Assign permissions on the file system using Ownership Changer

Starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft decided that system files need some more security than they had in previous operating systems (Which was not a bad idea at all). So Windows Vista users Windows 7 they must first allocate permissions (ownership) On those files to change these things (some of us should recognize that no precaution not for nothing when it comes to "innate talent" to us destroy own operating systems).

Although we can allocate to themselves permission to take ownership on navigating the file system tab Security the menu Properties / Properties their, often this process can "pope" more time than we are willing to assign to. Ownership Changer is a freeware application we help take over the file system very fast and easy, allowing us to allocate their permissions change.

ownership changer

With the help Ownership Changerusers Windows You can select which files or folders they want to change the permissions to change the owner thereof and set a number of permissions available to them. The application has a very simple interfaceEasy to understand and use.

Note: Before changing the owner of a file system, make sure that you have protected your computer against various threats that can damage it over the Internet (ie make sure you have an effective antivirus installed). We take no responsibility for any unpleasant consequence that users Ownership Changer might encounter. Compatible with Windows and Windows WISTA 7.

Credits: DarknovaGamer @ Neowin forum.

Assign permissions on the file system using Ownership Changer

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