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It is known (or it should be, to know) as a registered user to a service Yahoo! Inc.. has only one password for all services ( Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Games , Yahoo! Video , Yahoo! ETC . ).

In early July, I wrote a post in three rows that look like someone hoping to find password list to Yahoo! pe Google!. Normally, a Yahoo! password can not be found on a search engine but only if someone has put IDAnd the word Yahoo! on a public website, intentionally. under "List of yahoo passwords" are stupid.

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dak can find someone condrat_andreea id password .... please ko idiot than thousand broken password .. and Miami made another id .. condrat_andrea ... please help me ...

Many will not understand a Yahoo! account can not be hacked (Yahoo!'s pretty serious security) programs there (and do not think will occur) that allows a user to know the password for an ID that is not belongs. Make the difference between Yahoo! crack a password si To learn / steal a password from Yahoo!

Procedures for theft / fraud are more (do not give ideas) but that does not mean that someone has managed to crack a password of Yahoo.

If someone has your password on Yahoo! account her recovery is simple. Based on identification and registration completed the appropriate response to the "secret question" (The Secret Answer) or data from the credit card (for those who use Yahoo! services paid), you can request a new password .
After compeltarii correct form of verification Yahoo! account new password will be sent to the e-mail set as an alternative to the Yahoo! Mail. This is about the only option to recover a password for Yahoo.

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  1. and says:

    I made a mistake and I realize without BitLocker enabled and all year once enabled TPM can not use Windows all prompted me to dezactivaredar I do not know how can someone help me

  2. iuliana says:

    can anyone tell me: how can I get my yahoo account. which currently can not I login. Say, that there was no security and no question no. phone as identifiers., but now I ask the question of security response and once each received message that "ID is not taken." Meanwhile I made a gmail account that could be used as alternative address (perhaps too late) Thank you in advance!

  3. DaNy says:

    Yes No This ;)) akm Why would you believe this resume? :)))))

  4. neagu costel says:


  5. Diana says:

    strofocam folks here that we find out from Istia. no net Istia from nik knows. vava is that we help them. inkolo you do not see that we ask so many questions and not get Niki a rasp? I have confidence in Istia. Istia actually believe that zik q q help niki there

  6. rechinu says:

    How do I change the password to aidiu rasp expect from you k are smarter than me

  7. daniela pohodnicaru says:

    scz best I've forgotten my password on yahoo??? rasp today will multiumesc daniela

  8. liliana chicken says:

    I forgot my password How do I get the id

  9. viorel says:

    hello ... Now I broke something id'ul password from this viovio2910 personal information you give to know but when I write there ... then tells me I can not reset the password online what to do in this case? ... please ajutati'ma viorel4mar my id'ul ...

  10. Kida says:

    But if we do not know any details?
    I mean for example. Postal code -> in case I accidentally made to work.

  11. alex says:

    year and I question how a new ID with a password yahoo

  12. cristian Oneata says:

    please why not go mesenger password I did not and I unblat schimbato to take as make it back thanks

  13. oana says:

    Please nice to me and tell me if it is possible to find the password to my mess just knowing the answer to a question the other can only figure out what I wrote .... I can do anything to recover my mail id?? ASTP rasp!

  14. dany says:

    I do not know idul the messenger how do I know it was something talismanonline .. @

  15. ionela says:

    good I have a question I've changed my password and I uitato when I came to I change the password not going ami said something that I can not change it or nush I do not know how to change passwords but not anymore situ bn password in id ami ionelusa_iubitica and urgent need please help, I find the id I thank niko_nikoleta48

  16. valinutza says:

    better! please help me and mn.'s when done miam id Asked Question've made several letters which form a word. Now I have the answer and do not know what is not can not bring my profile to see for that id is f.frumos please help me.

  17. daniel says:

    I sparo messenger address

  18. dany says:

    Lost questions, e done much to change my password and now tried to restart my account and no longer recognizes the old password nor present any .. what can I do? Cineav I can help? Thank you ..

  19. roxy says:

    I know how to change the password mess!

  20. raluka says:

    I have no idea how to change my id media

  21. Dani says:

    aooooleu someone stole my password. someone tell me what to do to mo
    giving meaning, sense?

  22. denny says:

    Well if you cn BCS password to mess
    then putenti Forgot to ;))
    and will grt to answer questions 2
    the only one who did id
    know the answers ;)

  23. salt says:

    sall hey I have a big problem someone has changed the password to msg me who can help me restore it please I'm desperate that I need urgently id

    • I eu.doar says:

      help me ... I wanted to change my password `ji totimi saying that goes ji akum new password did not work anymore niki old password .... help me plz: X: X: X

  24. Ladybug says:

    Hi ... I have a problem .. I want to change my password from id but only know what I had sent emailu id id `with that:-s can someone help me ... give add to my id: danyeele_cran.

  25. dani_99ely says:

    I want to change my password id sami but the Italian's can help me?

  26. she says:

    How do I know the answer to the security question? Do not you know ...
    Thank you!

  27. Ann says:

    someone who can help me break old id and call mia can bag your password to anyone can help me .. Anasukara92 .. that's id can not go

  28. bwa brother that `s bullshit still does not give nik existu to do? ba off I have to find a password to help me? plzzz pop

  29. mysterious says:

    I know how to crack a password from yahoo.messinger

  30. How do I make a new id mess?
    : D: d: d

  31. how break password of yahoo messenger

  32. pitika_talent2007 says:

    to want to know me and me u id password please? today pitika_talent2007 one raspus!

  33. adrian says:

    hello hackers! one can do a good deed? is possible to find a password on my id messenger? I recently broke a man, I do not understand why .. I would be grateful! Thanks

    • monalisa says:

      good sp anyone knew how to do, I changed thousand one password and do not know how to change it for I do not remember what I wrote in 2 any questions you did mi'am id, how do you see what I secret question answer?, please help me

  34. edi_edi56 says:

    how to make an id for free

  35. alecsz says:

    If I want to connect to yahoo messenger say this: your account has Been locked
    I do not know why I put the secret answer, and even don `t remember.

  36. jessyca says:

    sall everyone and you FC?

  37. alexia says:

    can not

  38. nistor silviu says:

    how do I ask in case alternative email address .. but I did not set something like this, ....... I want to get the security question .. but I ask them ..... I know ..... there answers to stuck pretty often lately ..?

  39. andrey says:

    no one there but the payments all these voebesc join him and say no one see that my password is broken only pure antamplare that u are stupid (a) and you put a password sucks., but let's do a program to crack passwords . an all fools who are net (heavy weather Trojan) that they're stupid car kakat stiiu not what to do that I can do something good but they laugh at the stupidity of others who are easily fooled,, let all prostate Drake and go to bed, bye bye

  40. deea says:

    I do not think you would agree to break passwords as you want them sspargeti you will on others

  41. octav says:

    I forgot the password to mess, and no response to questions not remember anyone can help me on yahoo to find contactatima on andreea_rap_girls URGENT PLZ

  42. Tasting says:

    how to change my password?

  43. razvan says:

    cn help me get my password: D: D

  44. nicoleta says:

    I forgot my password id.

    who knows how can I recover?

    Please tell me Simi pliss

    I find the idu: nicoleta_bzoky

  45. Klor says:

    You're already finished and broken that you need saspargi password?

  46. Jacklyn says:

    Somebody help me and me to break a password?? URGENT1 ........ MORE PLEASE!!!! PLEASE MORE!!

  47. razvan says:

    is there any chance to find your id password ptk intrebet I do not know what I said and what I did at first ptk id give many years ago but if someone from yahoo id to mio can not say? id wait rasp bobo_bobolino14 ms

  48. Iuli says:

    How stupid / bad you are ... they say: "[...] as Stealth Settings, found a hacker online to make us a demonstration on how to break the password of an ID by Yahoo! (Y! Messenger) in record time. 2 minutes [...] ". It seems that the bad / bad read not only top down where it says that Method and Andrey are the same people, to make a asazisa "demonstration" :))

  49. SERBAN says:

    MIAM your password HELP!

  50. soreen says:

    Bah .. I do not understand someone not familiar invalid id password hacked mia! call knows nothing nothing ... how dracuuu data spartooooooooo thousand??

  51. M `eLLa says:

    I eventually managed to find my password and changed who I `` o :)). lucky to have a friend who is very good at stuff like: P.
    Good luck to you too!

