Tweaks, Tips and Hacks for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux & XP


How can we re Charms Bar in Windows 10

Besides modern interface Windows Metro style 8, one of the novelties introduced by the operating system was and Charms Bar, through which users can access both system settings and application settings installed in it, as well as other functions such as Search and Share. In Windows 10 but [...]


How to create shortcuts to modern applications on the Windows desktop 10 Preview

In Windows 8, modern applications (installed from Windows Store) could not be accessed from the desktop (ie the system does not allow creation of shortcuts to those applications on the desktop), users must open the Start Screen to launch such app. In Windows 8.1 But modern applications could be fixed (pin) on the Taskbar for [...]

How to customize the Start menu in Windows 10 Preview

Although Microsoft Windows 10 intrododus back in the Start menu, which is different from the classic, available in Vista or Windows 7. First, the Window Start menu includes functions 10's Start Screen, users can lock (pin) tile-s of modern applications in it (right). Also, some [...]

How can we check that files recently opened or saved in Windows

If you happen often forget or do not pay attention to what locations are saved to various files downloaded from the internet (although most of folders downloaded are saved in default location or locations set by the user, in certain cases, files can be saved in different folders; eg Firefox browser set locations where [...]

How to open folders in new windows (and not tabs) in OS X Finder

File explorer the Mac OS X Finder, received a new feature to the launch of OS X Mavericks, namely opening folders in new tabs instead of opening them in new windows. This feature helps users to keep the screen clean and tidy when it is necessary to open several folders, but can become irritating in certain [...]

Quick Access tool sites and sites feature in Windows using Ultimate System Settings Panel

One of the easiest ways of launching utility or system settings in Windows is through the Run, but even this method may be limited for most users, since there are dozens of utilities / settings / feature CEs in Windows and it is difficult for them to remember all [...]

How to share files between two doors or more user accounts in Mac OS X

If the regular MacBook to share the equipment with other people (family, friends, colleagues), but access to the system is done with separate user accounts, you are probably already familiar with various methods of users to share files between accounts. But the easiest way to share between two user accounts [...]

Enable virtual Windows desktops and Windows 7 8 using Desktops (Microsoft Tools)

Virtual desktops (or multiple), a feature already available for several years on OS X and Linux systems can be enabled in Windows using third-party applications. Fortunately, since Windows 9, this feature will be included in the system default feature sites. Windows operating systems have API support for [...]

Prevent accidental closing Windows with ShutdownGuard

All Windows users have experienced at one time (or more times) with accidental closing (or automatic, for several reasons, such as installing system updates or specific applications) operating system quite inappropriate situations leading to data loss or a few [...]

How to hide a user account from the Windows Logon screen

If used to share a computer with other people and for whatever reason you want to use a separate user account for certain activities, but do not want that user to be visible to users ceilalati (or server have installed some applications or services that require the creation arbitrary a new user, such [...]

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