On / Off / Sound Change Windows Explorer [Windows Vista]

After more than a month I learned which is heard every click given on a website open to Internet Explorer. After I reinstalled the operating system (Windows Vista Home Premium) And a suite of programs I used frequently, sound which normally sounds when navigating through a silent (Windows Explorer), disappeared. For those who want to get rid of this sound that was a relief. For someone like me who is used to hearing the "click-sound", it begs the question "How do I enable Windows Explorer Navigation Sound?".

It is not very difficult. Must follow a few very simple steps.

1. Click the Start button Taksbar. (Button that has the Windows logo on it)

2. In "Start Search"Write mmsys.cpl and press enter.


3. In the "Sound" tab, go to the "Sounds" tab, select "Windows Default"(From"Sound Schemes") And the list of" Program "click"Start Navigation".

4. Under "Play Windows Startup Sound"You have the option to choose a specific sound Windows Explorer Navigation. If you click on the "Browse ..." to choose any sound you want from your PC (provided they are . Waw)


Windows sounds can be found in the folder: C: WindowsMedia.

To disable beeps operating system select "Sound Scheme: No Sound".

On / Off / Sound Change Windows Explorer [Windows Vista]

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