Add shortcuts to system folders on the Desktop with AeroTile

If you used to work frequently with system folders (My Computer, My Documents, personal folder, Downloads, My Music etc) then most likely use shortcuts to them under the desktop.

AeroTile is a freeware application which allows Windows users 7 to display the desktop tile sites for the most common system folders. To display tile sites, open and check system folders that you want to create shortcuts.

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The difference between a simple shortcut and tile used AeroTile sites is that the latter are larger and have glossy background, Giving the desktop a Skin Aero StyleAnd the background image is still visible after posting sites due to tile transparency thereof.


In addition, AeroTile shortcuts can be closed when no longer serve us or when we tripped over them on the desktop (can be displayed again by the application).

Note: The application does not require installation and is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

STEALTH SETTINGS DDA System Folders on Desktop Shortcuts with AeroTile

Add shortcuts to system folders on the Desktop with AeroTile

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