Popcorn Time app is available on iOS without jailbreak

popcorn Time has become a application Computer quite popular lately, it offers access to the latest movie serials and movies for free. Its use is legal just because using pirated content via torrent protocol type, but that does not stop its developers to release a version for iOSWhich does not require jailbreak.

By momenetul girl, who wanted popcorn Time to a device iPhone or iPad must run a jailbreak software and download the application on CydiaShop unofficial applications for devices iOS. Starting today, this complicated process is not necessary. Although the installation popcorn Time is simpler, is still not available to everyone because it requires installing an application on your PC and follow some specific steps. The only drawback of the process is the fact that popcorn Time can be installed using a computer with WindowsThe application is incompatible with Mac OS X si Linux. After the downloading and running the software installation instructions on the display are clear, but may be complicated for those who are not familiar with functions such as iOS Airplane Mode. After the installation, the application must first switched on without network or internet connection, after which it can be run smoothly, regardless of wireless data.

Because in many countries mobile operators and internet users can check traffic, and the team popcorn Time application does not want fans to have trouble with the law because of its use, soon there will be even able to use VPN connectionThat mask IP device. At this time, the option is displayed in the setup menu, but not active.

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