  52. rth43 says:

    Me to spar password hacker knows mail.Daca f id could easily find the password, the only solution is to change the id address email.Pe creating a new youtube show how one patola hackereste cunascand yahoo mail id. . apgini appear sofas by logging onto Yahoo mail which one you enter idul and parola.Adentie. On these pages so called yahoo email does not have access to their data.
    Oe original page yahoomail is a square a rectangle white yellow two lock keys rupte.Ori what kind of picture that appears is false

  53. M `eLLa says:

    address :)) whatever ..
    In response to questions put to her that .. I forgot `o: |

  54. M `eLLa says:

    How do I get the id alternative?

  55. Fearless says:

    sal 'I want to break and is an id ... that helps me .. ? pls ... I find the id forum_anunturi_galati! Pls give ;) add: | URGENT!

  56. I want to unlock an id that helps me find me on id alexa_

    eu_bruneta please thanks a lot

  57. alex says:

    bah da not send messages one thousand x-(

  58. Oana Daniela Toader says:

    I can not open any ID and e-mail because password

  59. GM says:

    GIVE THE PASSWORD Mihai from yahoo please explain

  60. dairs says:

    put the files you want

  61. Vali says:

    something can only sppy

  62. manuzorboss says:

    I see you are looking in devils "messenger passwords cracked programs", although to this day no one has managed to create such a program (and do not want to appear something like this). I explained many, many posts and comments here and on, as it does not exist ... or passwords cracked software, nor any method. No results. I post stuff like "password-cracking software IDs, Messenger - WARNING!" They say quite clearly that such a thing does not exist and even if there would be a treasure for mankind (so we buried That program!) and they .. require IDs and passwords to break passwords methods.
    I would suggest to, Make a filter "program * broken * password *" .... who seeks these words, to be submitted websites "EDU" or ... Mars :).
    For that really want to try, there is still a way to crack the password of Yahoo. It is a disposable method.

    Yahoo! password hacked method. : Try to get hammered in the monitor in the box where you put the password ... can break it.

    * I guarantee that after cracking the password, account or Yahoo! Y! M will be visible. No. .. on that monitor ... at least ...

  63. manuzorboss says:

    me something to crack passwords there is something so not break any password: D ;) I will say nothing cautaty not ;)

  64. manuzorboss says:

    As I break yahoo password mesanger: D??: P ;)

  65. seitan says:

    What should I do to activate contu mail? everything is ok go and mess but do not receive any mail

  66. cosy_24 says:

    I have a question .... can find someone's identity only after the messenger id? ie if someone bothers me and I want to know who I'm not int. passwords or other kkturi like that. for k know that when you make a new id gotta put civa like mail and old mail?

  67. alex says:

    thanks much can I recover the password
    ms ms ms ms ms

  68. cristina says:

    I crack my password and my password is password

  69. vrau to afulu password on the lam made idd name

  70. Adryan says:

    I can also help you find a password mn from k id change my password?? Please wait for response

  71. dee says:

    May you know that you put the data? .. if yes, enter the "forgot your password" (it's down to the mess, you get to go on it) and follow the steps that, that id write there, ala what you put code I give them, then answer those questions. Tells you to write a new password and ready. :) I hope to be useful to you

  72. Nyko Roberta says:

    Just had a boyfriend ia'm id .... and .... I k I k wrong password for every time I wanted to go on its id could I not ... cika not good ...... I can password please .,,, how can I find the password? Will multumesc.Astept answers: D

  73. I want to have a new id mesinger

  74. alexandru says:

    I want to change my password

  75. SABIN says:

    MA SOMEONE help me? I forgot my password YAHOO MESSENGER.DACA tells me someone how to change you how to break passwords II

  76. mafia says:

    You Tazz says: you're more retarded that all

  77. Cristinutsa says:

    I want to get my id password krystynutzaa_yo@yahoo.comPlease contact me .... id

  78. dee says:

    I want to change my data d to id (ie birth date d more ep there) .. how do????

  79. Peter says:

    sall all .... is someone who knows how to get your messenger id?

  80. Marius says:

    And help me please .. mi'am min forgotten password ID and do not know the questions .. the ID .. oimi can recover id'ul: (.. and how dak cnv know? Thank you.

  81. alexy says:

    can someone help me? I heard someone from id and password now I can not enter it. I tried - but I forgot exchange some data that I had when I made id (id is made of very long-4-5 years). Is there any way I can to recover your password? Cuz you please help me I would be very grateful. : *: *: * :) :) :)

  82. Roxi says:

    I went to sign in problems I followed the steps but can not nimik nor can I delete or block dak password? Until a'm just walking to my idul anyone?

  83. Roxi says:

    Do not know what to answer

  84. Roxi says:

    And the problem is that only know how to answer these questions I tried with yahoo but can not go further.

  85. Roxi says:

    I oo question you have tried to find keylogger or something I do not know the password I walked this program but I have the same problem mia change your password and do not know how anyone can learn.

  86. mihai says:

    I know the id and a password that dak can help me cnv: *: *


  87. Gruian says:

    bathrooms and I have the same problem took me some password and blocked my account so you roig if you know anyone how can I get my yahoo account password and thus help! gruian12 is my id on messenger

  88. sebica says:

    I do not know how to change the password on mn help me???

  89. alex says:

    X (X (id my block I do not understand the mess and I came to get mail and when I went bye bye da mess (while I was on y? Mail address) thousandth entered automatically by e-mail: | and porma when I tried to get the lyrics say my yahoo messenger acount has locked X (X

  90. diana says:

    I want to know kum making a mes address please bye

  91. bya says:

    that I look and how to break my password Aika cn gives me and me sefa_voastra88 id pls join the program ... ajutatima any

  92. Denny says:

    Plz someone help me? Deathly_angel_13 is my id. plz who offers to help me crack a password adaugatima the list :). opened and friends ....: P

  93. alex says:

    I want to know the password to this id

  94. marius says:

    I want to know the password to enter lucian_boss94 id id plz ms spuneo lucy_boss14 and more

  95. Jayson says:

    Well yo honestly believe there is p password-cracking programs mess .. as for me and a friend were broken parolole the mess unauthorized exactly the same day at the same time ... ;) ( Uitete here .. creck aja can ... if someone can get your vezhiului sami id to contact me at

  96. Pandrey says:

    I want to recover my password Yahoo ID help please many people and I do not want to lose your ID. Contactatima on

  97. cristina says:

    ceau razvan so chear there or resume program to break passwords, not the other but I do not know what id Patz and is curious dk somehow be broken And my cnv: (rsp please: *

  98. ady_dam2003 says:

    pretty please if anyone knows how to make a new id to tell me please?

  99. i want change password of this id

  100. edmond says:

    Please nice if cnv knows how to make a new id to tell me please?!

  101. Alex says:

    Please excuse me instead of Ip id!

  102. Alex says:

    I have a question I entered him trying Sat 'and instead pass ... but after I put change pass .. old .. pass new step I tried to get the `id` first communications gave me error [as if ip as Gresham or pass] (2) Mia appeared after the 2 `Those sign in id is loked!! Is dc? can someone help me?: D zik to recover password but not even a bad idea not to die! Io I `ve thought that people from yahoo m` felt 'passwords breaker "trying to' pass the propiul change my id! And if there is something to solve` t wait to raspundetii!

  103. OMG | | | | | says:

    more .. dak know cnv dc PNM program nu.l say?, and my idul is yellowcard_best

  104. Deyu says:

    sall want to learn from someone you do not know what channeled password and id deiu.parola and stay loose as you help him find out who you password ;)) ;)) :))

  105. mytu says:

    hey ... mia was changed mytu_tero id password ... I know all the data but the problem is I do not remember the answer to the secret question .. lam do now 6 years .. I do not remember .. if anyone can help me mytu_rullz contact me on ... thanks much

  106. EriR says:

    Yes fool you =)) you see that it's fake =))
    andrey and hakeru IP aceelasi so they are the same person! blunt is not it?

  107. Pity says:

    Hi I forgot the password to my old id mess you help me? I much razvan please ...: P

  108. clau says:

    He made me another messenger id and now I fear for k I know a few people password and so I want to change my 'the identity details' the original written and that I do not know if when someone change my password ..... how can I change them?

  109. lazzy says:

    suntetzi ladies some bad broken ...
    one rupetzi all day long but stitzi hi5 msger and even how to facetzi an email on yahoo? gezzz

  110. monica says:

    Hi Sami I change my password? like to do? shi May id.cum I want a new do???

