Yahoo! 360 (Beta) gives his spirit. Everlasting remembrance.

Nor out of Beta and i already put the cross. Yahoo! 360 was one of the most successful blogging systems (Among others) ... in his time. I mean with any 3-4 years ago to increase the popularity of platforms WordPress or Blogger.


Slowly migrated users to realms flexible, Autonomous, more Customizable, Leaving desolation profiles on 360. And it was this:

Dear Yahoo! 360 ° customer,

We will be closing Officially Yahoo! 360 ° on July 13, 2009, our Efforts to focus on making your new profile on Yahoo! The Place Where You connect with the people who matter to you most. As a result, you Will Need to move your 360 ° information to your new profile Before this date. After July 12, 2009, your content on Yahoo! 360 ° Will no longer be accessible.

So, the show is over. Details here. We visited profile on Yahoo!, And own opinion and personal look pathetic. 360's had a change of clothes and was better placed in the page. In addition, it's also a habit. And what profile you use Yahoo!?

And in a conclusion, what Yahoo! project has numbered days?