aaa ... eu..joace?

I'm not passionate about games, I do not like (I do not. Never say anything erotic games. PC games, talk :)). I worked at an Internet room and play at a time when CounterStrike was an epidemic. I dropped his uncontaminated despite incercaralior to make me go into a clan to catch the fever Counter Strike. Neah. I found nothing interesting about auto racing and I only lasted three or four days to rub keys Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 (NFSU2). Um ... yeah. I remember now. I was more excited to play than NFSU2 . We Revolt racing with someone in LAN. :). The only games that I tried were just a few simple shooters that I've bored a few days (within two weeks). SWAT 4 , , si were games where I stood head-tail. hhhh

Tonight become the most in (dry) focat gamer . I found my ideal game. I have one piece stork that need to grow chicken peepers. Until when? Up or fly? I do not know ... I do not know. Super cool! Chicks ... puuiii .... puiiiii ..... :))

So ... this is the stork ..

... And there are two chicks ... with a stork between them ..

The game promises to eat me during these 5-minute 10 Is called Birdies and more details about him and his stork can be found here: .

brb, looking chickens eggs!

aaa ... eu..joace?

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