  111. Tazz says:

    bah ... so I die if you (anyone who leaves his Id'ul)'re not stupid .... here is vorebeste to crack passwords and will let you all idiots Id'ul here ... so nobody unless you break Yahoo'ul Id'ul or email as you know .... but if you're retarded and will let you Id'ul here deserve to burn and unable to break just Id'ul

  112. celibro says:

    May all hacherilor sal dak know too!! I Res-Hacher program and I want to Explore in Windows executable instead appear to change the name I can start to change the name that I want! I changed from the executable but how do I do next? id. my mes. Celibro17_2006 promise is given a beer! We expect: P

  113. Peter says:

    Alexandra is waiting a bit and try again with the password changed her "friend" your yahoo does not apply changes immediately.
    Save changes by password or other settings can last up to 24 hours.

  114. Peter says:

    I do not know whether to create an account to submit your yahoo media's wrong, but who am I to judge :)
    florea, visit, Click on the Mail and click on Sign Up, it's just below the Sign In button :)
    If what I said above is difficult, here's a direct link to the page where you can create a new account.

  115. iam sami orietene given a change in id and password no longer work. ajutatimaaaaaaa k mooooor. Sami dak are not going to have sequels id lifetime

  116. florea says:

    how to make my id?

  117. dmc says:

    I am convinced that there is something that you can learn passwords mes ... such evening I was able to get dim and the next day I could not ... I said I'm too sleepy ... but I 3 wash your face often and not I could not believe that I can not get on the mail ... if anyone here really knows how to do it, help me ... I do not know the idea is that any data that I did id have been made panarama know an address ... or to talk to people at yahoo ...

  118. buriudaniel says:

    Hello! V very much please tell me how you can delete a 2-mail address created a Windows Live ID I have set the user account (a silly) in yahoo messenger. I tried many variations but did not work and I option to delete the user account.Multumesc beautiful!

  119. tnt says:

    Please learn to write and express correctly and Romanian [- (

  120. cristi says:

    boys bathrooms were praying girls crazy k mati no program id broken it exists so there but not all just stupid ;) who knows where sal use only enter this program gives mati see no crazy if you want to break channeled id k it and will convince no program coi passwords hacked yahoo id so you crysty_cool79 and not giving program for nothing: P adj the mess

  121. vardol says:

    hello Razvan, which was the program that you broke id-and I'm a big fan razvan hacker please let me know

  122. gabi says:

    I want to know if possible and how to find a password mess? you will please

  123. raluca says:

    I'm desperate

  124. uzzi says:

    id is uzzidmx please help

  125. uzzi says:

    if you have something that is broken program passwords password spargetimi to me that aflato thousand cineva.astept post

  126. madalina says:

    cn's program broke my passwords to give it to me please I have problems with cheating boyfriend and I feel like I want to know the truth about him he cn help me my id is "madytwka" please help me I am desperate ...

  127. Maria says:

    pretty please ... someone broke into my password and daka you could please help me ... thanks in advance .. maria_kutyik

  128. alexzandra says:

    Yes there is! trm me a 'friend' a site that was supposed to fill it with my id and password .. and had to write id of that and they say he wanted to know the password .. but basically I broke one thousand id password! so do not say that there ... it's not! : |

  129. lucian says:

    some time ago now, my sister owned ioana id luci_sex2385 with a personal password, at the moment besides k id password was changed to no longer use the kre may Sami .... Please give any advice as I able to retrieve id will be grateful: - *

  130. ABS says:

    Hello! I have a question for the forum: someone knows a boy who has idul namor.navi @ ? Last year was also active on this forum and hence I contacted first. He said he can help me, I gave him the details requested a few months ago but since then I do not reply to posts. I want to contact him to enlighten me, no offense, you can do something or not. Thanks to all!

  131. sal me anyone can help me? question is simple but I can not find the answer to any 2 months I can not read e-mails do not know what I ajutatima over 100 emails I tried to do another address e-mail but I do not allow cookies does anyone know what happens?????? If someone can help me this is my id alberto132003 Please SERIOUSNESS ms.

  132. just a girl says:

    I have a problem ... One of the bedrooms in my class always crack the password ... At school mn how mocks can, and the mess ... I do not know how I KNOW ALL-Id have to say that I do not SAD! everything and I guess password ... At first I thought he could still not break my password, but I knd questioned said that 'your password is not relevant. "revealed = cv removing out , which means that I'm sure she knew the password and now me guess ... he sits all day on my ID, and I can not enter mess.Vreau to get revenge, to get him to let me once alone, guessing my password and turn his cum.Cn mess ... But I know I can help, enter the ID sabrinutza_sabrinush_2008.PLsssss ... I really need your help because I do not know what to do to I do not guess colegu'parola!!

  133. eugen says:

    hello ... look I have a small problem big one thousand "broken" hi5 password and IDs 2 meesenger ... I do not know how facuto but while he was on a hill and my id on the other thousand I said ... in 5 minutes you to re-enter your idul mainly because I am now in idul password that you now .. and it was entered on that id then modified some data mia ... that can recover password sing call-in problems ... I write the date of birth and country of residence zip code and I say that not correct ... help ... and wait ... daka can answer the ID: eugen_oci_1992

  134. p3 says:

    For splashing. Count and see how many characters containing your new password. Yahoo maximum number of characters allowed is 32. If your password exceeds 32 characters remain clear of them until 32 :) Good luck, and if you did leave a response ;)

  135. Splashing says:

    I have a problem I made a fool like me can really help me is I had a problem balac_balac2002 id and password I had a little and I wanted to put a password instead feel great and I know no cautato like crazy ajutatima and I'm desperate please id of immortality had many outside countries expect responses far as rpd plzzzzzz thank you!

  136. alina says:

    I believe that above about wrong or I ate my litere.mailu is and the other is id not your email address: D

  137. alina says:

    I wanted to get the id of my future second husband, I wrote id and password and tells me that something is tried to change my password but does not work because not accept zip code that I no he did not Mia knows just said believed the nonsense put the zip code .... please help me (and secondly I saw somewhere above that someone said that net speed is how mine is April nush again date but I do not think it's broken program passwords,,,, all just to deie any large nimik else) Cuz somehow read my message please let me know ajutati.scorpiuta007 @ e mail meu.mailu from which I want to change my password or to find out what it is. Thank's

  138. cry cry says:

    how much did you lingurytză right ...
    still not late to go get hackareala :)) I say that you already made the first step ...
    PS you knew something, but not enough ... it's hacker and cracker.Diferentele of the classes can be found on google.
    PPS I just realized how cabbage is if I had the patience to read everything you I lost my time to answer you. That's all I had to say on this site, from now "reading".

  139. First, there is a prog to break passwords / / / / ..... yahoo password .... nobody thinks and id put akjolo victim and gives pass was made with the best .....

  140. SpeDDy says:

    If you want to read archive programs ... bow .... etc. .. My ID Speddy_hip_hop

  141. SpeDDy says:

    You're right lingurytză .... Hackers and primarily not say never .... There are very easy to use software for kre not need to have knowledge .... eg bow and when I see a site unknown program passwords hacked ... not loati for .. k .. k them loati nothing there ... Well who will be so stupid to put a program to crack passwords on a website ... that IESA then :)) .... if I can help you with anything Speddy_hip_hop

  142. lingurytză says:

    and I have something about hacker'ii zik. k everyone knows that only a hacker CNVA so bad in our eyes hacker'ii are bad guys on the net I would like to acknowledge for those unfamiliar aduk k hacker'ii are 2 categories
    1) positive
    2) negative
    - Start with the positives - they are the kind that you do not damage the nik they just testing the k programs we delok She's not interested in what we do in our life PC or e dak probably just bored but otherwise you have not a thing they have much more important things of Fakt. I went akm happened to me while talking on the mess in my place: | I talked to him and not harmed by nik Hated the PC.
    - The negative are those kids with pretty good knowledge in IT and that's fun for them that you hurt yourself or me or her pc'ul or what you do it yourself
    hacker'i those working positive for us in most part of their time

