8bit Doves, a free application to the App Store for gamers

The time of the week long awaited by a significant number of users iPhone si iPad arrived since Apple Morning updated recommendation page App Store and do not forget to announce that this week is the application. Course application of the week is offered free of charge AppleAnd for the next seven days we will be able to download an interesting game. Doves 8bit application name created more for nostalgic after the old games.

Interesting game of the Nitrome us in the mood for games gameboy, from which it borrows colors, as well as pixelated graphics, specific to the '90s, thus recalling the era of 8-bit games. The mechanics of the game are also borrowed from the video game launched about 35 years ago, being extremely simple.

The 8bit Doves action takes place in three worlds with suggestive titles ("Pleasant Dreams", "Deep Sleep" and "Nightmare"), which bring pigeons to the center of our attention. The goal is to fly with the pigeons through a maze in an attempt to find the exit and pass the level. To do this, you will need to use the two buttons designed by the developers. Also, to accumulate bonuses in Game C.enter, users will be able to gather with them other pigeons they find in the worlds in which they travel with them. During the game you will encounter a series of obstacles more important than static walls, among them being areas where pigeons fly faster, areas where the walls move and more.

Game 8bit Doves is an interesting one, being considered by the developers and users who have tested it before, a "cure for the nostalgic" after gameboy. Children 2000 years will not find this game particularly attractive because it has a graphic that uses millions of colors, but their parents probably yes, especially if used video consoles launched over 30 years ago.

Game Doves 8bit is available App Store as a universal application for iPhone si iPad, being compatible only with those running devices iOS 4.3 or later operating system. The size of the game is 37,1 MB. What you need to know is that the application will be valid until March 20 date.

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