Accessing restricted websites / locked with Stealthy extension for Chrome and Firefox

Pe Internet are many sites which can not be accessed only from certain locations (e.g Hulu or NetflixThat can only be accessed within USOr services such as BBC iPlayerThat works only in UK) And also on some sites, there content blocked for certain regions or countries (eg Youtube). In addition, some sites such as those for social networks or sites with low ratings may be restricted or by ISPs (ISPs) or by network administrators at school or at work.

To solve problem restricted sites and locked contentusers Firefox si Chrome I can use Stealthy extension: It allows users to access blocked sites through a proxy that can be configured in browser with a single click.


How does Stealthy?

Stealthy looking proxies online and then, based on user location, it selects the best (so that speed and that anonymity) And set a new IP allows access to restricted sites.

After installing the extension, an icon shaped red plane appears next to the address bar of your browser. By default, Stealthy is deactivated.


To activate it, click on the plane and it becomes green, Enter the url of a restricted site you wish to access.

Stealthy gives users 4 options Use: Pro USA, Pro UK, Normal si Customized. For use 2 first option, users must make a subscription for premium account (We offer 3 day free trial), In exchange for which they receive proxies from the U.S. and UK (Depending on the option used), which guarantees speed, anonymity 100% and reliabilit.


Using options Normal (Use random proxies) and Customized (Use proxies by country / region selected users), users will receive Free proxiesSo you have to pay for them. The downside however is that being used by several users at the same time, speed proxies may be lowAnd some are completely anonymous proxies (can foward The actual IP in headers HTTP).

To access Stealthy Preferences in FirefoxClick on the down arrow icon next to the aircraft,


and access to Stealthy Options in Chrome right click the icon and select aircraft Options the menu.


If you do not want Stealthy work for some sites (which you can access at any time, and do not want to be affected loading speed them), you can add them Bypass list (Available only for Chrome).


Stealthy Download for Firefox.

Download Stealthy for Chrome.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Access restricted / blocked websites with Stealthy extension for Firefox and Chrome

Accessing restricted websites / locked with Stealthy extension for Chrome and Firefox

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