Tweaks, Tips and Hacks for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux & XP


Fix BCD Errors in Dual-Boot Windows Repair Tool

In most cases when Windows refuses to boot, because it is an error BCD (Boot Configuration Data). In such cases, most system administrators use the command line utility Bcdedit.exe, which enables them to create, edit or delete entries from the BCD boot to repair errors. This utility but not [...]


Add functionality to navigate through tabs in Windows Explorer

Most users do not even remember how he was when browsers were not yet implemented the option to browse the internet using tabs. And most browsers that exist (and are frequently used) in today appeared only after they emerged tabs (even mobile browsers do not miss [...]

How can we increase the size of text and other elements of the system in Windows 8.1

Many Windows users have problems reading various texts because of the small size of the system default font (especially if sized monitors and high resolutions). Fortunately for them, Windows 8.1 enables them to increase both the size of fonts and other elements of the system, so read [...]

How can disable all the keyboard shortcuts that include the Windows key

If you are using Windows, you are certainly familiar with the special Windows key (the name comes from the Windows logo printed on it), which can be used for quick access to the Start Menu and Start Screen. Also used in combination with other keys, it provides access to other sites or software feature in the system. The [...]

How can we prevent hard drive to enter sleep mode in Windows

By default, when lack of front of the computer and more time Windows does not register any activity during this period, hard drive attached to the system in Sleep mode (stop) to save energy (this setting is especially beneficial for laptop sites when running on battery). While this is a good thing [...]

How can disable touch screen computer / device that runs Windows 8 / 8.1

Even before its launch, Microsoft has made it clear that Windows 8 was to be an operating system developed for touch-screen: metro interface with modern tile and applications, although commentators regarded with skepticism by many users, perfectly optimized for touch devices (tablets or touch screen monitors). If the [...]

How can we disable the feature in Office 2013 cloud sites

How cloud has become an important part of online in recent years, and online storage services have become increasingly popular, it is no wonder that Microsoft has integrated OneDrive in most software products launched by the company. The same is true for the version of Office, Office 2013, which includes [...]

How can we prevent Windows users to shut down or restart the system

When our personal computer have access to other users (family members, friends or work colleagues), most probably do not want them to have access to certain system actions, among which are included the closing or restarting Windows. For example, if the user open certain files or let our [...]

How we can set Windows 8.1 save local files and not OneDrive

When launched Windows 8.1 one of its sites feature was OneDrive integration system (formerly known as SkyDrive online storage service that is provided by Microsoft). Due to this feature, when your Windows computer connected to the Internet 8.1 any file saved in the system will be saved under OneDrive [...]

How can we access the Command Prompt from the Windows login screen

If you have found quite often in a situation where you can quickly access a command prompt and your system login screen appears most likely have been quite frustrated that I had to first enter the credentials to login then wait for the system to activate all [...]

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