Activate & Logon Windows Vista Administrator

Not all people know that the operating system Windows VistaAfter installation is set to default user, a user ... semi-administrator. Specifically, any application that is launched in the user system, it will always hit UAC (User Account Control). A message protection that the system will ask for permission to run the application. Some programs and drivers can not be installed if not run as administrator "Run as administrator".
Be aware that not all KitAPIs for software installation Just run installer as administrator.

A few days ago we had a surprise to drivers install a kit ( HP All-In-One-Series) For a Multifunction HP PSC 1610.

At one time after starting the installation was greeted by the message in the image above. I tried to run the application with administrator privileges, but no result. The only way I could install HP drivers, was to activate and I login with Administrator user, then run the installer drivers.

How can you enable and you Administrator login pe Windows Vista.

1. open Command Prompt with "Run as administrator"

2. Set a password for the administrator user and enable the user. In cmd, type:

Net user administrator pa ** r * o * to
Net user administrator / active: yes

3. After you receive the message "The command completed successfully. "For each of the above commands, make 'Log Off".

4. In screensavers "User Login"You will see a new user. Administrator. Click the User icon and then enter your chosen password

5. A nice day :)

Activate & Logon Windows Vista Administrator

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