Ignore any process running in Windows with Task Blocker


Certain processes running on Windows operating systems (whether it is system processes or applications installed in system processes) are very difficult to stop / finish. Some of them can not be stopped either at all or restarts immediately after. If such processes are necessary for the proper functioning of Windows [...]

How to manage applications from Startup in Windows 8


Most applications you install in Windows add certain components in its Startups order to run these applications automatically (or their processes running in the background) with system startup. These components of the application startup slows due to resource consumption, and most users wish to remove / disable [...]

Windows style Task Manager for Windows 8 7


Although Windows 8 gathered a fairly large number of admirers of its launch are still many users who do not want to give up Windows 7, although some utilities / issues / features of the new Windows operating system makes eye. This is the case with the Windows Task Manager 8 on [...]

How can delete, move or rename a locked file in Windows


Sometimes when we want to delete, to move or rename a file in a Windows system, you happen to get an error message, we know that the file be opened in a program is running or can not be changed various other reasons (Windows does not allow changing or deleting a file locked by [...]

A limited HOW TO USE application or a game only a part of available CPU cores.


We say from the start that this tutorial is only useful for those who have computers or laptops with higher processor configuration Dual-Core (ie processors with at least two cores). That goes for most computers and laptops in the past few years :) 3 4-processor is normally required by [...]