  143. lingurytză says:

    hmm ... yo thoughts here and tell me something more to k zik (please everything about my spelling and grammar d or yo know what tineti'le for you just do not make sense in front of me to say no i'au into account thanks!)
    what I mean is k yo out of the 3 magic words: "How do I find the password? "(Or whatever" theme "on this page) are also found visitors k most of us but here I ref to" special ones "to argue that the lack of activity eg
    1 subject) - Existaaaaa!!
    2 subject) - Can not this! Lies, Welcome embarrass us ...
    this kind of trivial quarrels and make us laugh (I ref here probably few who read what was posted here)

    but what I zik is related more to those who say, give her a punch in the chest k no way of finding a password Yahoo or whatever. to things first: Yahoo! 'has been created on PC, so what follows k pc'ul sees and knows everything that is Yahoo (messenger) including fields such as: passwd (in that field all your characters appear in stars) and dak Pc'ul know what happens to that application with some knowledge you can learn which combinations of letters, figures or letters with numbers hiding behind those stars and with a lot more knowledge can create a program to be invisible (adik no ref me to delete the name and done, you will not see anything on any size nik) and after you put a file intr'un he kand wherever possible and reach the host (victim) to you decode that passwd field and you send by mail or directly related tn the data you're interested (depending on which program it to do). if I did something wrong please correct me (but not what you grammar and spelling and writing)

  144. and me please I really need a password

  145. alexandra says:

    My messu I tried to go for another id before restore sami new id ... ajutatima will roggg: ((((((

  146. alexandra says:

    Please ajutatima yesterday ..... can not enter my id ....: ((((((((do not know what is .... I tried to change my password but when I go there that my password or id zike not can be retrieved online .... what to do??? yahoo email I sent to the couple but not rasp inka .... ah meow and I open IIS add-ons and there I zike the plugin PLUGIN IS YAHOO Aplication DISSABLED FOR YOUR STATE PROTECTION ... has something to do with id??, please if you can help me join my id yubitzica_sweet_2008

  147. ionel says:

    Sorry to intervene again, but I noted above that busily trying to steal my little style to expose {Mommy, etc}}}.

  148. ionel says:

    Yes, I must admit that I have written about the ironies of you, sorry I did not know you have to read what you wrote you and answer totally different than what you posted on site.Eu if you have not noticed I answered your shit that you do not cut yourself I copied dear Adrian, I simply responded to your crap and my crap bother with such class I.
    He and another thing, if I helped Mommy? Can "your mom" soon :))
    Knowing the mother deal with such nonsense, to answer one like you and to bother with "smart" your mother is pretty serious stuff to do, do not you think banalitati.Asta such a lack of Your experience as you wanted me categorizes "at first sight" but I first wrote that for those "childish children" which expresses inability site and I thought it would not really get to kill them otherwise expression over status intelectual.Si I try not to ever talk to a child that you can not know what age you have and not you "Father of the Universe" I bet the way you think you do not have more than a year old 21 "fixed past"! And last but not least I want to thank you for getting me started in literature and taught me to write in capital letters {brackets} and have children, I really appreciate that about you, you see that more evidence and kindness in your expression proud and full of themselves and know that only stay on the site and wait for my answer as "hotcakes" I give you a back edifies you that everything you said you noticed I'm a religious man {{{{{MORE READ BIBLE AND YOU}}}}} that maybe if you can get it you will not waste time in vain on all kinds of websites and you'll learn what is the purpose for which you God created this world ...
    And if you're struggling hard to give me a reply as trying to talk more beautiful and higher level that I do not like uncivilized people just trying to offend {"in vain"}. And another thing, look I was able to find other "main ideas" in your text "rich" in non-academic student vocabulary}}}. Anyway I appreciate your work you give me the lines of what you explain the part of dawn a few days in one. I hope to answer me quickly, maybe tonight what I wrote dear Adrian. {but no insults, beautiful and civilized improvement if you can reach it from you}, even a little effort I want to see. Hello.!.

  149. adrian says:

    Yes, I must admit, I think you're right, it would be a waste of time to get my head with you, you know what they say, "if you put your mind to ******* ..." I liked your coment even very much, you helped someone to spell? I see no other but you get fluency in thinking and expressing ideas: P, I would like to not answer me back with the same ideas that I already said, you and give an example to make it stop search the posts: school subject we have already exhausted more than that: you are not able to find another idea but one that someone has already said and try to turn back? you can not come with something new?
    Then, I think I said a few times that I try not to brag with what I know, I gained experience in law, but do not you see that you get it at staples and everything I put the idea of ​​"genius" on the neck, Better so be it :))))) was funny the first few times, but maybe it would be changed like, let's please :))), more "link up" and see that you've already started altceva.Am to adopt my style of "post", I saw that highlight ideas, they argue, passed in parenthesis Meanwhile, tell me, where did you learn that? You can see that? :))))) The purpose of this forum is to learn something and I see that you are a very appropriate example: is a huge difference between how you posted in the beginning and how you do it now! (Honestly say, I helped Mom?) Side of beam from my eye was a "touch of finesse" I must admit, I thought you were a religious man, in May, you've outdone yourself: P : P: P

  150. ionel says:

    I hope your not exhausted all neurons with me on the following I assume that you need them, try better to keep a backup.

  151. ionel says:

    Sorry the comment, I could not help it.

  152. ionel says:

    For Adrian: If you're so great "genius" do not think you stand to lose your time on such sites {sites} to crack passwords and still know that I have nothing to learn from a porn site {site} if what you tried to write more sites sus.Pe {} porn sites you can initiate you that I was not interested in the mysteries of the animal umano stupidity!
    It would be better to look for a job or you give and the "square with benches that building colorful" as it seems to me like you forgot to finish your studies gimnaziale.Vad that kills It's about you and feel very excellent about yourself and if you are not told anyone it's your chance to find out her baby Adriane tata.Sper me to accept my grades {notes}, you say it's for your own good dear genius "intelligent" we know the all of which are and are not yet lume.Si I would like to know that you know much more about the computer, you can you know things like: breaking passwords, online fraud, and other swineherds like this {tricks | but I know that I do not do stuff for unemployed people like you, I wrote this on the site {site} to give advice to those who do not know anything but I know useful things about the PC Windows installation programs of all kinds, repairing windows, disinfecting and more {almost} besides hack for thieves or fools areas without ocupatie.Si before you mineincearca laws to remove the beam from your eye Adriane dear, then try something else to see not too like your computer, try one pocket that you can learn more on it and I would like to inform you that You do not know what I know about computers that are not part of my family, what do you think if someone give some advice on the net know what I can I? "Appearances cheat" on the quick-thinking trying hard to offend any person and to display their knowledge learned from the "mother." Before you make such a Comment trying to figure out who's better to face the dawn and hope to manage to understand what I expounded and try to collect as many spelling mistakes in the text inadvertently made that building square {lack of}. Hello!

  153. anita says:

    I'm not very good at it you are my help

  154. anita says:

    Please tell me somebody pass ulmeu changed it, thank you very much

  155. georgi_ana_sweet_girl07 says:

    miam your password you must to do?

  156. River says:

    Please ajutatima to recover my password please? contactatima raul_rey619 id on id smecheru_smecherilor21 lo give me one until I recover ajutatima id pls ...: *: *: *: *

  157. adrian says:


    ;) Yeap,

  158. etbag says:

    Let's face it: not everyone has heard of keyllogere, especially programs that cancel keyllogerele (like IHK) ... we find both pros and cons, but ultimately, it all depends on the knowledge of the victim: P contradictions posted here are useless, except those related to technical stuff

  159. adrian says:

    for etbag
    about what I posted it: 1) I did not find any post besides mine to be reported problem Securitate yahoo accounts accessed pages for mobile phone, all I had to say was to draw attention to this fact. 2) and as I said in my post, I do not boast as I know, admit the possibility of a keylogger that is not visible in the list of running processes, just as well, you can not know 100% of the programs that exist in this world, but is equally convinced that a ctrl + alt + del reveals 95% of keyloggers it "normal" that you can download for free on the net are pretty sure keylogerul not think your husband is not shown in the list that is built specifically to see hidden processes (see tutorial on hijack this backdoor trojans)

  160. etbag says:

    for adrian & ionel: everything you posted I have posted before others before you (for this I should have read the first post: P)! keyloggerele about, so you know Adrian as a simple CTRL + ALT + DEL not running a keylogger will reveal the best! is possible to hide even from that list process and if you do not, install AIK (Advanced Invisible Keylloger - registered version)! about the fact that you have accessed another id (by mistake, using mobile) do not contradict, you may have found a bug, given that the technology used for mobile is not as advanced as that used for computers!

