Replace the new Start Menu in Windows 10 with classic Windows Start menu 7

One new feature of Windows 10 sites is the Start menu, reintroduced by Microsoft in Windows 8 system after it has been replaced by the Start Screen (Windows 10, Start Screen is still available for users of tablets or for those who do not want to use the Start menu). Although the new [...]

Windows 10 9901 Build a preview of the new feature-sites to be included in Windows 10

In a few days ago, Microsoft has officially announced the next time Windows 10 event called The Next Chapter, which are supposed to keep on January 21 2015. As stated by Microsoft, the event will focus on the updates to be included in the next version of the system (most likely in the same event will [...]

How can we prevent the Power button to automatically activate sleep mode in OS X

If you are using OS X (and not only) most likely has happened quite often accidentally press the power button on the computer and activate sleep mode, because then you have to wait a while to get him out of that mode and will resume work (if you consolation thought [...]

How can we block notification Seen in Facebook Chat / Messages

One feature that sites Facebook social network users that I love and hate is equally Seen notification that warn against sending private messages (Facebook Chat and Messages) whether they were or not read. While this feature is useful for those who send messages, the [...]

How to hide desktop icons in OS X

Most users OS X prefers to keep desktop neat and tidy and not show too many icons on it to avoid clutter. But there are plenty of those who do not always take account of this and whose desktops get most often have a messy appearance (the [...]

How can we enable Flash Player in Internet Explorer

Although most browsers supports HTML5, most available online videos still use Flash Player to play the content. In 8 Windows operating systems, Windows and Windows 8.1 10, Internet Explorer comes bundled with Adobe Flash Player plugin, which means that users of this browser do not have to install [...]

How can we use the new service's chat Mozilla Firefox Hello

One of the most interesting feature introduced by Mozilla Links in Firefox 34, the newest version of the popular browser launched last week is Hello Firefox chat service that allows users to initiate calls this browser via internet audio or video. Hello Firefox is similar to Google Hangouts, but unlike the service [...]

How to reset the dock in OS X to default settings

For users operating systems OS X dock is about the same thing is the Quick Launch (or taskbar) for Windows. It also can be customized with shortcuts to different applications or folders depending on your preference. Unfortunately (unlike iOS system), the dock in OS X does not come to [...]

How to disable One-Click Searches in Firefox 34

Launched earlier this week (more precisely on December 1), the new version Mozilla Firefox comes with some interesting novelties, among which change default search engine from Google to Yahoo for US users, change the default search engine in Google Yandex for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, out of beta [...]

How to add or remove an email account in Mail app in OS X

If you are using OS X, the best way to manage all email accounts (iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) in one place is to use the default Mail application that comes bundled with the operating system. Adding an e-mail in the native Mail application system OS X is very [...]

How can automatically disable Windows Aero Glass in 7 when we laptop battery

One of the easiest ways you can extend the battery life of a laptop running Windows 7 is to disable the Aero Glass feature when disconnected from a laptop that continuous source of energy: right click on an empty spot on the desktop and select Personalize from the menu, then click on [...]

How to add the option of booting in Safe Mode from the Windows boot menu 8 / 8.1 and 10 Windows

One of the most important feature of the sites operating systems Windows Safe Mode is it allowing users to repair various system problems (mostly problems booting) when other methods do not work. In versions of Windows earlier than Windows 8, access Safe Mode is very simple by pressing F8 immediately after [...]

How to reset Windows Firewall to default settings

Although part of the Windows operating system security for years, most users do not know what is firewall nor how it works. In short firewall acts as a shield between a computer (or a local network) and Internet traffic controlling both from your computer to the Internet (outgoing traffic) and traffic from [...]

How to enable Hibernate in Windows 10

If you are using older Windows operating systems have (at least Windows 7), then you are surely familiar with Power options available in them, namely Shutdown, Restart, Sleep and Hibernate. In the latest Windows system but (at least its Technical Preview version), like in Windows 8 / 8.1, Hibernate option, although [...]

How to enable Windows Aero Glass in 10

First introduced in Windows Vista, Aero Glass is one of the sites feature regret most Windows users 8 / 8.1 Windows system that Microsoft decided to drop it as it may be ambiguous reasons. Even with the launch of Microsoft Windows 10 trying to fix some errors (or changes [...]

How can we login automatically in OS X Yosemite without using password

If you are using OS X Yosemite and you are the only person who has access to your Mac supplied (in the sense that there is a risk that other person to be around it without you to be present), most likely you will want to set the system will automatically log, without the need [...]

How to hide files and folders in Mac OS X

The Windows operating system includes native option through which users can hide folders and files both simple enough (obviously, but this option has become so popular that its use today is no longer a safe way to protect privacy) But when it comes to OS X, things [...]

How to reset the keyboard to default settings in Windows

Certain software that you install in Windows wont have to modify the operation of the keyboard, or by adding shortcuts (also Windows users tend to create custom shortcuts for all sorts of activities, both of system and the applications installed in it) or even by changing the keyboard language. In [...]

Mozilla will replace Google Search Yahoo in Firefox browser

After a partnership that lasted ten years, Mozilla has decided to quit Google Search, search engine of Firefox browser default in favor of Yahoo, which has already signed a contract for five years. Mozilla's decision to quit the partnership with Google comes after cooling the relationship between the two companies (already [...]

How can we prevent the Windows Start menu customization 10

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has reintroduced the Start menu, it combining both sites feature the classic Start Menu (Windows 7) and feature sites that users familiarize with the launch of Windows 8 and Start screens on site (Start Screen is available in Windows 10 further, but it can not be used [...]

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