Access multiple Google / Gmail accounts simultaneously from the same Internet Browser. Sign in to multiple Google Accounts

Those who have multiple accounts Google or addresses gmail already know to login pe more addresses Gmail simultaneously, You need to use a separate (IE, , , , … Etc) for each.

Google recently introduced a new feature that allows users to simultaneously log the same browser on two or three accounts Google / Gmail.

Sign in to multiple Google Accounts

"Multiple sign-in"Is set"off”By default, but it can be passed on "On”Following a few simple steps.

1. Go to address and and we log in with one of our accounts.

2. In the right to “Multiple sign-in"We click on the link"Edit".

Multiple Google Sign-In Accounts

3. Check the box next to "On - Use multiple Google Accounts in the same web browser. ” and check all four options in the template box.

On - Use multiple Google Accounts in the same web browser.

4. Click "Save".

When the option “Multiple sign-in”Is enabled, you can access multiple Google accounts for services from the same browser: Google Calendar, Google Code, Google Voice, Google Sites, Google Reader si gmail.

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