Winstall.exe / SpySheriff - fake Anti-Spyware [Windows XP]

Winstall.exe is a process that belongs program malware SpySheriff. This is a fake anti-spyware that some non-experienced users install it on systems with or without intent. Installed version is a version of "free" that inevitably (and invariably) will reveal that the systems 'host' are infected with certain malware, Thus often managing to fool the respective users to pay for the purchase of the full version's SpySheriff with the promise that it will help get rid of suspected infection.

After installation, SpySheriff displays a message similar to Windows XP Security Center plus a customized warning so as to be identical to those displayed in the security bar Internet ExplorerSite. It also opens a warning balloon Windows Security false will draw attention to the alleged infection.

How can we get rid of winstall.exe / Spysheriff

To remove winstall.exe / SpySheriff the system need help SmitFraudFix (An application specially designed to remove fake antispyware programs, these being often difficult or impossible to remove using an ordinary anti-spyware or antivirus applications, because rich content in applications malware - trojans, adware, spyware etc.). Before you start cleaning your system note the following instructions, given that process must be performed in Safe Mode.

After you booted in Safe Mode, double click on SmitFraudFix (application will be stored on Desktop before restart). After the credits screen (press any key to continue) will see a menu with more options. To select Chub, Press 2 key then give Enter. Application starts to scan and clean infected files in the system. When the process is done, it will automatically open Disk Cleanup. It will delete temporary files (Temp & Temporary Internet Files), And any other files that you may leave behind infection. After what Disk Cleanup will end, you will be asked if you want to clean and Registry the corrupted files. Click Yes.

After cleaning the registry will appear a red screen will announce a system restart (takes 15 seconds. Do not turn off the system, let it restart alone!). After restart, will be displayed on one screen log (. Txt) To list all deleted files from SmitFraudFix. You can learn - or not - ie log (to free choice: P). However, winstall.exe / SpySheriff will not give you headaches. ;)

Download SmitFraudFix.