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When you send e-mails, We are all curious to know if they are read, When are read, whence are read and, why not, whenever are read. WhoReadMe is a free that helps us meet these little (or big) curiosities, trimtandu Us report Summary of time (and time zone) that e-mail sent to a certain address was read, city / country where e-mail was opened and IP address from which he was reading (for more detailed information, Must follow link at the end of the reportWhich will result in your account on WhoReadMe).

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In order to receive reports about e-mails by you, you have two options:

How does WhoReadMe?

E-mails sent using WhoReadMe were inserted into contained a invisible gif (invisible tracking image) Servers hosted service. When these emails are opened by recipients gif is downloaded from the server, thus being the information to be reported senders.

How can we use WhoReadMe?

Va Create an account (free) pe, In the registration form using e-mail then will send "spies". Can be traced to 20 emails while and for each of them will receive 10 up notifications read / recited.

Note: Most likely (in my experience) tracker emails will reach Spam / Bulk. However, all worth trying. ;)

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