Tweaks, Tips and Hacks for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux & XP


How we can install and run Windows from a USB Drive 7

The Enterprise edition of Windows 8 / 8.1, Microsoft has included an interesting feature, namely Windows To Go, which allows the operating system installation on a USB drive, which can then be used to access a computer (not installed on the system run that computer). If you (still) 7 Windows user and you want to [...]


How can reboot or shutdown WinXP

It may sometimes find ourselves in situations where we have to close or immediate restart Windows. Also, in other cases it is possible that the system will not shut down or restart properly and you want to avoid this (eg shutting down screen long remain locked). In such [...]

How can we disable animations in Windows 8.1 Start Screen

The Start Screen in Windows and Windows 8 8.1 not display tile sites directly when open, but gradually they are displayed from right to left through an animation. If for whatever reason (maybe you do not like the animation and the tile sites are displayed instantly, or perhaps you want [...]

Quickly Lock Screen - Mac OS X

Lock Screen is especially useful for those who want to block access to Mac, when she goes in front of him for a while. After lock screen's access to the system can not be done without the password. in this small tutorial will show you two simple options lock screen's quick. [...]

Always Show Bookmarks Bar in Safari Full Screen (Mac OS X)

A useful solution for beginners who use Safari on Mac OS X and are addicted to Bookmarks bar. By default, once in full screen, hide Safari bookmark bar, and to make it visible it takes a while to keep the cursor at the top of the screen. This can be annoying [...]

Permanently Disable Spelling and Grammar Check on Mac OS X

Spelling and Grammar Check is probably one of the most annoying default settings of Mac OS X, especially if users are not permanently written in one language. Writing highlighted with red text in TextEdit and other applications is pretty annoying and even if it can be disabled, Spelling and Grammar option is [...]

How can we prevent the display of modern applications in Windows Taskbar 8.1

Some of the most important feature 8.1 Update sites from Windows taskbar are related to: the ability to set (pin) Store the installed applications in Windows Taskbar, taskbar display in modern applications, displaying modern applications running in the Taskbar ( + preview icons) and the ability to minimize modern applications in the Taskbar. These sites feature enables users [...]

How can quickly copy the path (path) to a file or folder in Windows

One option that I personally have always felt that it would be broken to exist default in Windows is the ability for the user to quickly copy (if needed) to the clipboard the path (path) to a folder or file. Of course, it is possible to copy the path of a folder in the address bar of Windows Explorer, and in [...]

How can quickly open files and folders in Windows Explorer

Most Windows users use Windows Explorer to navigate the system. This method is more handy navigation users, but not always the fastest, especially when you need to open a file located in a well hidden folder on one partition (basically, if you want to open a particular [...]

How can root Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (Android device)

Samsung Galaxy S5 was eagerly awaited by Android users. If you are going to buy such a device in the nearest future (or have already grabbed one, the lucky), you will most likely want to know how to root this smartphone. Fortunately, one of the most popular [...]

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