Anda Adam - Lyrics

Last night, almost at the same time I was writing about a . A phrase in mind that post took me to a song sung by Anda Adam .

A new software / archiver (new to me) I jumped to the rescue (as it was then ... " 911 someone to come soon ... save me ... plm. in my bedroom. Anda Adam , Though? not? )

Out of curiosity, I searched Google for the lyrics of the song and found…:

Mhhmmmmm ... mhmmmmm ....
Phones dp noptzii heart and tell me I have to go
I ask you what happened and you shout "woman you have to understand !!!"
Can `s crazy ka I try to get tzin beside me,
Maybe u `no tzi doreshty...
How can you always come back…
He `t mean I iubeshty
I feel women's perfume, not mine 'and' I'm afraid you do and guilty ..
Potzy scotzi the frame to my picture I `m afraid
As his story `ncheyat

Iquestion : In what language lyrics were written sexy? E generation mIRC ? Generation Yahoo! Messenger ?

Ajjjuutooorrrr! ! :))

Source (lyrics) - Leo `s Lyrics - Anda Adam - Help

Anda Adam - Lyrics

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