How to disable access to USB ports in Windows 8 / 8.1

One of the easiest ways that a computer can be infected with viruses or other malware is through USB devices. Also, some people using USB devices can copy data on computers that normally would not have access. These two reasons mentioned [...]


How to delete AutoComplete history in Internet Explorer

When you search on search engines in Internet Explorer or open several web pages when typing their address in the browser address bar or enter username and password when we log into various online accounts, the AutoComplete feature saves data available in IE entered in the browser. Thus, if after [...]

How to hide items in Control Panel in Windows sites

Control Panel is the largest utility in Windows operating systems through its users with the possibility to configure the system according to your preferences. An easy way to list all the items to be configured in Windows using the Control Panel is to set viewing them in the form of icons (Small [...]

How to use zoom on selected portions of the screen in OS X

Operating System OS X includes a number of accessibility options dedicated to people with vision or hearing. In many cases, however, most of these options can be helpful and other Mac users. For example, if you want to examine more closely specific item across the screen (parts [...]

Windows 9 will have different interfaces for computers and mobile devices

Although only one month left until the release of the first preview version of Windows 9 (Windows 9 Technology Preview will be released in late September), very little information about what will contain the following Windows operating system has been officially confirmed. So far we only know that in Windows 9 we again have [...]

How to share files on your computer with ui system installed in VirtualBox

Operating systems installed in VirtualBox are isolated, they do not have access to folders and files stored on the host computer. While it is most often an advantage (for security reasons), sometimes it happens that we want to share some files different files on your computer with the virtual host (or vice versa). Many [...]

How we can unhide the Facebook News Feed to contacts previously hidden

One feature which Facebook sites many users are grateful is the option to hide those updates from the friends list of News Feed. This option is typically used when users do not want to receive updates from certain contacts, but do not want to give them Unfriend them (to hide [...]

How Windows Defender to perform automatic scans Windows system 8.1

One of the updates Windows 8 was the inclusion of antivirus utilities system, namely Windows Defender. Windows prior systems, the virus is available separately and is known as the Microsoft Essentials. Windows users and Windows 8 8.1 using Windows Defender to protect the operating system, the most [...]

How to create a virtual hard drive in Windows and Windows 7 8

With the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft introduced the Windows operating system a new feature, namely the ability to create virtual hard disk, which users can use to store and hide different files. Basically, a virtual hard disk VHD is a file format that Windows users it can [...]

How to lock automatically run Flash content in Firefox

Many web pages contain Flash videos automatically start running as soon as these pages are accessed. Most times it's ads that may confuse users or cause irritation of audio content. If you are using Firefox and you find often in situations as described [...]

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