Add Bing Search, Youtube, Yahoo! & Flickr in Windows Explorer. (Windows 7 Search Connector)

"Search Connector"is a lesser known feature of That allows us to look at Youtube, Flickr, DevinatArt, Bing, Yahoo! Search, Amazon and directly from other sites Without the need to open a further one .

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Create Search Connector for Windows 7.

Everything is a file . OsdxThat can be edited with a text editor (Notepad). For Bing Search Connector in Windows Explorer, the contents of the file . Osdx will look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<OpenSearchDescription xmlns="">


  <Description>Use the Bing Decision Engine to search the Web.</Description>

  <Url type="text/html" template="{searchTerms}&amp;FORM=MO0001"/>

  <Url type="application/rss+xml" template=";query={searchTerms}&amp;web.count={count}&amp;web.offset={startIndex}&amp;market={language}&amp;FORM=MO0000&amp;version=2.0" indexOffset="0"/>

  <Contact>[email protected]</Contact>





  <ms-ose:ResultsProcessing format="application/rss+xml" xmlns:ms-ose="">


      <ms-ose:Property schema="" name="System.PropList.ContentViewModeForSearch">prop:~System.ItemNameDisplay;System.LayoutPattern.PlaceHolder;~System.ItemPathDisplay;~System.Search.AutoSummary;System.LayoutPattern.PlaceHolder;System.LayoutPattern.PlaceHolder;System.LayoutPattern.PlaceHolder</ms-ose:Property>




We can create a Search Connector for any search engine, portal or website. The condition is that they allow RSS for search results. For this reason, has not yet made any connector for Google Search.

How to install a search connector on Windows 7.

1. Double-click the .osdx file and click the "Add" button in "Add Search Connector".


2. Now we can open any folder. On the left below Favorites You will notice the link connectorului installed.

search connector

3. Click on connector & search. We use Windows Explorer Search Box. 

flickr search connector

Download Windows NEVER Search Connectors

Inside archive files are found. osdx Bing!, Yahoo! Search, Flickr, Youtube and DeviantArt.

Add Bing Search, Youtube, Yahoo! & Flickr in Windows Explorer. (Windows 7 Search Connector)

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