Antivirus uninstallers (clean uninstall)

Perhaps you happened to change antivirus least once since using computer (And that in the best case). Reasons are plenty, and varies from case to case: too strict, too weak, too vain, etc.. But just as likely is and you already know that You can not use more antivirusuri while on grounds of conflict (or war) and performances dive.

It is therefore more than Musa as before install new antivirus it uninstall the one that you have decided to send him to the corner. A simple uninstall (Add / Remove Programs) Is not enough if these SoftwareBecause they have a habit, annoying otherwise leave the mouse memories Registry and not only memories that can prevent installing new antivirus. Therefore most companies producing antivirus software made available to users and Uninstallers to obliterate them from PCs. If you need these Uninstallers, take a look at the collection below (refer to some of the most known and used antivirus present).

Kaspersky 1. Kaspersky Antivirus (Briefly kav) - Although we would recommend to all Internet users (In Chapter security stay the best of all antivirus tested by us before), can be quite stressful for those who have somewhat tights configurations of PCs, and that because Pope something (more) resources.

Download Kaspersky Antivirus Uninstaller.

AVG 2. AVG - Probably the best of free antivirus. His problem is that many leave traces when you decide to change it with a antivirus with license (Most often produced by another company).

Download uninstaller for AVG (32-bit).

Download uninstaller for AVG (64-bit).

Panda 3. Panda Security - Tends to performances increasingly better. I hate to even higher yet failed to impress us.

Download Uninstaller for Panda.

Avast 4. Avast - His great performance is to see that potential threats most common programs (such as Messenger or Winamp), Instead some viruses & co. manage to escape the relentless vigilance.

Download the Avast Uninstaller.

BitDefender 5. BitDefender - Antivirus Romanian brand we appreciate that many (world wide), But has a lot to learn (including the Avast).

Download uninstaller for BitDefender (32-bit).

Download uninstaller for BitDefender (64-bit).

Eset 6. Nod32 - Consuming fewer resources. It is very quiet and does not feel like you have antivirus. Literally. Times with or without mean exactly the same thing. Our opinion (after it had happened on my skin. Meaning, namely, their own PCs).

Download uninstaller for Nod32.

McAfee 7. McAfee - He had the 15 minutes of fame. Then he collapsed and could not be resuscitated. I'm not saying it happens in general probably was a problem compatibility. I solved it with a little more lively antivirus.

Download Uninstaller for McAfee.

Norton 8. Norton Antivirus - After some years the accommodation offered an entire families of Trojans. Lately I realized that not getting tenants, but the first impression is usually the strongest.

Download uninstaller for Norton.

Avira 9. Avira - Sometimes when torrential rain, one umbrella is not enough for you. Simple, no?

Download Avira Uninstaller for.

CA 10. CA Internet Security - Less used by our side, scramble to reach the forefront. In addition, the company produces pays compensation if the antivirus gets lost in the post. If you want to get rid of it, you probably know why (we can just guess: P).

Download the uninstaller for CA.

F-Secure 11. F-Secure - Has mouse vulnerabilities do not try to hide, so its price, slightly higher than the competitionNot justified. In addition it is badass noisy.

Download F-Secure Uninstaller.

TrendMicro 12. Trend Micro - They do a good job, if you are interested in a only antivirus surface. In addition, we must remember to May scan and computer from time to time, as there is a reason you hired guard.

Download uninstaller for Trend Micro (PC-cillin).

Will follow.

Antivirus uninstallers (clean uninstall)

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