How can we disable automatic loading of images in Firefox

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where the only network available is a poor connection to the internet (hotspots, mobile networks in regions without signal etc). In such cases, web pages loading very difficult, especially if they contain a fairly large number of images, which makes internet browsing very difficult. [...]


Download OS X Yosemite Swift theme for Windows and Windows 7 8 / 8.1

In a few days, Apple has made available for public beta of the next operating system Mac OS X Yosemite. If you are not a Mac user but would like the new design of the system Yosemite and want to "borrow" your Windows system, you can download and install third-party theme Swift [...]

Transfer data and applications on a Windows computer to another with EaseUS ToDo Free PCTrans

If you have recently purchased a new computer or to replace the old one, or to use them both in parallel, you will most likely want to transfer him at least some of the data and applications already on the old computer. A simple solution to make data transfer [...]

How can we minimize Outlook to System Tray in Windows

If you are using Microsoft Office 2013 and use Outlook as the default e-mail client, you probably noticed that when it is minimized, it remains present in the Taskbar. If used to keep Outlook open all the time and you want that instead would distract from the Taskbar it to be hidden in [...]

Delete all passwords saved in browsers Browser Password Remover

Almost all popular browsers (not only) give users the ability to save passwords for online accounts so they no longer have to enter credentials every time you want to access those accounts. Although in most cases this feature comes to help users (especially those who use their [...]

How can we turn a Windows 8 / 8.1 a WiFi hotspot without using third-party applications

In previous systems Windows (including Windows 7) users had the option to share-ui internet connection via ad-hoc networks only with other computers that were running Windows. Ui order to share the internet connection with other wireless devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.), they need to install third-party applications that make this possible. In [...]

Apple will make available the beta version of OS X tomorrow Yosemite

Since the presentation of the new system for Mac 2014 WWDC event, Apple promised to launch this summer a beta version of OS X Yosemite that will be available to the public. Well, wait no beta version can be downloaded by users starting tomorrow, July 24 [...]

Mozilla released Firefox 31

Mozilla today released the stable version of Firefox browser 31 it came bundled with 14 fixes for security vulnerabilities and some design changes, of which the most visible is displayed in the Search Bar New Tab page. The new version of Firefox includes an addition to the Safe Browsing service offered [...]

Windows Update 8.1 2 could be released on August 12

The next major update (and possibly last) 8.1 Windows operating system, namely Windows Update 8.1 2 (equivalent to SP2 previous Windows systems) could be launched on 12 August this year, according to a report published on a portal Russian ( Even if the updates framed among major [...]

How can delete or hide personal Facebook account history

In recent years, Facebook users began to increasingly realize more how important privacy settings to personal accounts. Many of them do not realize, however, that anything that is posted in the social network has no expiration date: Facebook keeps virtually every post / update made by users, [...]

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