All-in-one music player for iPhone - dTunes!

dTunes is a player "all-in-one" for the iPhone, which, in addition to iPod, allows you to access download sites for music or videos. With dTunes can download music, video or torrents directly on your iPhone.


dTunes is very simple to use: search mp3 or the artist you want to listen to and click download. Downloaded files are saved in the / Var / mobile / Library / Downloads folder, And you can see the mobile screen.

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After you download video files mp3 or iPhone, you can listen to or view them using the media player included in dTunes. In addition, dTunes allows you to listen to music in the background, while you can send messages, read emails or take pictures.

The site's default download mp3 is seeqpod.comAnd for videos, Torrents can be downloaded using a service (requires registration) called iTorrentRelay.


dTunes is a useful application for users who want to listen to music they have not uploaded to the iPhone provided. It is often the case that we listen to music online or opt for radio stations just because the music stored by us is "chopped" from too many replay. But for those who want to use dtunes, it should be kept in mind that it can only be downloaded on a decoded iPhone (jailbroken iPhone), because Apple did not approve the application as it copies an iPhone feature.

All-in-one music player for iPhone - dTunes!

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