  161. adrian says:

    ms and ms dedication that you thought of me :))))))))
    "Qualification" that I received from you not to reflect anything infara your level of culture and ... I'd say intelligence or lack of it, would not want to offend you I see you're doing very well for myself :)) ) apparently did not read my post very well, maybe you should use words they understand (all p ....)
    any om.Da know a lot of things that I've learned over a long time, why did not I get high with it, there are people who know much more than me (but you're not one of them , you can be sure of that, I give you an example: you what you learned in school that if you really did that, you know that building with many rooms where students trying to learn something from their teachers and are about 6-7 hour and day, sound familiar? You do not know the basic rules of grammar boy, do not you know you do not put a comma after "and", especially as you put a comma and point before). No. I gave advice to anyone I do not asta.Intrebare not: you still know it and otherwise infara PC computer? May know other cars on another architecture? (will answer yes, I know LEPTOPUL, written exactly how it sounds with 'e ": P :))))) recommend, if you have time to use a search engine such. lycos, google, altavista to search for something other than porn, as you get to learn many things and still reading recommend other sites even if you do not have pictures colorate.Am a question about your passion for cracked passwords people this is the most important thing in life for you? For this you live? That's your job? I think that you could not break a yahoo account even if you know the password, even if your account would be, but that just my opinion, maybe I insel.Legat that I gave bigger, Ionel Johnny (That song is the famous know? Ionel Johnny how are you boy?) Well I have not given great, so you understand just you but the fact that I'm not surprised some people with these hidden passions like yours :))))) I do not understand even the most basic things, boy once read your posts and see who tries to give lessons, you stupid sermons asta.Imi your forum'm sorry I said the first time you wrote something about you, but I could not help myself when I saw that nonsense can flow (= nonsense know that word nonsense, nonsense) That said, I will try to have patience with yourself: you know what they say: "Not everyone can all" and if you can, I will try to help you, not your fault you're so, I am sure that while you manage: D

  162. ionel_cezar says:

    With special dedication adrian:'re an idiot and a noob who has no idea what's that PC and teachings give people the impression that he knows already and what stie.Daca not know so much and break me know id password this: grigoresculaur., and another time to stop showing off as to decrease worst ...

  163. denysa says:

    give out blood problems is no longer paote or password? like yo I do not know I have Komplete data kare .....? ruog will help me a lot ..

  164. black says:

    I hope to help me burst my password kreva a d id "geomandea" dak to AFLRA .... can anyone thank you: *: *: *: *: *

  165. adrian says:

    For. IONEL with dedication :)) Mane, mind your "lungu nose" and your job, do not know who "died" and left you here on you to guide us and enlighten our path, O, celebrity, Divine supervisor in the yahoo site :)))), what you said so far others knew the 16 years, oh yeah, about your keylogeru is smoked bad joke, believe that others know not to give Ctr + Alt + Del and see what processes are running on the computer :)))
    PS think that where you want to go or others already: P

  166. ionel says:

    I go here with that shit!

  167. adrian says:

    I am not convinced that yahoo servers are invulnerable, I managed to get access to another yahoo id than mine, I want to say that I intended this to intalmplat just as I connect to my account, I used tel mobile and pc and can not here was the problem, connected to another account ... simply, I just adjusted and the pages, scripts for mobile phone are not as safe (yet) as http or https, normal login in a web browser.

  168. ionel says:

    It's simple, Daka is your lover means to him acasa.intra get on google and type keylogger download and install it in your PC's when not on there and then will appear in the toolbar, right click on it and view log file and there appears captured and find password password.

  169. adina says:

    good are adina! have and I need to crack passwords program really .... I am my old password to make him cumva.deci if you decide to give tr million adina_aly_iordache id ..... thank you very much

  170. ionel says:

    Hello, I have a word, no software to crack passwords and the only way is to go to the guy that you want him to find out his password and install a keylogger on your PC in case you have not come inside on google and write keylogger keylogger and download one and install it in your PC Others do from who you password and then you are looking in the bar and right click on it and view the log file and there you'll see written password is password prostului.Si captured and that those who They forgot password and enter the mess just cancel auto signing in to give before entering the id's mess and look on the net a program called: Asterisk Key reveals passwords hidden under password and you see who's stelute.Pentru broken open yahoo messenger password and give password and forgot to write its data there, follow the instructions and change parola.Pentru who wants to break the password is not not give his password on any site and look for strong dc: panda antivirus + firewall 2008 is the best antivirus and especially for hacking tools to crack passwords are viruses and install it in pc.Cine will. these things will not ever find the password, and do not get anyone to his PC unattended. Who did not understand something or need any program to enter ionel_cezar.Succes.

  171. marius_rapid_1 says:

    I want the program faster

  172. anna says:

    Sami will regain ajutatima rooooooggggg id password ....... daka can I find ...... anna_rock_star

  173. Method says:

    hello .... I liked your password sucker out ... I took my leave after that ... now I'm back!

    PHASE too! Many people idiots in this world!

    And for those who still look like programs .... I found one called: Give me ID'UL AND PASSWORD AND YOU solve V1.00


  174. sisu says:

    bah who knows not to break or change password id or make a mass enter id id ioannelu

  175. ALEX says:

    I and I need programs for Mac OS X ibookG4 gives me and mine as mine or scratched and not me and I read it requires a password and can not get into his menu ajutatima please plzzzzzzzzzzz

  176. Hack Bajun says:

    OFF ladies bn cn said said that you can find in CMD so nah nai he says to one that does not understand so I can help somewhat bajunelb contact and one with yahoo id of 8 years like a dream resume today morning and it became smarter overnight:-j will leave ...

  177. BLKoldSUN says:

    LOL you get on this website honestly I did not need any shaving filmulee .... as always laugh when I look at guys :)))
    How are pathetic .... :))) =)))

    A ... yes ... let me tell you a great trick .. some of you may know it, but let the world knows and something "new" (I mean Beginners - nooooobi :))))). So as you are you and you get passwords .... go to an internet cafe free cp and look is not akolo administrator. Then dak has mozilla enter it in tools-options-privacy akolo park and show you passwords and SO are you occasionally get the password ;) and you can think "big heckar" :))) or possibly install and Perfect Keylogger ;) and go from 2 in 2 days at Internet cafes and take many passwords you want!

    If you want something stronger, visit the following website and go exactly where you have to login. Right click on the page, and click View Source ... then give copies, and paste in notepad.
    After that go down to get to the login method if ... is a little different from the other section :) then ... where it says "mailto: etc. you write your email then give save as: mail.html desktop :) Now, go above and instead of the other crap written advertisements, use your imagination and you write something like: Mail has encoured the problem and Need to verify your account .... blah blah .... and You Need adik to Resend your personal informations to write username and password :).

    Ok, I hope I was clear enough :) I hope him ..... I'm not responsible dak does not work or if you use this method for their own purposes .. this method is ptr to try to educate, to make you understand What to watch out :)
    PS: If you receive such an email, do not enter it, do not click Aire ... you can always steal passwords :)

    You think you secure? Most children, adults use BitDefender nod32 they worship power. :)
    Ehh, I advise him best antivirus else ... my opinion is AVG8 FREEEEEEE!!! you take on the internet. :) Believe me, do not lie, do not mock you :) After you have installed give computer search hole and see the result ;)
    After that, download COMODO .. The firewall also free.Este fff good :) and for maintenance of the PC Tune Up 2008 good download. Modica, clean pc errors ... etc :)

    Ok peoples, if you doubt, you have my idul above the mes vb Pope nobiilorrr ;) :)))

  178. MM14 says:

    BLKoldSUN you are absolutely right ... but you can not understand the 10 babies-11 years .. or utilizatou '... even inexperienced fool ... well .. all respectful' even try to enlighten you :))

  179. Etbag says:

    BLKoldSun, I say good :) ... unfortunately, no one will listen, you'll see .... I've been posted explanations like, and still nothing ... you guys are noobs even ask ... are parallel to infinity with computers, I say :)) In the future, recommending them to learn to ignite compound might be something useful for some: D

  180. BLKoldSUN says:

    People make me laugh ... :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    So you do not mind at all!

