Now it's quiet ...

Auch ... I wanted to pretend I did not hear but these have less and hair pulling. I wanted to intervene, but I thought that I too well where I am and if I would have intervened embarrassed.
They managed to wake me up without realizing and without reaching a result. Keep your eyes closed and try to think of nothing, ignoring the lucid darkness and trying to keep away from cold heart hot blood that run through my veins. One second I was unstable enough to be torn thin wire that sat along. Try to warm up with a virtually created image of a ...

- Baaa ... !!! Go tell him now! Now go!
- It is so ... well around him is as well ... Do not scare useless.
- You ... surely not ...
- ... I've never hidden anything. You do not understand.
- Ahhh ... `your mother! I lie, so ... How did you know what's going to ask?

I felt that exploded and I jumped out of bed and going to argue. Every step I reached the door even as I pulled it from the hinges. In front of me were stringing silhouettes of two beings who trembled like a jelly in a dim light. It was more a feeling than a defined phrase and realize with amazement that I would not be bothered at all to not open the door. What the hell did I do? Are in death, and now expect from their congratulations? Those two looked puzzled at me and I'm petrified of their images. Corner of my eye I see something I try to live by the camera. It's okay. A fur begins to spread along Šilutė bed after a good sleep. I turn my head slowly to the window and take a step back. I see orange light from street lighting as trying to make room through the blinds. I take a step back and go back back to them. What the hell? I coat the walls with zebra wallpaper!? Something is ok, but can not yet printed blinds than light of the retina. I heard the front door moved like a strong current mattress. They ran ... I heard hurried footsteps as they were heading to the elevator. It was not to be ... He opened the door and made the fatal step together into a goal seven levels. At least they were together until the last moment.
It was at my feet and it felt puzzled by it. Give it away (think it's on the verge of a seizure ... if I go over his head eyes so you have to look female worm when not to deprive him of liberty) and head to bed.
It's quiet now ... and I could not sleep peacefully ... (Hey, I'm awake! There's nothing to tell me that no longer exist!)

Now it's quiet ...

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