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How to disable pop-ups information in Windows Explorer


Pop-ups from Windows Explorer Information pop-ups are those that appear every time you keep the mouse cursor over a folder or file in a folder. For Windows users often ignore these pop-ups, given that the information provided is quite brief and without any specific relevance (in default mode are displayed type [...]

How to disable the Search field in the Taskbar in Windows Cortana 10


Among the novelties introduced by Microsoft in the latest preview version of Windows 10 and field Cortana Search is available on the left side of the taskbar (right after the Start button). Windows users can use this field 10 Search to interact with the new personal assistant from Microsoft (integrated in [...]

How to delete all restore points created in Windows without disabling System Restore


If you take the lack of space on your Windows computer, a good idea would be to delete the restore points (restore points) designed to restore your system to its previous state some. Also, if you install new applications or have made certain system settings that you want to [...]

How can we show This PC in default mode when open File Explorer in Windows 10


Unlike Windows or Windows 7 8, Windows File Explorer is 10 Quick Access startup page where users can view a list of the most visited in the system folders and applications or files opened recently. If you prefer instead of Quick Access to File Explorer to [...]

How to completely disable Auto-correct on your iPhone


If you are using iPhone (or an iOS device) and auto-correct function is enabled it, most likely you enjoyed (at least) several times kind of moments. If you're tired as all AutoCorrect to correct the wrong words, you can solve this problem quite simply, completely disabling this [...]