wuaudt.exe / wuauclt.exe (Windows AutoUpdate)

wuaudt.exe si wuauclt.exe are two processes similar system (mostly confusion between these two processes is due to their name - "cl" round. "D"), both of which are responsible, in their legal form for Automatic updates Windows OS. These running in the background, Checking updates appeared new system each time the computer is connected to Internet.

As with most system processes or wuaudt.exe wuauclt.exe and are not exempt "clones"Especially trojans (Cult-B or Backdoor.Clt Trojan), Which can develop different activities harmful (: P) in systems "host" from stealing banking information, personal data, etc., to create pop-ups irritating, with and on commercials. To determine if Wuauclt.Exe processes and wuaudt.exe are legitimate or not, check their location (legitimate processes are located in C: \Windows\ System32) or temporarily disable automatic updates. If one or both processes still running after disable updateSites, then recommend their termination as 99% are likely to be about trojans.

How do you disable automatic updates:

  • Start Menu -> Run
  • type services.msc-> Enter
  • right-click Automatic Updates -> Properties
  • Disable-> OK. ;)