Add Start Orb and Start Menu in Windows Consumer Preview 8 with Classic Shell

Among the updates that came bundled 8 Windows Consumer PreviewMost criticism she received replacement Start Orb's with a thumbnail visible only when the mouse cursor go extreme-left corner below (where it was displayed before the Start button), and Start Menu cu Start Screen.

Despite feedback negatively received on this issue, microsoft will not bring back the Start Orb and Start menu in the final version of Windows 8Which leaves them dissatisfied users two choices: either get used to the Start Screen or resort to third-party applications to use the Start Menu again.

If you are among those who are not yet ready to quit the Start menu, we recommend you test Classic Shell, an soft quite popular in some 2-3 ago, when he was developed to bring back Classic Start menu in Windows 7. After launching Windowsd 8 Consumer Preview was released and new release the application compatible with the new operating system.


Classic Start menu Shell it is customizableUsers have the possibility to modify it so Start Orb's picture and also The menu skins, Display 2 menu in columnsAnd display name or user picture menu. Can also be new additions to the menu-itemsor eliminated where they are no longer needed.


To access Classic Shell Start Menu optionsRight-click on Start Orb and select Settings.


Note: Shell Classic Start Menu is still compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server and Windows Server 2003 2008 R2.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Add Start Orb And Start Menu in Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Classic Shell

Add Start Orb and Start Menu in Windows Consumer Preview 8 with Classic Shell

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