How can uninstall applications from Windows default 8 / 8.1

Windows 8 comes with preinstalled modern applications such as Travel, Calendar, Camera, Photos or Bing Finance, which can be accessed immediately by users because of their default location on the Start Screen. With the launch of the Windows 8.1 update, Microsoft has added some default applications, namely Reading List, Health & Fitness, Sound Recorder [...]


A new mobile application feature for Facebook: Nearby Friends

Facebook has announced that it will soon introduce a new feature in mobile application for Android and iOS, Nearby Friends, through which they can learn each other's friends exact location when they are near. Feature your character is optional, and is disabled by default, so those who are worried about a [...]

Apple has released iOS update 7.1.1

If you noticed a keyboard responsiveness issues iOS device after you do the update to iOS 7.1, then surely you will want to install and update iOS 7.1.1 released today by Apple. This update, called maintenance update brings improvements to the system, a few fixes and security updates for devices running iOS [...]

How we can install and run Windows from a USB Drive 7

The Enterprise edition of Windows 8 / 8.1, Microsoft has included an interesting feature, namely Windows To Go, which allows the operating system installation on a USB drive, which can then be used to access a computer (not installed on the system run that computer). If you (still) 7 Windows user and you want to [...]

How do I enable File History in Windows 8.1

One of the new features of Windows present 8 / 8.1 is the File History, feature that many users of this operating system we overlook, probably because it is disabled by default. To access the File History can either open the Control Panel (type control.exe in Run and [...]

How can reboot or shutdown WinXP

It may sometimes find ourselves in situations where we have to close or immediate restart Windows. Also, in other cases it is possible that the system will not shut down or restart properly and you want to avoid this (eg shutting down screen long remain locked). In such [...]

How can we disable animations in Windows 8.1 Start Screen

The Start Screen in Windows and Windows 8 8.1 not display tile sites directly when open, but gradually they are displayed from right to left through an animation. If for whatever reason (maybe you do not like the animation and the tile sites are displayed instantly, or perhaps you want [...]

Microsoft Office Online applications are now available in Chrome Store

Many Windows users (and others) need to access diverse daily office documents and files (whether they receive from colleagues / friends, or you have to work directly with them). Although many of them have bought the Microsoft Office suite, there are users who prefer to use its free alternatives. Some of these alternatives [...]

How can we disable the automatic running videos in Facebook

In a few days, Facebook has enabled a new way of displaying advertisements in both the web version and in applications for mobile platforms. Although this feature is not yet enabled for all users (and it will gradually DEPLOYMENT) is active for your account if you have noticed that videos posted contact [...]

Quickly Lock Screen - Mac OS X

Lock Screen is especially useful for those who want to block access to Mac, when she goes in front of him for a while. After lock screen's access to the system can not be done without the password. in this small tutorial will show you two simple options lock screen's quick. [...]

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