Angry Birds & Rio Movie Windows NO Themes Download (Extended :-))

If you're a fan Angry Birds and / or Rio Movie, These two themes , Mark Did not like to lack.

Angry Birds :

Angry Birds Wallpapers

Angry Birds Windows NO Themes contains six wallpapers and a sound scheme (Windows Sound Schemes) Changed almost completely. It is very funny, with sounds of chickens and pigs :-)

Angry Birds Desktop  W7

Download Angry Birds Theme - Windows 7download link.

"They have no wings. Their eggs have been stolen by pigs. So, yeah, they're pretty angry. Contemplate their mood at length with our free Angry Birds theme for Windows 7. "

Unfortunately Microsoft have not thought this topic would well be modified the icons on desktop, Even for computer, Recycle Bin si Recycle Bin (Full). Fortunately, I made it and I started to change. I hope you like what came out :)

Angry Birds Theme 2

Download Angry Birds "Extended" (Computer & Recycle Bin Icons)

Using the tutorial ""you can change your own system folder icons on Desktop.

Another theme recently launched by Microsoft for systems Windows 7, this is it Rio Movie Windows NEVER THEME. Theme contains all six wallpapers and change system sounds.

Rio Movie Windows NEVER THEME

Rio Movie Theme Windows  7

Download Rio Movie Windows NEVER THEMEdownload link

"Spread your wings and fly! Download images from Rio, an animated movie from the creators of Ice Age that follows the adventures of a pet Macaw, in this free Windows NEVER theme. "

If you want to set a background image to boot screen / welcome screen Use the links below:

  • Customize Windows DO NOT use this Logon Screen
  • Logon Editor for Windows 7 (Change and edit background image) -
  • Customize Windows 7 Logon with LogonUI Background Changer
  • Change Windows NEVER Logon Screen (Users Login Screen) Background Image

- Angry Birds & Rio Movie - Windows NEVER Themes.

Angry Birds & Rio Movie Windows NO Themes Download (Extended :-))

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