Add Tab feature in Windows Explorer using QTTabBar

Often wake up in situations somewhat "crowded" because of several Explorer's open most times when I transferred to various files a folder to another or even several other folders. And this, which can be quite irritating, I remember the "stone age" of browsersWhen there is only option New Window and not even dreamed of the New Tab.

Although Windows Explorer has evolved quite a bit from one system to another, in Windows 7 getting to be pretty good group / features / etc., yet (hope dies last) shows a very defect, Namely that it does not provide ability to manage folders in a single window using tabs. The good news is that although Microsoft not thought about it, they thought others, and thus such applications appeared QTTabBar, Adding that feature Windows Explorer.

How can we add tabs to Windows Explorer

QTTabBar is a freeware application which, among other things, help Windows users to add tabs on Explorer.

How does QTTabBar?

After you install the application, make sure that before you give Finish to check Immediately restart explorerOtherwise you will have to restart the PC to give that option to appear Explorer tabs.

restart explorer

After restart Explorer, click on Organize> Layout> Menu Bar

menu bar

Then click on View> Toolbars and select QT TabBar menu displayed

tab bar

To add a new tab in the open window, just to drag (drag & drop) folder you want to open in the tab bar tabs.


To change tabs simply click on it or use the key combination Ctrl + Tab

switches tab

To access the other options / functions / features provided by QTTabBar or change settings is enough to give right click on a blank portion of bar tabsThen select Options menu displayed.


Note: QTTabBar is an experimental application, we tested a Windows 7. Most likely to be compatible with Windows Vista.

Add Tab feature in Windows Explorer using QTTabBar

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