How can we change the default icon of an external drive in Windows

If the system used to connect external media quite often, you probably already noticed that the icons for them are pretty generic, resembling very well with icons for drive-urile/partitiile system. If you are among Windows users who like to customize their appearance in the system [...]


Customize Windows Start Screen to Start Screen 8.1 Unlimited

Although the version of Windows 8, in Windows Start Screen 8.1 has received a number of additional customization options, such as the tile sizes available 4 sites or can set the desktop background as background for Start Screen, plus greater number of colors and backgrounds default, it [...]

How can we set the iOS keyboard to change color depending on the application open

Unlike other mobile platforms (eg Android), iOS does not give users the ability to use custom keyboards, and even to customize the default tasataturii. Fortunately, users who did jailbreak iOS devices are offered tweaks that allow them to customize a number of features of the system [...]

How can we restore gadgets in Windows 8.1

Some sites feature Windows that Microsoft has dropped completely in Windows 8 (besides the Aero Glass interface and menu Start) and gadgets. While much of the earlier versions of Windows users have not even been curious to try these gadgets are very many who have missed the [...]

Activate Night Mode in iOS 7

When it comes to iOS 7, besides feature-ups included in the system that have been well-received by the users, there are some changes that lacking such as white interface, too bright, it. While there are also users who consider white as background suitable for mobile operating systems, most [...]

Hide interface elements iOS 7 with HideMe7

One of discontent iOS users is their inability to make operating system customizations. Moreover, Apple does not provide even the default theme, with which users can customize the iOS interface. Fortunately for those who are bored with the default layout of the system there is Cydia Store iOS (but to have [...]

Customize Windows 8.1 the Charms Bar Customizer

With the launch of the Windows update 8.1 the main features of the new operating system (for example the Start Screen and the Screen Locker) have become much more customizable than Windows 8. Charms menu but still remained one of the few aspects of Windows that users can not customize the default settings of the system. The [...]

Edit photos directly to your Facebook page with Photon (Chrome extension)

Many Facebook users tend to edit their photos before posting them, appealing to various editing applications, simple or complex (Paint.Net, Lightroom or Photoshop). But sometimes happen to want to edit photos already uploaded to Facebook (either by us or other users), and downloading those pictures, choosing publisher, [...]

Download Windows 8.1 Home Screen Customizer

With Windows 8.1 update, Microsoft has introduced more opportunities to customize the Start Screen's, such as support for multiple tile sizes for sites, can uninstall multiple applications at the same time modern or image set Desktop wallpapers as a background for the Start Screen. However, users do not [...]

Install the Android launcher 4.4 KitKat on any device running Jelly Bean

Google and LG have recently released Nexus smartphone 5, it came bundled with the newest Android system, namely Android 4.4 KitKat. New Android comes with many changes, both at the interface and in terms of features, most of which look and improved functionality (Camera, Maps, QuickOffice, Keep, Clock, Keyboard [...]

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