Anti-Malware Software for MacOS - Download & Review

I have seen it many discussions on "macOS does not need anti-virus or sotware firewall"
It is largely true. The macOS operating system architecture is much less permissive than it is Windows, regarding the installation of executable applications without the user's will. About the restrictions on installing applications on macOS, and especially on Sierra, we have discussed in the past. In the security settings there are quite accurate options, which give the user control over the sources from which to download and install a program.

As you can see in the screen above, by default you can not install applications only from App Store or from developers (developers check).

However, we know that is not 100% secure system anytime it can happen that the system to be able to infiltrate an application malware. Malware, I said. Here is another discussion. Moving users make confusion between malware and antivirus. The difference between the two terms is the difference between a jacket and an orange. Sacosa being "malware"And the orange virus. Therefore, the term malware refers both to Virus and to worms, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, scarewareand malicious software.

For the macOS user, the probability to choose with a virus is very small, but with a adware or malicious software It is not excluded.

In this respect, it is better to use a regular (if not permanently), an anti-malware program capable of quickly and efficiently scan important files in the system.

Malwarebytes Ani-Malware is a simple and free solution for quickly checking out the worms, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, scareware and malicious software.

1. Download Malwarebytes Ani-Malware for macOS. The current archive is: MBAM-Mac-1.2.5.dmg

2. Install the application. Drag & Drop folder Applications.

3. Run Malwarebytes Ani-Malware.

4. Expect to finish the scan and show you the final result. The scan.

After this scan can uninstall the application.

Our advice is to always have your firewall turned on and periodically make a malware malware scan.
There are many sites less "orthodox" offering anti-virus solutions for MacOS. Some even simulates a live scan system and announce through various alerts that you have viruses on Mac N *. Ignore these sites and search for safe solutions.

Anti-Malware Software for MacOS - Download & Review

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