    May 1.Nu msg here genu this: please help me get my password idul: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxx!!
    That means human stupidity! it is clear that you are incapable shows how to recover password based on information placed on the server and are so ..... not to mention May bn. Take my example: all my accounts, passwords, addresses ... I have a major archive called TENDER!! of Romanian or mate!!
    And yes ... there to break the password, I swear .. those who do not even know what ip to forget. If it is obvious that you have no idea you recover the password to your account on the net, and that the account password is right in the PC ... not looking your programs (what do you say hacking).
    And I feel like I'm repeating myself with this forever!!!!!!!!!
    1. not how to break your password so wrong, unless:
    - You know and your access to the PC
    - You've got mail (and that mail has a little trick to you click on a site name and then your password is stolen pc)
    - You went to internet cafes that have keylogger (not writing as a means to make such garbage)
    - You gave your password and idul a guy known then changed your password and do as he has no idea

    and brothers .. etc ... take heed to what I said:
    a. almost forgot:
    - Do not poke password: date of birth (asha do most :)))
    - Do not poke the name
    - Do not use the password to all addresses (write differently and write a book) RECOMMENDED
    - See yourself from your job and not looking for such programe..oricum if you noobs will not know what to do with them, and this does not look so easy :)

    Ptr Tkx you had the patience to read this post and it is advisable to listen to my advice, so that in future you will not have problems.

    For those who want to talk to mess with me: or thing you really put)
    Tkx peoples!

  181. Lavinia says:

    Prolia broke my cv how can I recover it??? today my new rap id lavinia_printzesa_ta it .... ms ...

  182. Malosh says:

    for to change your password you must enter the email ......... My Account (write password) then you change the account password information ..... put your old password and then new password twice ..... oke ..... and ready

  183. Malosh says:

    for all beginners: do your ID, should you open messu to you: get a new ID ....... akolo put your name and your personal password ........ ..... old email that you do nuti need for that q at yahoo guy ......... then write code from those letters confused and ready .......

  184. s.ana says:

    Get a new yahoo ID

  185. s.ana says:

    Why can not I register my ID?

  186. ionel says:

    Tue, go on google and yahoo messenger download 9 in case you do not have it and then install it and see daka know that when I appear after you've installed to write your username above and below password.dedesupt write "get a new yahoo id" give a click there and then write it says there name, surname etc. zip code, but be careful writes on a piece of writing everything that you will need them in case you will block anyone id below write alternate e-mail is best not to write anything there, then you make an ID and you ceck daka write invalid name means that it has one and try another and daka go then put a password of at least 6 figures but often only letters or only numbers, and then below gives a drawing of letters must decipher it and you write it wrong daka give you another until you miss then after it's done all tick down and have read and Agree ... and then you create acount and that's tot.apoi come inside and put messenger id and password and you in.succes signing.

  187. vali says:

    how to make a mes address

  188. florin says:

    How do I create a new id

  189. ionel says:

    Who does not know to make an id to enter ionel_cezar.

  190. ionel says:

    sall, who has id blocked or has forgotten the password to even look and yahoo and see that before giving signing in to write id forgot there password.Sa give a click and follow the instructions, of course daka knows that data written when he made {id ZIP, birth date, month and year} Try this optional question and will not take after all the fools who say join my id and I'm vo that he has no interest in this and will choose and some viruses, and by the way, there are several ways to find out passwords.

  191. stealth says:

    see it's a post that might help you.

  192. Food says:

    Who can help me? I am a member of a forum password.

  193. Element says:

    One thousand id and password changer mio can not recover any yahoo.Contul dp my yahoo is blocked and you will unlock all k look after 24 hours and did not happen nimik (cn help me: ((

  194. roxy says:

    And euuuu the same problem ... changed my password from id ... and not only that ... tottt changed secret question ... answer ... all ... I was told to make a yahoo mail yahoo ... but where??? from another id ... write to ... what? and what the hell akolo write English ... English ... yes I write akolo .... and not cracked passwords programs ... are ... keyloggers which can be sent through a meloodie .... a picture ... or even a link to be installed without the user seeing ... and sends the mail ... the person who gave you keylog'ul .... absolutely everything you write on the keyboard tottttt ... passwords ... what vorbestipe mess ... all emails everything snsa write ... only to get rid of these keylogg'uri is to format your computer and dup'aia not take anything from anyone .... you are looking for you if you need anything ... this is for all those who keep asking the program to crack passwords .... leaving this de'oparte ... what I do with id My??'s someone who can help me? when sending mailu 'to yahoo guy ... exactly? should be a little section for Atea problems ... please more

  195. etbag says:

    Woe to your head Method .. I was putting my trust in you :)) .... Where you find me a hacker break now my id? :))) I'm disappointed, my friend =))

  196. cry cry says:

    ahaha ... METHOD tell you frankly that I remembered the times in high school ... I had a colleague who said that tasu 'helicopter is on the block and frasu' has a tank in the garage :))
    My new opinion of you: you're a kid who thinks hacker 14 years. I say now you get to learn and maybe 1-2 years to break even on 500E IDs, or can you see yourself in the paper and you broke database of NASA :))

  197. stealth says:

    MethodI appreciate your genius! You are a true hacker! I've devoted an entire post on About your feat. See link ...

    @ All: if you do not have time to read the post on will assure Method and andrey are two aliases of the same person.


    Thank you! :)

  198. [...] As Stealth Settings, found a hacker online to make us a demonstration on how to break the password of an ID by Yahoo! (Y! Messenger) in record time. 2 minutes [...]

  199. andrey says:

    I change idu. Only I can say about hackers id

  200. cry cry says:

    eh ... they hear the verdict ... or not?

  201. Method says:


  202. Method says:

    andrey ok wait ..

  203. andrey says:

    ba method if you are so strong and are showing off one thousand free id password to see all STECF if you ask for money and ready and then the A.

  204. etbag says:

    I will not argue with you go, Method. I've challenged: I break my id:, To show us new ... if you can not sit in your bank and shut up!

  205. Method says:

    as k sees you talking to a peasant with phlegm head =))

  206. etbag says:

    mah Botu, I talk like that you want to mapetzi

  207. Method says:

    and ink CVA, knd you decide the price is p 500euro account. knd you decide give me mail with msg "splitting 500euro for id" and send you my address where to look ;)

  208. Method says:

    mah kid u not tell me one thousand Pipe down, day and pay as you break idu ;)

  209. etbag says:

    I fully agree with cry cry :) ... Mr. Method, father hackers break me and my id : D If not, Shut your trap

  210. ada says:

    Cance My Account

  211. cry cry says:

    And here it appeared a contender for the post of hecar.
    As I have said above persons: you break and my HDI: Put here the main password to see everyone there to crack passwords software. I think I broke the record for people trying to hecuiasca HDI me ... so expect results.

  212. Method says:

    pfff .. Why IT illiterate people :)). I have a question: do you k dak say "who knows how to show me or give me the program to me" to resolve something? omg. k you mean about 10 years. I 3 years a prog for breaking passwords and honestly tell him I'm not on a good weather .. you find so funny about that? And for phase "I forgot password" does not hurt us, believe or order k possessor program is available for thousands of oblivious password? Cuz you asked nicely to help? :)) Thousands of people have asked me that and I helped knd k I learned IDs were not theirs but some friends and stayed that way without .. We give an advice: Write the password somewhere on a sheet on 2 on 3 (for the forgetful) and for the calorie break them make another id and password ready.
    PS: I do not want to hear people give their opinion kre unconscious "there prog to crack password nonsense". When you have 100% sure and will not be cases when you talk ;)

  213. cristy says:

    hello I have a problem with an old id think anyone mia changed the password and I want to know if you can find me and me password will Rogge is beautiful fff ff important that id id is cristi_costi2003 and if I find something to me password send to I tried to find on and I is not going SORRY, CAN NOT BE RESET YOUR PASSWORD ONLINE Nush why you Rogge FF much if you can do something and PT MN Thanks and where I could send you a picture HOW TO WRITE THE WHOLE PICTURE THANK YAHOO.COM

  214. nicu says:

    that I can help me to crack a password software vrun ceav like Miami curtain id plsss ajutatima mailu and all I find the id nicaelo_nicu

  215. eevahn says:

    Why will YIM complicated to know the password of the person who loved him or know ... if all you want to know things about him / her, things confidential, I can help. Give an add in the id namor.navi @, Introduce yourself and see what we can do.
    PS preferably people from Bucharest.

