2 in 1 + trafic.ro

E April 1! This year is a day of double meaning for majoritatatea of ​​us.Pacalelii Day fall in Palm Sunday (Happy Birthday & !). 1 April? Uhmm the "zambareata :)" day of the year for those who can taste pranks friends.

I think they were the first who started with internet pranks this year. I feel that today top trafic.ro will look very strange. :)

stealthsettings.com at 02:10

stealthsettings.com After 2 minute

stealthsettings.com after a refresh 02: 12

stealthsettings.com to 02:13

Four refreshes four different positions in the ranking for my blog. So it 1 April! Now I wonder if it is a 1 tzeapa of April and is a good tzeapa in trafic.ro database. ;)

2 in 1 + trafic.ro

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