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How to enable the root user in OS X


Sometimes when we want to make some changes in the system OS X, just access the admin user is not enough. For such situations (where you need unrestricted access to all system resources for various activities such as troubleshooting or monitoring system) solution is the root user (or superuser) access to [...]

How to change the DNS address in OS X


If you are using OS X and experienced some problems with internet connection (for example, much of Yosemite OS X users have reported problems with WiFi connection after upgrade to this OS), one of the ways that you can solve those problems is to change the DNS address provided by your ISP [...]

How to disable driver signature verification in 64 bit versions of Windows


64 bit versions of the Windows operating system does not allow you to install and run unsigned drivers. While this restriction improves the security of these systems, in some cases can be a problem, since many peripherals (ex. Printers) or devices that we want to connect to computers come bundled with [...]

How can we delete a file default association with a program in Windows


Each type of file in Windows can be associated with a particular program that it can be opened, edited, run etc. This association can occur either when installing this program on a server or opening the file (the user must manually select which program you want to open the file). Once done an association [...]