How to enable Hibernate in Windows 10

If you are using older Windows operating systems have (at least Windows 7), then you are surely familiar with Power options available in them, namely Shutdown, Restart, Sleep and Hibernate. In the latest Windows system but (at least its Technical Preview version), like in Windows 8 / 8.1, Hibernate option, although [...]


How to enable Windows Aero Glass in 10

First introduced in Windows Vista, Aero Glass is one of the sites feature regret most Windows users 8 / 8.1 Windows system that Microsoft decided to drop it as it may be ambiguous reasons. Even with the launch of Microsoft Windows 10 trying to fix some errors (or changes [...]

How can we login automatically in OS X Yosemite without using password

If you are using OS X Yosemite and you are the only person who has access to your Mac supplied (in the sense that there is a risk that other person to be around it without you to be present), most likely you will want to set the system will automatically log, without the need [...]

How to hide files and folders in Mac OS X

The Windows operating system includes native option through which users can hide folders and files both simple enough (obviously, but this option has become so popular that its use today is no longer a safe way to protect privacy) But when it comes to OS X, things [...]

How to reset the keyboard to default settings in Windows

Certain software that you install in Windows wont have to modify the operation of the keyboard, or by adding shortcuts (also Windows users tend to create custom shortcuts for all sorts of activities, both of system and the applications installed in it) or even by changing the keyboard language. In [...]

Mozilla will replace Google Search Yahoo in Firefox browser

After a partnership that lasted ten years, Mozilla has decided to quit Google Search, search engine of Firefox browser default in favor of Yahoo, which has already signed a contract for five years. Mozilla's decision to quit the partnership with Google comes after cooling the relationship between the two companies (already [...]

How can we prevent the Windows Start menu customization 10

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has reintroduced the Start menu, it combining both sites feature the classic Start Menu (Windows 7) and feature sites that users familiarize with the launch of Windows 8 and Start screens on site (Start Screen is available in Windows 10 further, but it can not be used [...]

How to add custom folders in Home in Windows File Explorer 10

One of the updates included in Microsoft Windows 10 it and Home, the default folder that opens the File Explorer (in Windows 7, Libraries in Windows Explorer display the default mode, and Windows 8, This PC). Home of the Windows folder 10 displays, besides Favorites folders (ie the set as favorites system), and folders [...]

How can deactivate recently accessed folders and files in the folder Home in Windows File Explorer 10

Unlike previous systems, Windows File Explorer displays the default folder 10 Home, which takes place Libraries (Windows Vista and Windows 7) or This PC (Windows 8), which can still be accessed but the Navigation Panel (the left). Also in Home folder are displayed both set as favorites folders system [...]

How can we login automatically in Windows 10

If you are part of the users who have chosen to test Windows 10 Technical Preview, you know that every time you boot the operating system must enter the password of the user used (valid for both user accounts connected to a Microsoft account as and local user accounts for [...]

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