Quick Access tool sites and sites feature in Windows system using Ultimate Settings Panel

One of the easiest ways of launching utilities or system settings in Windows It is in the RunBut even this method may be limited for most users, since there are dozens of utilities / settings / feature s in Windows and it is difficult for them to remember all Run commands to launch such Links tool. Also, most of the system tool sites of Windows can be accessed through control Panel or even Start Menu's/Start Screen'sBut users need to know first what and where to look, and this can be quite time consuming.

A much simpler solution to tool to access sites or sites feature system from WindowsFor both standard users and power users is the use of third-party applications named Ultimate Settings Panel.


Ultimate Settings Panel is a free utility si portable (Requires no installation) Windows which allows users to tool access over a hundred sites and system settings with a simple click, setting (pin) in its taskbar or Start Menu / Start Screen.

How does Ultimate Settings Panel for Windows?

Ultimate Settings Panel is interface very simple, which lists different su tabs all tool sites, settings and sites feature the Windows system: sub tab Windows are listed The tool 40 sites essential system for administration it, and under tab General are listed 40 feature settings and sites.


The application includes a tab dedicated users OutlookWhich includes various settings for this e-mail client, Such as Client Check, Safe Mode or Reset Profiles. And users Windows Server can find all the necessary tools for managing a server in tab Server Admin.


Download Ultimate Settings Panel for Windows.

Note: The app is also available in the Pro version, which also includes the Windows 8 and Powershell tabs (totally 198 tools and system settings) and does not contain any commercials. Ultimate Settings Panel is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1.

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STEALTH SETTINGS - Quickly access system tools and features in Windows using Ultimate Settings Panel

Quick Access tool sites and sites feature in Windows system using Ultimate Settings Panel

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