  216. raluca_15 says:

    I need to break my id plz to me rekinu_come
    and dak can as quickly

  217. andrada says:

    who knows one kilometer can find an id, enter p andrada.anculia

  218. colmanstefania says:

    I id.Cum Make a new to do?

  219. vasy says:

    so do not have to stick mio ko him stick it're only mio k baby? Cuz you enter this id to my evanescence_boy1660 k k yi mai vb to ms

  220. cry cry says:

    Well ... then let's see: you will pass the test??

    Idul is cryptton2005 / / / MAIL: CRYPTTON2005@YAHOO.COM. there must posteszi password (I know it, I forgot it and I have no problem another way mentioned above).

  221. baby says:

    Mah, and a crack passwords, so do not ask me to stick them back like I never did!

  222. mada says:

    that I break and mia d id mess? miam Forgot password plz help me if I find some p id madalynutza_sexy_16

  223. kikilea_2000 says:

    We live in Romania and what we do all the time! Mircea Badea-The mouth of the press.

  224. kikilea_200 says:

    How many people in this country there are bad guys, how stupid can you be that you forget your password? God forbid! I'll kiss you prdute passwords as I am to see Paris ... We live in Romania and what we do all the time! Bye, bye, bye!

  225. Dana James says:

    I forgot parolsa

  226. robert says:

    I forgot my password

  227. anitza says:

    Please wholeheartedly ...... one thousand ajutatzy I changed the password and you do nustiu c, mimi out to make another id plzzzzzzzzzzz

  228. alex says:

    ok .. I had the patience to sit and read all the posts. everything felu 'of kestii.faza there nuj c d cracked software passwords, do not have happened' one aku two days. thousand thousand broken one password changed ' it and he gave a 'mass' are all fools me some :)). yeah.' people have that do not seem like that's all have never entered id .. nik p.
    `I do not hope to recover it .. MNI` I `I do` and ready altu:-j
    Orikum ... waste of time messu it :))

  229. Ricardo says:

    enter rykiboss

  230. vasy says:

    Cuz you kt faster: (((((((((((dak vretzi kreva help me find mio: | intratzi IDs one of d above please him: ((: (( : (((

  231. vasy says:

    dak can help me and any k min forgotten password from id dark_angel732 ji dak you want to recover some please help me and a nice dak vretzi intratzi one of these IDs, evanescence_boy1660, evanescence_boy16,
    satanainside_ofyou200, merce_vasile please him more ms d inztelegere

  232. Cry says:

    Come as you break it,,, you?

  233. baietas_afaceris says:

    I remember my password id: bogdan_bog9.daca can help me go on my id to talk to mne: baietas_afaceris

  234. Printu says:

    I want to recover my password my id is (was) printu_dinu

  235. medesanadrian says:

    I like Sami recover password

  236. simon says:

    cool supperr want to crack the password to one class in my class

  237. cryptton says:

    paul .... get the mess, then select Messenger and then "My contact details". Atsa change there name as you want it to appear.
    attention ... if one of your friends on your yahoo changed in turn to the details of her contact list will appear just as for those. name will change only for those who have left your settings implcite.

  238. cryptton says:

    Yulia .. do a scan for viruses, you might not ever leave you to get on a virusel yahoo.sau maybe you blocked access to your Internet Provider yahoo (very unlikely).

  239. cryptton says:

    Yulia .. do a scan for viruses, you might not ever leave you to get a yahoo virusel.

  240. cryptton says:

    Alan ... enter Here click on the big button, yellow that says "Download now" .. save the file to your desktop, run, start to install as a normal schedule. Once installed in the program and you will see that you write a user (Yahoo ID), a password and then small blue font underneath reads "Get a new Yahoo! ID." Press start there and you make a user . Watch as the password to be very hard to find (do not put your name, the mother of a person known favorite band, actor, and so on but put a little more complicated). Denote it somewhere and then move to the next step. I'll show you some security questions (if you forget the password). It would be good to remember what answers you give and (of course) not to tell anyone or these. then you are ready to log treaba.te, start adding people to the list and then you'll see that it's easier. (ps not mirc, do not expect to have someone on your list when you first account).

  241. LIVIU says:

    I put a month and do not know INTERNET Make ID. Could you help me

  242. kikilea_2000 says:

    who tells me the password to have a credit 2050 kikilea_25 Euro Vodafone, Orange, Cosmote! For further detail on kikilea_2000!

  243. anca says:

    I would like to ask if someone knows something tell me what to do for very long delay to open my mail.
    Thank you Anca

  244. kaltz says:

    we anaconda day boy with thousand where can I get the program (I owe you)

  245. iulia89 says:

    I have a big problem fff. I can not log on nimik of what yahoo! gives me the error msg 404 (and do not know what does that mean) and on the main page says I can not connect and try to tools and settings nou.dar you are still not let me intru.stie some what can you make it work??

  246. Bogdan says:

    hi ... I KNOW I can not get dc on mail ... no .... I can not allow to have .... I can not get you can have .... help me and I will tog

  247. paul says:

    Please spunetimi how to change my avatar and name to appear when you send messages to friends new name

  248. OZZY says:

    I have a problem ... someone wants to marry me but I like playing it ... straight at both ends, so to speak ... Can someone seriously help me with a program to find the password?

  249. cobza says:

    I find that I've lost id
    I want it back
    get an e-mail dak cobza_john_cena find anything thanks

  250. Danny says:

    But nam crack passwords potisa understood well or not, if so please someone say me how or sami sami tr progamu (and the idul danny_p228

  251. kikilea_2000 says:

    Mircea Badea ID is "in_gura_presei" pt. Those interested ...

  252. lil says:

    My girlfriend was stolen password! person brings those insults everyone in her list of mes and had the nerve to threaten that he wants money in the account, I honestly do not know what to do! I tried to find out but I think traditional password changed and the remaining data such as: QUESTION & ANSWER, date of birth, code, basically all the information that helps you to find the password.
    I beg you, say me what to do?
    BE IT professionals so do not STIIU!
    please you even come up with ideas, I read all the posts so far but nothing helped!

  253. robert says:

    I am in stoica_robert93 id password plz

  254. ioana says:

    I forgot the password to my id to help me give cnv and add the id kissyou_kissmy min

  255. Krystyna says:

    me ji ji changed your password please feel ajutaty expect your mailu

  256. mary78alina says:

    Hello, I would like to know how to make me create a new password Because it someone has learned your password and now face difficulties in intratrea messenger in one of my IDs, please help me

  257. laura says:

    good ... I have a curiosity ... can find time came did a Id. ? mersik: * Re wait: P

  258. Erika says:

    WARNING ... read this message carefully that was sent to President Dorin Lazar yahoo ... here is the president Dorin Lazar: I'm sorry to anuntz that yahoo has reached the maximum no. people. If you want to keep your account for free send this message to everyone in your list. In this way we know which are used and which are not, we will delete. Send this message for 8 days and your account will remain free. Once again I'm really sorry to do this. Please start sending! Who does not send the message, his account will be deleted. IS NOT bullshit, even delete CONTULI!! I do not believe what is written above, I think that users should be announced .. I'm sorry to bother you. :) Best regards.

  259. viorel says:

    hello who knows how `t say to me how to find a password plzz say` please me know I can find the id viorel_booom

  260. al3cs says:

    it is p3 otherwise can not ... there are some who think that they know slick to break passwords, but they have a mail that you give it to you to send the password and your id to each other on it that way 3 years ago there used them id say and i know u want to celuicare password, but that's so not to catch u ... I think that more BN sit in your bank and make sure your password only ... ;) bn

  261. p3 says:

    I found the easiest way to find the password of a user mess:
    Stay behind him when a Type: D ;)

  262. Crystina says:

    Why not apple sucks Yahoo! Massenger morning I opened Massenger Yahoo! page and saw that there is a problem but I think Mia broke password or think someone has a problem but can not get the mess numa dak change my password

  263. serban says:

    wa so stupid you have yahoo id hacked program and is called anaconda farieri May you and will not represent insurance wa computers 13 years and I've just learned how to yahoo passwords saprg wa give you on the river .................. ............ =))

  264. Khronos says:

    Who said working on yahoo k 8 years? You think that only the speed of **** mb \ s can crack a password? :)) If you work in yahoo then to me Tell me why go scriptures to see what others talk right then what I know it's illegal and what is not nush the ODC's program in cmd and the commonapp.dll .

