Windows 7 the interface in Romanian [Download & Install]


Like earlier OS distributions Microsoft (Windows XP si Windows Vista), Windows 7 to download and install packSite of Romanian languageFor those who want to quit English interface.
Compared to pack the and pack the , at the Windows 7 comes as optional update, in Windows Update Center. It is a simple variant of download and installation for all users.

How to download and install the interface Windows 7 in Romanian.

1. I said language packComes the update ... so I have to go to Windows Update.

How 7 open Windows Update Center :

Click the Start bubble and in "Search programs and files"Type Windows Update, Then press Enter.

Open Windows 7 Update Center

2. In the left hand column, under Control Panel Home, Click on Check for updatesTo update the list of available updates for your operating system.


Wait until the box disappears Checking for updates,

Checking for updates

then click the updates available / optional. (Optional 32 updates is available)

32 optional updates are available

3. In the list of updates look and check the box next to Romanian Language Pack - Windows 7 Release Candidate (KB967828) then click OK.

Install Romanian Language Pack

Click the button Install Updates.

Install Updates

Wait until download and install Romanian language pack for Windows 7.

Instalare Windows 7 in Limba Romana

Install Windows 7 Romanian Language Pack

The download si installation may take several minutes.

Update Installed

Now you can set the Windows interface 7 in Romanian.

Stealth Settings - sitemap


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44 Comments: 7 Windows interface in Romanian [Download & Install] #
  1. Guguta says:

    ba to me quickly I checked installed updates on Romanian and ready

  2. gab and says:

    hello why I can not do upgraade to windous

  3. Sergo says:

    If they do re-install or resume windowsu like that?

  4. gaby says:

    HOW TO PUT ON PC AND IO Romance languages ​​that I do not go to UPDATES

  5. adi_osk says:

    Not work Vistalizator on Win & Pro 64 bit
    "This build (7601) is not supported"
    Other solutions?

  6. stanly7 says:

    Try Vistalizator
    I have windows home premium 7 work.
    This is the third time I post.
    Try and read all comments.

  7. Marcko says:

    Thank you very much for your help, but if you have a license for Windows 7 Professional English? I have this update (from last to have this update) and I think that there is any way to install the language to Professional :-(
    But it seems that I found it ...
    You know any?
    Thank you!

  8. karlyta says:

    Better. Anyone can help me? My Windows regularly in German, not English or Romanian is: (

  9. good .. Excuse me but who knows and can tell ami link / site to give downloader windows7 install who knows what I can do in windows vista product key when asked ami id not know them .. I?

  10. vali vali says:

    Good you please help me with fak min and to download jokuri

  11. alin says:

    I downloaded but increasingly interfaced to fak k tr to change me

  12. says:

    I give someone a link to me with Romanian language because I do not I still download updates

  13. dekster00 says:

    Hello! I tried with Windows 7 Ultimate but when Ajuga the quarter I failed and I say stop. Ideas?

  14. stanly7 says:

    I wrote above: Vistalizator it is for Windows 7

  15. Ionut says:

    I let someone can tell me? I 7 Windows Home Premium. I change it? On some forums I heard that, others did.

  16. LUCIIII says:

    GO Tiplic
    thanks a lot!

  17. Ionut says:

    Now we net on your laptop, so you Roog, who can tell me?

  18. Ionut says:

    A so I do not have internet on your laptop, so I can not give Updade.

  19. Ionut says:

    How do I change the language, not necessarily in Romanian, just change it, if I do not I see that the Display Language box? There to Keiboard and Language I just change the language of the tastarura but how to change language? I need to install Display Language or what? We Roog ajutatima.

  20. Cristi says:

    It just jerks I tried 30542 sites of mozilla firefox and it was not good either

  21. andrei says:

    hello I have a problem ..... I have a windows only professional 7 is in French is licensed ..... and I want to have it in English and I can not really figure out how sami ...... I tried to do through Start -> Control Panel -> Clock, languange , and Region -> Region and Language but I there does not appear to select which language I want ..... just do not have anything there ..... if I can help me please? :) thank you!

  22. alex says:

    Please tell me qm spunetzi to me to install my windows ka 7 I saw a girl and I want give nushu kum ...: ((spunetzi me know pls! contaktatzi me to whatever868

  23. utu says:

    Of line not be changed? you have a link?

  24. vicentiu says:

    I am stuck with Home Premium and Vistalizator. and now I'm sorry I can not put sp Romanian 1 because I installed and uninstalled do not have such

  25. stanly7 says:

    Try Vistalizator
    I have windows home premium went 7

  26. costy says:

    the bedrooms worked but when I see all welcame light is not welcome me what to do to defend my grt better when you have vanity lights? pls help me

  27. Valeriu says:

    Thanks Victor but I've got a problem. I open my calc write in English not Romanian. . Plss what they gotta do? and Cuz you could plss give me your id. mine is val_men., but I know something of your id ymvista.

  28. Valeriu says:

    Thanks Victor but I've got a problem! I open my calc write in English not in Romanian! plss what they gotta do? and Cuz you could plss give me your id!? mine is val_men! but I know something of your id ymvista!

  29. Victor says:

    I also had this problem, but it is easy to solve: Going to Start -> Control Panel -> Clock, languange, and Region -> Region and Language -> (At the top) Keyboards and Languages. There's a menu where you select the language (Choose a display language), as it should be a menu with multiple choices. Click on it, choose "Romanian", then, click on OK and you're done.

    Have a great day!

    PS menu that appears only after you have installed lbs. Romanian or another language!

  30. Valeriu says:

    I am I went all but k not know why I have Windows still not in Romanian!

  31. awl says:

    I Romanian language

  32. China says:

    I found the solution! If you 7 Windows Home Premium, enter the control panel, look AnyTimeUpdate, click on it, select the bottom (the one with the serial number or something 'in it), and then ask you to key'u product move from Windows 7: Windows HomePremium 7: Ultimate and then you can download without problems packurile language and can follow the tutorial from "StealthSettings". mention my Windows is licensed, so no guarantee as to the pirated works, but try ! I apologize if I was not allowed to post something, I just wanted to ajut.Multumesc

  33. China says:

    I have the same problem as Simy.G, occur when a language pack for Home Premium?: (

  34. Simy.G says:

    Thank you very much for response.

  35. Simy.G says:

    I forgot to mention, I have Windows 7, home premium

  36. Simy.G says:

    Hi, I bought a laptop from Italy shi pashii here I followed all sxhimba to language list updates only that nothing appears on the language pack.
    Does anyone have a solution?

  37. mircea says:

    goes only for Professional and Ultimate Edition

  38. dany says:

    This pack you find the update in all versions of Windows 7? The ultimate site to go ... But in the other?

  39. Go to Windows Update -> Optional Update. You'll find there Romanian language pack :)

  40. MC- says:

    I have a problem: (: (: (I came to install Romanian, but it took much so I renuntzat ff: (: (and now I know how to do it I'll get back to that update: (: ( : (I want lb Romanian: (: (I putetzi help? plz help me: (

  41. yeah I was blowing that can do romanu still looks aces inventive craftsmanship that stands bine.romanului.bravo do you mean 7 windows with translation into Romanian tinetio so successful! - .


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