Manage remote network computers with Remote Explorer

For those who tend to manage computer networks The simplest way to do this would be remote (In which case access to computers that must be administered will be done through a single computer). Remote Explorer is a program that combines features Remote Desktop with the Windows Explorer precisely to allow a management Best of computers connected to workstation (The computer from which the administration is).

Remote Explorer using user / administrator can equally well on both sail local computer (For which the administration is) and on computers that are connected remote - Local network or internet - to your local computer (to create a remote connection to a computer is necessary to install Remote Explorer on it. Also, your computer must have a open communication port). The application is both server and client server - If one of the computers connects to the remote workstation, it can be administered / explored as if the connection is made from remote workstation computer. Remote Explorer supports multiple remote connections in parallel and can also perform multiple operations simultaneously.

Features Remote Explorer

  • File System - Similar to the Windows Explorer to navigate through files, folders, partitions, drives this remote computer (files can be deleted, moved, copied, audio files can be played directly from the remote PC can be verified files stored on properties remote computer, it is possible to rename multiple files simultaneously folders between your local computer and the remote can be synchronized and / or compared, etc.).

compare folders

  • registry - similar to registry EditorAllows browse remote computer registry. Although can not be deleted or input key sites the respective registry with Remote Explorer can be edited the values thereof.


  • Services - Similar to Services in computer ManagementAllows stopping, restarting, service startup that runs on the remote computer.
  • Running Processes - similar to Task ManagerIt allows monitoring of processes running on remote computer. Also, the processes can be stopped (kill).
  • Search - Enables searches through files or registry on the remote computer, similar to the function Windows Search.

search file system

  • File Transfer - Transfer files between your local computer (workstation) and the remote computer is very simple, similar to transfer to (or from) an account ftp.
  • Command Prompt - Allow execution of commands on the remote computer, the result of which is displayed on the local computer.

command prompt

  • Activity Monitor - Monitoarizeaza various activities that occur on the remote computer (such as deleting / creating or renaming a file or a folder, etc.) and displays logs on the local computer.
  • Capture Devices - Allows capturing audio or video playback devices connected to remote computer (for example, if the remote computer is connected TV TunerYou can watch TV remote directly on your local computer. You can also change the channel or you can schedule recordings. The recordings will be stored in a folder on the remote computer, where you have access to them during the execution registration or after it will be done).

capture devices

  • System Information - Allows viewing information about the system installed on the remote computer, and the information available about the hardware.
  • Chat - Enable chat between administrator and remote people using computers.

Note: The application is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. 256MB RAM MINIMUM required.


Manage remote network computers with Remote Explorer

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