3 causes of insomnia.

1. In the first case, I do not know if it's insomnia or a contractual obligation. Perhaps Mr. Yahoo has hired secretary to make the corridor receiving guests from Google.

Wednesday, 14.11.2007 01:53:28 www.google.ro 're looking for someone yahoo

Okay. The man woke up in the middle of the night to tell him it looked Yahoo! lu `someone.

2. This case is more tearful. After probably listening to the band Parazaitii for a few hours and a few more songs of "go to hell and leave me", our man woke up with a problem:

Wednesday, 14.11.2007 02:06:26 search.yahoo.com Regains HOW A PERSON

2 at AM are great chances that that person does not care about your desire and perhaps sleep peacefully. Lucky for you as you sleep on your back. Recipe to recapture a person in this case is very simple. Pillow one piece outfit a few minutes before and certainly will be together until the last moment. (Glumesc. not give ideas crimes)

3. Incendiary night. Alone. The "call a friend!" Solution applies.

Wednesday, 14.11.2007 01:41:04 www.google.ro Phone Sex

Uhm. A point 2 have now? Inability to socialize and hang things can lead to cheap with surcharge. For example. Erotic phones.

Source: trafic.ro “Last 20 searches”.

Positions reached after search:

1. Yahoo Messenger ... sounds bini

2. Zodiac? Libra? hhrrr

3. Tell me, Cute! LOL

3 causes of insomnia.

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