How can we create chat groups or forward pictures and messages from contacts in Facebook Messenger (Android / iOS)

Recently, Facebook has updated its mobile application Messenger (at least versions for Android and iOS) to feature a number of new and very useful sites for users. Among them, the most important are the ability to create groups to chat (through which you can chat with all members of a group in a single chat window) and the [...]

How can root Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (Android device)

Samsung Galaxy S5 was eagerly awaited by Android users. If you are going to buy such a device in the nearest future (or have already grabbed one, the lucky), you will most likely want to know how to root this smartphone. Fortunately, one of the most popular [...]

Download Microsoft Office for iPad

Microsoft released Office suite for iPad finally after years of waiting days for users of iOS tablets. The suite contains applications Word, Excel and PowePoint, which is available for both read and to edit. Office applications for iPad are optimized for touch and have a ribbon interface similar to the [...]

How can we forward multiple emails at the same time to one recipient using Outlook

Sometimes we find ourselves in the situation (often related to work) where you have to send away (forward) to another person under multiple e-mails in our inbox. Also, you may want to make backup of emails received by an address by sending them to another, different. But regardless of the reasons we have for [...]

How can we add custom folders in the Favorites section in Windows File Explorer

You probably have a few folders in Windows that you want to you can access easily / quickly. One idea would be to use toolbars, but if this idea is not like (ie, they have their folders that you access most often, but if not in Taskbar not want to see them), [...]

Send imessages on Windows or Android with Remote for iOS Messages

Although recently developed many applications for mobile platforms IM (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Chaton etc) iOS users still prefer to use the default application for text, namely imessages. If you are the owner of an iPhone or iPad, but you can use the application to imessages and computer [...]

How can we change the default icon of an external drive in Windows

If the system used to connect external media quite often, you probably already noticed that the icons for them are pretty generic, resembling very well with icons for drive-urile/partitiile system. If you are among Windows users who like to customize their appearance in the system [...]

Get rid of the restriction regions Android Android Free VPN

When it happened last time you read a review about an app for Android and follow a link to download only to be greeted by a message saying that such application is not available in your region / your location? Certainly most of the users of devices with [...]

How can we create bootable USB sticks made without these devices

While Windows users have access to a fairly generous selection of applications with which you can create bootable USB drives, most of these devices require formatting before copying installation files (thus leading to the loss of any data stored on those USB drives). If you do not want, but [...]

Customize Windows Start Screen to Start Screen 8.1 Unlimited

Although the version of Windows 8, in Windows Start Screen 8.1 has received a number of additional customization options, such as the tile sizes available 4 sites or can set the desktop background as background for Start Screen, plus greater number of colors and backgrounds default, it [...]

How can we set the iOS keyboard to change color depending on the application open

Unlike other mobile platforms (eg Android), iOS does not give users the ability to use custom keyboards, and even to customize the default tasataturii. Fortunately, users who did jailbreak iOS devices are offered tweaks that allow them to customize a number of features of the system [...]

How can we resolve the error "Windows Installer Services Could not be accessed"

If you ever happen to want to install an application on your Windows system, but instead to install it, you were greeted with the error message "Windows Installer Service Could not be accessed" do not have to worry for that there is a very simple solution to solve the problem. not [...]

How can we create keyboard shortcuts for special characters in Windows

If regular use special characters in Windows (be it documents, conversations or articles), then surely you are familiar with the Character Map tool integrated into the operating system. Sometimes the use of this tool can become tedious, especially if the text you are writing requires more special characters than usual [...]

How can we control the sound volume in Windows using the scroll wheel mouse

If you do not already have the necessary shortcuts on the keyboard (or may already have, but it comes easier to use the mouse) and want an easier way to control the sound volume in Windows, the solution for you is called Volumouse. Although the default mode shares can be affectionate with a mouse are [...]

How can we restrict access to Registry Editor in Windows 8 / 8.1

When your personal computer with Windows 8 / 8.1 have access to other users outside of your (family members, friends or colleagues), most probably do not want that they can make changes to system files or registry . To prevent this, the easiest would be to [...]

Mozilla giving up modern version of Firefox for Windows 8

After nearly 2 years before Microsoft to launch Windows 8, the Mozilla announced that they had already started work on a version of Firefox with Metro interface, designed specifically to match the new modern interface Windows (and obviously , to be used by Windows RT [...]

How can root and install Android device Nokia Play Store X

Nokia X, announced last month at MWC (Mobile World Congress) is the first Nokia smartphone that runs the Android operating system. But the version of Android on this device is somewhat different from the standard versions used by millions of users of this system, and that's because Nokia X runs ASOP (Android Open Source Project) which [...]

Microsoft will end support for Windows XP on April 8 2014

If you are still using Windows XP operating system, any thought you upgrade to a newer version of Windows, since it has less than a month left until Microsoft will end any support for the use of your Specifically, from April 8 2014, Windows [...]

How can we restart directly into Safe Mode in Windows 8 / 8.1

In the previous Windows OS versions 8, booting in Safe Mode is very simple, F8 pressing immediately after startup (before it to boot). Although it is possible to activate booting in Safe Mode with F8 key for Windows and Windows 8 8.1 in default mode things are little more complicated: you [...]

iOS 7.1 November feature comes with improved performance sites and

Yesterday Apple released iOS update 7.1, less than 6 months after launch mobile operating system completely changed design over its predecessor, iOS 7. This is the most significant software update iOS 7 received so far, and comes with feature new sites and some changes [...]

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