Mozilla will replace Google Search Yahoo in Firefox browser


After a partnership that lasted ten years, Mozilla has decided to quit Google Search, search engine of Firefox browser default in favor of Yahoo, which has already signed a contract for five years. Mozilla's decision to quit the partnership with Google comes after cooling the relationship between the two companies (already [...]

Join the Yahoo! Wish List to advertise Yahoo IDs inactive


Many new users of Yahoo have problems when it comes to choosing ID, and that's because usually the first option for the user names are already used by other users. So users get to use IDs suggested by Yahoo, which are usually similar to the first options of users, [...]

How can we delete all emails once (Delete All Y! Mail Inbox) from Yahoo! Mail Inbox with just a few clicks.

If you've never checked the mail-2 3 months and have received a good number of messages that you need a special department to read them all, it's time to make a general cleaning. That's of course if you are sure that among the messages in your inbox email box is not [...]

Micro-hoo! or alliance against Google Search

After two days, Microsoft and Yahoo! have made public through a press release, complete business Search-Engine, almost half a year since it was (pre) conceived. Also, the two companies have announced (and displayed with optimism) confidence that the new hybrid search engine will result in reproduction Yahoo! Search Engine [...]