Quick Access tool sites and sites feature in Windows using Ultimate System Settings Panel

One of the easiest ways of launching utility or system settings in Windows is through the Run, but even this method may be limited for most users, since there are dozens of utilities / settings / feature CEs in Windows and it is difficult for them to remember all [...]

How to share files between two doors or more user accounts in Mac OS X

If the regular MacBook to share the equipment with other people (family, friends, colleagues), but access to the system is done with separate user accounts, you are probably already familiar with various methods of users to share files between accounts. But the easiest way to share between two user accounts [...]

Install Windows 7 sites feature missing in Windows 8 / 8.1 with Missed Features Installer

Every time it launched a new Windows, Microsoft includes this feature in new sites, which are not available in previous systems, but at the same time, some existing sites feature on previous versions of Windows are removed from the new system (eg, Windows 9 include the feature virtual desktops, which in previous versions of [...]

Enable virtual Windows desktops and Windows 7 8 using Desktops (Microsoft Tools)

Virtual desktops (or multiple), a feature already available for several years on OS X and Linux systems can be enabled in Windows using third-party applications. Fortunately, since Windows 9, this feature will be included in the system default feature sites. Windows operating systems have API support for [...]

How can we prevent deleting browsing history in Internet Explorer

When Navg internet browser used retains traces of our online activity recorded in the browser history navigation respectively. Browser navigation history includes the addition of a proper history of pages visited and data such as cookies, cache, passwords to access online accounts, temporary internet files, list [...]

How to enable Guest User Account in Mac OS X system

If you are a Mac user and you want to allow other people access to your computer, but do not want them to have access to your personal files, it is recommended to enable the Guest User account (most times it is disabled by default and the login screen is displayed only [...]

Prevent accidental closing Windows with ShutdownGuard

All Windows users have experienced at one time (or more times) with accidental closing (or automatic, for several reasons, such as installing system updates or specific applications) operating system quite inappropriate situations leading to data loss or a few [...]

Zoom pictures on Facebook just passing the mouse over them to Photo Zoom

Often when we are on Facebook, we are going to observe the comments or updates statuses that some friends from the contact list changed their profile picture. Also, some of them probably have uploaded new photos. If you do not want to visit a friend every time it uploads [...]

How to hide a user account from the Windows Logon screen

If used to share a computer with other people and for whatever reason you want to use a separate user account for certain activities, but do not want that user to be visible to users ceilalati (or server have installed some applications or services that require the creation arbitrary a new user, such [...]

Download Windows 9 Start Menu for Windows and Windows 7 8

In recent days appeared online more and more leak sites on future Windows operating system, which confirmed at least one new feature of it, namely the reintroduction of the Start menu, which dropped in favor of Microsoft's Start Screen with launch Windows 8. The first beta version of the next Windows, Windows 9 Technology [...]

Windows 9: new details and screenshots of the future Windows

As the release date Technical Preview version of Windows 9 approaching (September 30 2014) online appear increasingly more about feature-ups and changes that come bundled with it. From the pictures provided the German WinFuture.de density, which came into possession of a leak of Windows 9 Technical Preview, [...]

How can we prevent change a user's password in Windows

If used to let other people use your user on a Windows operating system, certainly do not want those people to be able to change the password of the user. Also, if other users share the same user on your computer (other than your name), you will most likely want to prevent [...]

Customize your Lock Screen in Windows 8 / 8.1 with Lockscreenify

Until the release of Windows 8 screen lock (Lock Screen) Windows operating systems were not many options available for customization, being resumed only possibility to change the profile pictures of the users and community background (this After being possible tweaks through the file system). For the Lock Screen [...]

How to run the new Setup Assistant in OS X without reinstalling system

If snteti OS X user and you want to change the user name used on Mac endowment or to check if the system works properly, you can do this by forcing the system to run the setup wizard again (Setup Assistant) which is normally run immediately after a (re) installation of OS. How to force OS X [...]

How can we protect a Windows folder with password without using third-party applications

If you have private files on your computer that you consider curiosity must protect other users of the computer, one of the solutions would be to tighten those files in a single folder and then block access to it with a password. Most methods that allow blocking access to a Windows folder with [...]

How to use a mobile device running Android as a webcam for a computer with Windows

If you wish to initiate a video call on your computer and let Windows do not have a webcam, or it is damaged (for laptops, at least), we have good news for you: if you own a mobile device running Android , you can use the camera as the camera device that [...]

How to rename an e-mail in Windows Mail application 8 / 8.1

If regular use modern application Mail, available in default mode in Windows 8 to manage your email accounts, most likely you already know that any e-mail account Mail app added to take the name of the e Used-mail. Thus, if you use multiple accounts on the same service [...]

How to rearrange the order of photos uploaded to your Facebook

When is upload multiple photos at the same time on Facebook, they are arranged according to the default mode name. Once uploaded, contact friends list can see in News Feed only uploaded the first photos of the group, they need access to the entire list of photos to access all the photos [...]

How can add any application in right click menu Windows

If you have some applications that used to use them quite often in Windows and want to have quick access to them anytime, one method would be to add a shortcut to it in the right click menu (Context Menu) on the desktop. Such will not be cluttering up your desktop or Start menu [...]

Chrome OS Mode is now available in Chrome for Windows 7

The Google Chrome browser version released for Windows 8, Google included alkaline version of Chrome OS operating system, known as Chrome OS Mode. Accessing the Chrome browser in Windows mode 8 displays a bar at the bottom of the screen that acts similar to the existing taskbar in [...]

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