Find out the latest details about Apple iPad Pro

The first large tablet rumors iPad Pro occurred a year and a half ago, but this product Apple still not honored us with this. According to recent unofficial information, the tablet begins to take shape, confirming somehow new information that argue that it will launch later this fall.

According to an industrial design that is dated December 2014, iPad Pro Use a display diagonal 12,9 "and will 305.7 sizes x x 222.6 7.2 millimeters. It was initially rumored diagonal, unofficial information subsequent contention that we have to deal with a slightly smaller screen only 12,2 "no longer be considered too truthful now.

Drawing confirm speculation earlier claimed that the tablet will use four speakers, thus giving an optimal stereo separation, regardless of the position in which it is held, and disappearance Mute button, as if the model iPad Air 2. Other details are common, iPad Pro and buttons featuring Lightning connector already known. Some previous images showed the presence of an extra port with unspecified function, it can be Lightning connector additional or a USB Type-C. It is not listed in the attached picture in the article, but still a rumor emerged during last days says iPad Pro will provide yet a USB Type-C.

According Apple InsiderIPad Pro will use a processor Apple A9, Not quite clear if it comes to the standard model that will be used for mobile or a version with more powerful graphics processor series X. Future tablet Apple will provide an interface NFC radioA customized version of the new technologies Force Touch used to Watch and new laptops MacBook si MacBook Proand a USB Type-C which will supplement the current Lightning and will provide optimal connectivity options.

Other details oldest argue that the tablet will provide a Bluetooth stylus and optional UHD panelBut the validity of these claims is rather unclear at this time.

Now about two months, said the publication Bloomberg Apple intended to launch iPad Pro in April this year, but display suppliers have created problems. Sources within the industry says Apple plans to work with Sharp, LG si Japan Display Inc.But these companies either are struggling with financial problems, or not yet managed to optimize their production lines to meet the requirements and quantities desired Apple.

The sources quoted by Bloomberg let them understand that these issues have been overcome or will be overcome in the near future and assert that iPad Pro will go into production during September to be available in sufficient quantities at launch in October.

Find out the latest details about Apple iPad Pro

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