How can we identify and delete duplicate files in OS X

One of the advantages of using a MacBook is that these devices use SSDs instead of hard-disks normal, which means greater stability of the operating system and enhanced safety for the files stored on them. Unlike normal HDDs though, SSDs have less storage space, making [...]

How to delete a file in Windows using Command Prompt

When we want to delete a file from a Windows operating system, we can do this very simple right-click on it and selecting Delete from the menu, or by selecting the file and pressing the Delete key that (in this way, the file will be sent to the Recycle Bin, where it can then be permanently removed from the system [...]

How can we hide the Search button in Windows Taskbar 10

Some updates from Windows 10 (Technical Preview version at least) there is also available the Search button on the left side of the taskbar, the system that users can use both to perform local searches (on disk) as and online via Bing. Although this may be helpful in [...]

How to enable shortcuts Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V on a Mac OS X keyboard

Although a Mac keyboard is relatively similar to a PC keyboard, there is a crucial difference between the two, namely the name and location of the control buttons, which leads to the use of shortcuts different keyboards to perform these same actions. For example, a keyboard Mac OS X, Windows and Alt keys of [...]

How to move an open window on one virtual desktop to another in Windows 10 Technical Preview

A feature that has been lacking until now is the Windows systems to virtual desktops (or multiple) feature existing for years in OS X and Linux, and Windows users can activate it in earlier versions of the system using third-party applications . In Windows 10, Microsoft has included this feature among the system's default [...]

How can we force the installed applications in Windows to open only maximized windows / minimized

One of the most advanced websites feature in Windows than other operating systems (Linux or OS X) is managing windows (windows management), this giving users more options than those systems (eg the Snap feature in Windows has no equivalent in other operating systems). While some options for managing windows in [...]

How can we change the system administrator password in OS X Yosemite

One new feature introduced in sites operating system OS X Yosemite is the default mode used in the processing and management of the system password account password iCloud connected to the system. In previous versions of OS X, users could choose themselves administrator password during the set up process of the system, but in OS [...]

How can we add the Toggle Start Menu / Screen in right-click menu on the Desktop in Windows 10

One of the modifications is 10 Windows Start menu and reintroduction into the system, but unlike Windows 8, where the Start Menu was replaced by the Start Screen in Windows 10 users can choose which of the two options Start want to use (But they can not be used simultaneously). To [...]

How can we restore classic Windows games in Windows 7 8.1

Some sites feature removed by Microsoft Windows 8 include and classic games for desktop, also called Microsoft Games (Solitaire, Hearts, Freecell, Minesweeper, Mahjong, Chess etc.), they are replaced by their modern versions (and full-screen) which can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store. If you prefer desktop versions (which can be played and [...]

How can we display the hard disk partitions in Windows Home folder 10

One of the changes included in the new operating system Windows 10 is that when we click on File Explorer, it opens the Home folder instead of Libraries (Windows 7) or This PC (Windows 8 / 8.1) folder in default mode displays a list Favorite folders (Favorites), frequently accessed folders list (Frequent folders) and list [...]

How to make and receive phone calls from iPhone OS X Yosemite

One of the feature-ups of Yosemite OS X operating system, Apple released 10 days ago, is the ability to make and receive phone calls on a Mac running this OS on an iPhone with iOS 8. This feature is part of a new initiative called Continuity Apple [...]

Download Windows 10 theme for Windows 7

Microsoft released earlier this month technical preview version of the next Windows operating system, Windows 10. As this is a beta version, it is recommended that it be installed as the main operating system, in order to avoid any error which might cause loss or corruption of data (users interested [...]

How to disable Parental Controls in Mac OS X

One important feature sites of a Mac OS X Parental Controls and it allows the system administrator to activate various restrictions for a specific user account (ie the account used by a child to use the computer) such as setting a time limit for using the system, restricting accessing certain pages [...]

How to install Windows 10 Technical Preview in dual-boot Windows or Windows 7 8

Microsoft released earlier this month Technical Preview version of Windows 10 future. Being a beta, it is most likely unstable and may contain bugs different system, why not recommend installing the main system. Safest method to [...]

Microsoft has released the first update for Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft today released the first update for Technical Preview of the next version of Windows 10. Among the novelties brought by the included Action Center (or Notification Center) Sense Data and Battery Saver, making them part of a series of sites feature Microsoft announced three weeks ago, but not implemented in the first version of Windows 10 [...]

How can we re Charms Bar in Windows 10

Besides modern interface Windows Metro style 8, one of the novelties introduced by the operating system was and Charms Bar, through which users can access both system settings and application settings installed in it, as well as other functions such as Search and Share. In Windows 10 but [...]

How to create a bootable USB drive with OS X Yosemite

After Apple released the final version of OS X Yosemite after two days (16 October), most Mac users rushed to install the system update offered free through the Mac App Store. If you are a Mac user, but you want to perform a clean installation of the system (not an upgrade), or you [...]

How to perform a clean install OS X Yosemite (instead to make upgrades from the App Store)

Apple has released the final version in October 16 new operating system OS X, Yosemite, which is offered free for download to all Mac users through the Mac App Store (Yosemite is compatible with all MacBook sites capable of running OS X system previously Mavericks ). Although most users prefer to upgrade to OS X Yosemite [...]

How to create shortcuts to modern applications on the Windows desktop 10 Preview

In Windows 8, modern applications (installed from Windows Store) could not be accessed from the desktop (ie the system does not allow creation of shortcuts to those applications on the desktop), users must open the Start Screen to launch such app. In Windows 8.1 But modern applications could be fixed (pin) on the Taskbar for [...]

Download Transformation Pack Windows 10

Microsoft released earlier this month Technical Preview of the next version of Windows, Windows 10. For those who have not yet tested this version of Windows, or for those who have tried it but have returned to a previous operating system (given that it's a beta version, it is recommended [...]

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