How to disable the Caps Lock in Mac OS X


Very few users OS X (and not only) tend to use the Caps Lock key, which is rather accidentally pressed (and quite often), which can become quite irritating in a short time (especially for those who tend to write looking at the keyboard and see just after the finish [...]

How can we enable the feature in Firefox Share Services


With the release of 35 Firefox, Mozilla has introduced new feature in web-browser sites or one of them Share Services. With this feature, users can share ui Firefox or content web pages on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc., without access to any of those networks. As regards [...]

How to set a static IP address in OS X


A few days ago I wrote about how you can assign a static IP address to a Windows computer when using DHCP to connect to the Internet, to avoid conflicts of IPs if you have multiple computers / devices connected to the same network. If you are using Mac OS X and you have connected your [...]

How can we enable the feature in OS X Dashboard Yosemite


Launched with OS X Tiger system, in 2004, the Dashboard feature gives users instant access to system utilities (calculator, calendar, webcam) and information (stock, weather) through widgets. Until OS X Mavericks (inclusive), was enabled by default Dashboard system, but in Yosemite OS X, Apple has decided to leave enabled [...]

How to upgrade from Windows or Windows 7 8 / 8.1 10 Windows via Windows Update Preview


Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 10 Technical Preview (build 9926) day, it came bundled with Cortana, Microsoft virtual assistant, and new or improved applications. Launch Windows 10 Preview this version was announced since late last year and Cortana in system integration was also awaited by many [...]