  265. ADRIAN says:

    THE SOUL PLEASE help me recover and I MESS.CONTACT a password ARGHIRADRIAN@YAHOO.COM Thank you

  266. nedu ana maria says:

    i need me password

  267. cryptton says:

    I have no clue what it means ... but schimbatu T 045 button is quite easy.
    I managed to change my 2 minute butonu in the bottom right windows ... write "0Cry0" ... instead of "start" :)

    -And not laugh and you of all deviated from the topic and get you down to his level and so on.

  268. Bogdan says:

    many valleys stupidity :)) let brother :)) you see that it took the fun? `ass hurts what is yahoo address .. and other nonsense like that `it .. yes' I see some of you suffer as if you were masters. let sit linisitit .. and try to `You make a woman .. is better than a computer :))

  269. wissam says:

    Let Bogdan not know what to answer? There have,, antony "ceatza you put in? Do not look on google that you can not find anything about T 045 about this program know only those who have some experience in software and reached to the level of security can 2 or 3 when they tried to break a real email account. It's easy to say you know how to break a mail account when you sit all day on messenger or games in Retz. When I lose thousands of hours in front of PC trying to do advanced study about programs then you can say you really know how to use a computer. Bogdan and many others, hacker "who write this forum, please do something to demonstrate here in the forum you are truly experts: Change the PLAY button name and put your name and your name when you press start to run music eg winamp and then this modified program is executed. With sincere esteem and respect for those who know something of the field of computer science.

  270. cryptton says:

    cool .... am I curious what is the answer to the question of antony (2 of the question).
    not the other but I'm lazy this time I use google.

  271. antony says:

    Bogdan well for you so high speed Internet. If you understand so well in IT please rapunzi me to 2 questions: 1. the central server mailing address is yahoo asia?
    2. each character encrypted password with T 045 it?
    With esteem and respect for what they know something IT.

  272. Bogdan says:

    Yeah .. I have a 491 speed Mb / s, and I gave a central ping the web server from yahoo .. and I 'gave' me a message back and said 'not flood him with the screwdriver as antony and get him. said that 'I give all the passwords that I need, not only to give the ping-t in it that Antony is stupid and does not know even where cable enters the network. : D

  273. antony says:

    Working on the central server at Yahoo 8 years and say they are just 2 illegal methods of finding the password,,,,, so you can crack a password from Yahoo must have speed greater than the net here the server that is 490Mb / s if you maii much safer if you sit back and write this story for children,,,, not to mention those who will believe computer specialist.

  274. ioana says:

    if anyone can help me my id password recovery that I was broken, please give the dragutza_adv.cineva add now uses that id.multumesc

  275. anca says:

    who has broken programs and passwords to enter my id please very much anca_rebela96

  276. viorel says:

    hello who can help me to find min and password that i `lu` sormea ​​found cnv password from ID ..... I find the viorel_figo you know cnv.

  277. Khronos says:

    There is really no passwords cracked program but there "cmd" and a. IPU dll with a special that was made idu idul name you can find the password. There are also programs that give massuri bots remove many of the messenger so do not say you can not break a password ;)

  278. DANIELA says:

    how to make an ID on the mess, please do not laugh at my question.

  279. kclin says:

    I have a big request to you ... miam your password in yahoo ... can itnru p Kest mess for it's checked to remember my id and password ... but the problem is that I still ... I know the password can now itnru mail and messenger p ... please help me ... Cuz you know someone add id ... >> kclin_alin ... ms

  280. florin_marko says:

    I do not know what password I put the id .. That and I need ... plsss

  281. yahoo says:

    I heard they can crack passwords using cookies ... adik not steal the database from yahoo, but the files saved on the comp .. browse how to do this .. yyyy, and there are programs that can read archives of the mess, for those who salveza

  282. Valy says:

    scz bother you again, but so are confused in how I forgot to leave my ID in case anyone knows how to help me: ar03ysi_valentino. PLS HELP ME TO ROOOOOOOG ....

  283. Valy says:

    Roooog the soul will help me to recover password of ID and a desperate lover mele.Ca BREAK HAVE ALL IO IO is also to me it comes back to him, for it made me hell to boast in front of her that are good at it, but good shit. Recuperato first time I put the question for the secret name of my dog, but I do not know what to do next and I ... are upset fooooc on me ... help me ... any VA ROOOOG them the second time that he was That desperate password ...

  284. adinutza says:

    I would like the program to crack passwords that need urgent el.unu that I broke two addresses and I want to know my password from them if you want to contact me you give me the address pls tell you I urgently cea_mai_mumoasa009 needed by the program will remain indebted if you give it to me .....

  285. alexy says:

    if you hacked passwords program trimitetimil to me on HDI alexy_snow

  286. crystyna says:

    salz .. I want a program id hacked sites .. please me.: D: D

  287. deian says:

    miam Forgot password

  288. Sharonruna says:

    I want her password please die hard crazy world is very very molt please enter the aidul sharonruna and they aflatii password please Fitzy not bad

  289. djpustiu says:

    You guys have come on this site and I had the patience to read everything written here on out parole..De girlfriend password is not that complicated especially dak girlfriend does not have knowledge web.Ex: can clone site a page from yahoo which is required to log when logging a form sends an email to your address data only k ... .si other methods to break a password of yahoo ... cn wrote ka did ... remember !! ! Can not be teroetic ... passwords are stored in a database and inserted a plug ... to find a password to a different id you have to know the server or database ... so it's more complicated and not The Yahoo k I have put a password like "paroleyahoo '" come on try not to kkt programmers have no effect ... be creative and ask users passwords head ... Good luck

  290. vladutz says:

    which tells me one thousand shi how to change my password plz: D??? id vlad_june

  291. dany_badboy12 says:

    I like shi exchange messenger password?

  292. denisa says:

    That Maam die lu mia askimbat password kare k id miam well done another and God forbid you ....... and I'm not the guy to

  293. cristina says:

    stolen my password and no longer have access to that id are desperate to do
    Teach me and I min to make another id

  294. sweetcobra4 says:

    ajutatima brothers and me ajutatima to recuperz id id it's my friend who's man mady_swet_angel help me ... my id is sweetcobra4

  295. Cristina says:

    Well, what if I give you my idul for the forgotten password and you say ke a friend know your password? :)) Is the same kkt =))

  296. stealth says:

    :)) Well do not require forgotten password. they seek password boyfriend, girlfriend ... etc e-soaps :))))

  297. COMMANDO says:

    Who wants to get your friends ... yahoo ... contact: !! BUT WILL NOT ask me to find passwords forgotten about you!! IMPOSSIBLE!! ;)

  298. vladutz says:

    if you add programs to crack passwords give the id vlad_june will rogggggggg

  299. sararujescu says:

    that cool

  300. razvan says:

    id join it ... jameslary1975 ... yes it will present knd go ... ok???

  301. kristi says:

    Razvan ajutama shi me please k mia broke a password please zimi deunde to take mio program to recover passwords hacked

  302. Tasting says:

    Razvan and are in a situation to many .... I was not going to password k logez me in any way .... and I neapaarat sami ... pls tell me how come sami p costy_rich4you about me which is trb

  303. Marius says:

    I do, I am able and password multiple IDs, only to find out .. not to and instead :)), for k leads me head, you and you to gandtiti, is simple, in connection with the hubby up girls .. over his head they put the password beloved name, others (like manelistele) favorite singer name in connection with the boys: marijuana, dirty sock :)) Their nickname: D and even birth date. Lion credit program that does not exist, but remember there (who I would break the password, someone who knows you well enough, and that will not be stolen and complicated passwords once put in bold capitals and border combination and no, it was not anything personal! Success!: P

  304. razvan says:

    id join it ... jameslary1975

  305. Cristina says:

    yeah .. I have the same problem ... and i need HELP, please! : ((

  306. FranciNo10 says:

    razvan dak YOU CAN ajutama please .. sami find stolen password .. YOU CAN dak dak .. please reply .... see mesaju

  307. razvan says:

    programs exist to break passwords brother ...'s combination made between java scripts sh sh `cookie` io editor ... found out I broke my ex girlfriends password, sh `sh` meantime another user learned this method, I realized I knd Seen a user forum k said what sh `discovered him ... that was so stupid it disclosed the Yahoo! Alora resolved bugs that method sh 'or' Go Ba Dreaq" did not said no thanks ... the next day he gave the guy seemed to head sh `Find other method ... so ... there are ways ...


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