Tweaks, Tips and Hacks for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux & XP


How can we prevent the Windows Start menu customization 10

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has reintroduced the Start menu, it combining both sites feature the classic Start Menu (Windows 7) and feature sites that users familiarize with the launch of Windows 8 and Start screens on site (Start Screen is available in Windows 10 further, but it can not be used [...]


How to add custom folders in Home in Windows File Explorer 10

One of the updates included in Microsoft Windows 10 it and Home, the default folder that opens the File Explorer (in Windows 7, Libraries in Windows Explorer display the default mode, and Windows 8, This PC). Home of the Windows folder 10 displays, besides Favorites folders (ie the set as favorites system), and folders [...]

How can deactivate recently accessed folders and files in the folder Home in Windows File Explorer 10

Unlike previous systems, Windows File Explorer displays the default folder 10 Home, which takes place Libraries (Windows Vista and Windows 7) or This PC (Windows 8), which can still be accessed but the Navigation Panel (the left). Also in Home folder are displayed both set as favorites folders system [...]

How can we login automatically in Windows 10

If you are part of the users who have chosen to test Windows 10 Technical Preview, you know that every time you boot the operating system must enter the password of the user used (valid for both user accounts connected to a Microsoft account as and local user accounts for [...]

How can we enable the Windows default Administrator account 10

Starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft decided to hide in the way the system default Administrator account, for security reasons. When performing an installation of Windows, in addition to the user account that we are required to create it during the installation process (it will be the username you after you [...]

How can we hide the Search button in Windows Taskbar 10

Some updates from Windows 10 (Technical Preview version at least) there is also available the Search button on the left side of the taskbar, the system that users can use both to perform local searches (on disk) as and online via Bing. Although this may be helpful in [...]

How to enable shortcuts Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V on a Mac OS X keyboard

Although a Mac keyboard is relatively similar to a PC keyboard, there is a crucial difference between the two, namely the name and location of the control buttons, which leads to the use of shortcuts different keyboards to perform these same actions. For example, a keyboard Mac OS X, Windows and Alt keys of [...]

How can we force the installed applications in Windows to open only maximized windows / minimized

One of the most advanced websites feature in Windows than other operating systems (Linux or OS X) is managing windows (windows management), this giving users more options than those systems (eg the Snap feature in Windows has no equivalent in other operating systems). While some options for managing windows in [...]

How can we add the Toggle Start Menu / Screen in right-click menu on the Desktop in Windows 10

One of the modifications is 10 Windows Start menu and reintroduction into the system, but unlike Windows 8, where the Start Menu was replaced by the Start Screen in Windows 10 users can choose which of the two options Start want to use (But they can not be used simultaneously). To [...]

How can we restore classic Windows games in Windows 7 8.1

Some sites feature removed by Microsoft Windows 8 include and classic games for desktop, also called Microsoft Games (Solitaire, Hearts, Freecell, Minesweeper, Mahjong, Chess etc.), they are replaced by their modern versions (and full-screen) which can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store. If you prefer desktop versions (which can be played and [...]

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