Enable WiFi on your Eee mini-laptop running Eeedora

Mini-PCSites are not new to anyone. Reduced in size, they are somewhat So they need operating systems that does not "pape" too many resources. Eeedora is one of these systems, adapted from Fedora (Linux) for notebooks EeePC, Mark Asus. Internet connection for these mini-PC is wirelessThe scale which enable integration of ordinary NICs.

To activate WiFi (Wireless Internet) running on a EeePC Eeedora, you must follow these steps:

* Click on the "X '"On the left side of the taskbar (replaces button"Start"The WindowsSite), then click Network -> WiFi Radar.

Select Network

* If your wireless network is already installed, you can edit using the Modifier (Of course, after it was selected), if you have a wireless network, then click the button New.

wifi radar

* Write the name of your wireless network (if not already in the list) and then select WiFi Options. In the menu select the appropriate options for your network, then click the button Save.

WiFi profiles

* After configuring the network, click on Connect. You will be connected to the wireless network, and your address IP will appear at the bottom of the window.

connect to network

Et voila! Pleasant navigation. ;)

Enable WiFi on your Eee mini-laptop running Eeedora

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