[ / bmi /] Orange sees bad ...

Or at least ... pictures the sites visited by those who subscriptions Orange Internet.
This morning I had a big surprise and I had a good scare. The first site that we visited was , And had a very ...unclear.

stealthsettings.com screenshots

What you see above is a screenshot of bad. That is image quality on most sites visited me. At least that I see it, regardless of what browser you use. Initially I panicked a bit thinking it was a problem on the server - viruses and other crap that I went through your mind in a split second. I checked and saw the source of images displayed in the browser, I quieter ...


All images displayed on the siteSites were served by a server type / bmi/, / bmi /, / bmi /, Bmi / etc 1.1.1*. WTF??

Good ... To provide data and solution this issue, I must say that using a package Orange Internet, and connection is through a modem USB Huawei E160. Initially I thought it was a problem only with my subscription, but I tested with another subscription (and other modem) to another PC in the house, and the problem was the same. Images of poor quality.
Gentlemen from Orange to "optimize" loading speed sitesWere used less orthodox trick that is not specified in any Internet contract finished with me. Orange uses a cache server gender Address, on which the images are stored (at a very poor quality, not enough space) on most of the sites visited by customers to be served at a higher speed.
It is a normal practice for an ISP, only Orange and apply it in a very bad weird style. Duke subscribers in error, does not specify in any contract or offer this customer a bypass solution to view images online at real quality. Anyway ... if you have an Internet subscription to Orange and encounter this problem, the simple solution to avoid taking images from 1.1.1. *, is to block access Your PC to the IPs.
Open the file in Word and edit hosts (With administrator privileges) of C:WindowsSystem32driversetc and write the next line without # in front:

host-windows-7After you save your changes, delete caches internet browserSite or make a refresh with Ctrl F5. Images will be displayed in real quality.
This method is valid for operating systems Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

[ / bmi /] Orange sees bad ...

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