Add the Charms menu from Windows 8 to Windows 7, Windows Sight yes Windows XP

One of the Feature Sites new that comes bundled Windows 8 is The Charms Bar, an menu displayed when you pass the mouse over the lower-right corners of the screen or the top right, and through which users can quickly access various options si system settings.

windows8 charms

Although there are enough users Windows 8 not impressed Charms Bar and do choose to disable, Many users systems Windows previous (Windows 7, Windows Vista si Windows XP) Want to test this menu. For the latter solution is Charms.

Charms is a free tool the perfect clone the Charms menu in Windows 8 and that allows users Windows 7, Vista and XP use this menu on their operating systems.


Charms can be accessed as Charms bar in Windows 8, Resulting in the mouse pointer over the top right and bottom right, and It works equally like this one. All shortcuts present in this menu are perfectly functional and provides options similar to Windows 8 Charms (power Options, volume control, control Panel etc.).

To close the application, users can either use end Task in Task ManagerOr to open Settings in Charms, then to click on Power while holding down the key Shift.

Note: Application compatible with all versions Windows 7, Windows Sight yes Windows XP, 32 and 64-bits.

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STEALTH SETTINGS - Add Windows 8 Charms menu to Windows 7, Windows Save and Windows XP

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