Find out who gave you the Facebook Unfriend Unfriend Notify for Facebook (Chrome extension)

Even though in recent years have developed many social networks through which users can keep in touch with various friends and knowledge, the most popular of these is by far Facebook. Unlike other of social networks such as Twitter for example, where users do not have to necessarily give Follow those who follow in Facebook power is still the feature Friends, With which users can add with a simple click have contacted the list. But while users are notified when someone sends a friend request via Facebook (friend request), They do not receive any notification when certain contacts decide to give Unfriend (to remove them from your friends list). For those who would still like to be notified when certain contacts remove them from their friends list, the solution is the extension for Chrome Notify Unfriend for Facebook.

As the name says, Notify Unfriend for Facebook is a extension for Chrome browser with which users can learn about the contacts that have taken the list of friends on Facebook.


After you download and install the extension, log in pe Your Facebook account and you will notice that next section Friends displays a new link called Lost Friends. By clicking on it you will be redirected to a new page that displays contact list who have given Unfriend. Also notify users extension in real-timeby push notificationsWhen a contact in the friends list give Unfriend (Those notifications may be temporarily disabledFor one hour or all day).

Notify Unfriend Download for Facebook (Chrome extension).

Note: The only condition to receive notifications and to view a list of friends lost is to use the Chrome browser to login to Facebook, since it is a Chrome extension.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Find Out Who Unfriend You in Facebook with Unfriend Notify for Facebook (Chrome extension)

Find out who gave you the Facebook Unfriend Unfriend Notify for Facebook (Chrome extension)

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