches on the Internet, most of them using the default search engine Google Search. Of the four browsers frequently used by users (Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer), Internet Explorer is the exception, it [...]

How can we use Facebook Chat heads in Chrome

One of the major updates received by mobile application Facebook Messenger was Chat heads, feature which allows users to receive Notifications of new messages and chat with those who send messages even if time were active (or use) other applications . This feature displays upon receiving a new message on [...]

How can we save on Instagram photos and movies in Windows

Instagram has become in recent years one of the most popular mobile photo-sharing and video sharing, raising including the social network, with over 200 million active users each month. With Instagram, users can use the filters available in the application to make even the most mundane photos look interesting, [...]

Install and manage Windows cursors in the Cursor Commander

Although Windows interface has changed from version to version, Microsoft has made changes to the system cursors since the release of Windows Vista (same cursors are used in the latest operating system, Windows 8 / 8.1). And while there are plenty of users who do not pay attention to this, [...]

Uninstall several applications simultaneously or Context Menu with Menu Uninstaller Pro for Windows

If used regularly to test Windows applications without having the intention to keep them in the system, most likely use often and Uninstall a Program utility included in the Control Panel to clear your system when it gets too busy. But this utility is quite slow and can not uninstall May [...]

Download OS X Transformation Pack for Windows Yosemite

Earlier this month, Apple released the first beta of the next system Mac OS X Yosemite. This version includes improved integration of iOS 8 (the future of Apple's mobile operating system) and some interface changes (according to Apple, this is similar to the first version of the system), and is available for free [...]

How can we access the Command Prompt from the Windows login screen

If you have found quite often in a situation where you can quickly access a command prompt and your system login screen appears most likely have been quite frustrated that I had to first enter the credentials to login then wait for the system to activate all [...]

How can we mute Windows when you lock your PC

Most times, when you go in front of the computer for a short period of time, used to lock the windows (lock) to block access to third parties to it. And while this is an effective method to keep away from our desktop prying eyes, blocking Windows does not affect in any [...]

Download Windows 8.1 trial for Mac

Been almost 2 months since Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Update, which is available free for Windows and Windows 8 8.1 Windows Store. But if you are a Mac user and want to test the new Windows update supplied devices, you can install Windows 8.1 trial via Boot Camp Assistant or [...]

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